Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Emotional Funeral Of Akhi Kamal, Sweats And Bloods Still Flowing Out From His Body

BEKASI, Indonesia – On Wednesday (20/03/2013) at 14.30 hour the funeral of Akhi Kamal or Akhi Akmaludin Tanjung alias Arman took place very solemnly. He was shot by the Densus 88 (Anti-Terror) Team for being suspected of having involvement in a gold jewellery shop robbery. He was shot in the area of Mustika Jaya, Bekasi on Friday (15/03/2013). He was also linked to the robbery of the CIMB Bank in Medan, Sumatera. 

Al-Mustaqbal along with the Ikhwans have attended his funeral in the village of Pedurenan, Bekasi and at the bereaved house in East Bekasi, around 20 Ikhwans were ready to assist the process of the funeral of this accused robber. 

We have heard the issue that the janaza's shrouding cloth must not be removed. After we have confirmed with the family, apparently it was true that the family members and media must not see the janaza even if it was only his face, due to the agreement between the hospital and the family that the shrouding cloth of the janaza should not be removed. 

Moments later the ambulance carrying the janaza of Akhi Kamal arrived. Its arrival was covered by the various news media. Sound of Takbeer echoed welcoming the arrival of the janaza of Akhi Kamal.

The janaza was taken to the family's house, there, the ikhwans agreed to uncover the shroud that covered the face of the janaza. And Subhanallah, his sweat was the same as the sweat that flowed on the body of Akhi Kodrat who was buried yesterday, even though the janaza had been held for 6 days at the Police Hospital. Some Ikhwah could not hold their tears.

The victim's parents and the entire Ikhwah witnessed the unique signs on the death of this Akhi Kamal. His body was limp, not stiff and from the testimony of the Ikhwah, his blood was still dripping and it had a fragrant smell.

Ustadz Halawi Makmun who was also present then became the imam to lead the rest for the Funeral Prayer. Before the arrival of the janaza, he gave an advice and input to the Ikhwah so as to remain steadfast in this Path of Tawheed and keep struggling for Islam. 

Al-Mustaqbal has confirmed with Mdm. Endang, as the handler of the process of the janaza's homecoming, whether he had a link with the robbery case or not. 

“No, Akhi Kamal was not proven to have involvement in the gold robbery case, the Densus 88 could not prove his involvement. They were wrongly killed,” Mdm. Endang told Al-Mustaqbal.net.
“We wonder why they prohibit the brothers from washing the janaza of Akhi Kamal. Though they have covered up this good death, Allah shows the proofs that this Akhi Kamal is in shaa Allah Shaheed based on the signs. The Police tried to hid the body of the victim from the Media coverage,” said Ibu Endang accompanied by the wife of Akhi Kamal, Mdm. Najwa. 

“There are around 10 wound stitches, 15 gunshot wounds and a number wounds from the whipping. As if Akhi Kamal was tortured first before being shot. Besides that, we urge to all the Muslims not to believe the secular media, their news are very much pushing the Mujahideen into a corner with their fitnahs that have no clear proof,” Mdm. Endang said.

During the funeral process, a miraculous incident happened, when the janaza was lowered into the grave pit, the back of Akhi Akmal was still oozing out blood. Seeing that, the Ikhwah attending the funeral right away yelled “Allahu Akbar!”
The burial ended, the atmosphere was quite cool, whereas the burial took place in the area of an open rice field. After the completion of the burial, an Ikhwan brielfy gave a tausiyah to those present at the funeral. One of the verses read was QS Ali-Imran : 169 


 "And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision." (QS Ali-Imran : 169)


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