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Al-Jazera TV Exclusive Interview: Commander Of Free Syrian Army Praised The Jihad Roles Of Jabhah Nusrah In Aleppo

.Aleppo, Syria – During the first two weeks in the month of August 2012, the province of Aleppo turned into an arena of the fiercest fighting between the Mujahideen of Islam, along with the Free Syrian Army, against the military regime of Syria.

The mass media of the Syrian regime and the secular mass media in the Middle East reported that the military regime of Syria had retaken the villages and cities from the hands of the Mujahideen of Islam and Free Syrian Army. Through various videos of the fightings published on the internet, the Mujahideen of Islam and Free Syrian Army, on the other hand, proved that they have controlled 70 percents of the region of Aleppo.

In the fierce fighting in Aleppo that is still going on until now, the military regime of Syria relied on the power of the military aircrafts, helicopters, tanks and heavy artilleries. Massive bombardments from the land and air have destroyed villages and cities, as well as killing hundreds of civilians and Mujahideen.

The Free Syrian Army in Aleppo have united the entire teams, platoons and companies of their fighters under one entity, i.e the Brigade of Liwa' At-Tauhid. Along with the Mujahideen of Islam from various jihad groups, the Brigade of Liwa' At-Tauhid is delivering a resistance that devastates the strength of the military regime of Syria.

The Brigade of Liwa' At-Tauhid

On Saturday (11/8/2012), a reporter from Al-Jazera TV station managed to conduct an exclusive interview with the general Commander of the Brigade of Liwa' At-Tauhid who personally leads the fighting in Aleppo, Abdul Qadir Salih. The youtube has showed a part of the interview which has a duration of 24 minutes 34 seconds.

Abdul Qadir Salih explained in detail the situation of the fightings in Aleppo. Salih mentioned about the various progresses and obstacles faced throughout the fightings.

Things that maybe surprising for the West and the secular regimes in the Arab world is that, in that interview, Salih praised the Mujahideen of the Jabhah Nushrah in the battlefield. On the 16th minute of the video which was released via youtube, Salih called the Jabhah Nusarah as the brothers who are conducting ribath and jihad together with the Liwa' At-Tauhid.

This official statement of the general commander of the Liwa' At-Tauhid in Aleppo is indeed very contradictory to the statements of the figures of the Syrian oppositions who always appear in the international mass media. Thus far, a number of the so-called spokesmen of the Free Syrian Army and the 'jumping flea' politicians in the National Transitional Council of Syria, were very active in voicing out their enmity for the Mujahideen of Islam, whom they accused as terrorists and a hardliner Islamic group.

The commanders and soldiers of the Free Syrian Army who fought in the scene had felt themselves the presence of the Mujahideen of Islam, especially the Jabhah Nusrah group, the public name of Al-Qaeda in Syria, as their brothers in ribath and jihad. They united and are shoulder to shoulder fighting against the savagery of the Syrian regime. They proved the similarity of the banner of Laa Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah and the establishment of the shari'ah of Allah in Syria is a unifying tool and the key to the success of the Revolution. They are not influenced by the military figures and politicians who are active in kotowing the West, for the sheer interests of power.

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