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Forces Of Allah Descend In Ambon

INTRODUCTION: Indonesia was hit by a Bloodshed between Muslim-Christian, Year 1999/2000. When unexpectedly, starting from 19th January 1999, the Muslim community was attacked by the Christians who went on a rampage, burning houses and killing Muslims in the provincial capital i.e Ambon city, as well as the villages in the islands of Ambon, Haruku, Saparua, Buru and Seram. The Christians were envious of the Muslims who transmigrated from the surrounding islands and in a way started to have better control of the business and economy. The result, thousands of Muslims were killed and tens of thousand others were forced to flee and leave town.

The following is a narration of real events in the arena of jihad, about the brutality of the Christian rebels and the unforeseen and extraordinary events (karomah) that came along to help the Muslims. This record is also a real evidence of the malignancy of the Christian community who reside in around Muslims.

A month has passed since the Ambon tragedy. But, the smoke has not completely cleared yet. Although gradually recovering, the pulse of life in Ambon is still not normal. Moreover, blood continues to be spilled in several places around the Islands of Maluku. Furthermore, as is well known, in the turbulence of Ambon, the Muslims became the victims of the barbarity of the kafireen. They were butchered and tortured in the most nasty ways. A number of Muslim women were raped. While tens of thousands of people became refugees as their houses and shops were burnt down. Not to mention the dozens of masjids being destroyed or burnt.

However, not many people knows that amid all the horrors that has happened, amazing events took place. Allah SWT sent down His army when the Islamic ummah were nearly becoming victims. The verses of Allah SWT that came down when the Battle of Badar was raging a dozen of centuries ago, are proven again in the Ambon jihad: "Remember you implored the assistance of your Lord, and He answered you: 'I will assist you with a thousand of the angels, ranks on ranks.'" (QS Al-Anfaal: 9).

The amazing events were related by K. Haji Abdul Aziz Arbi, MA, Chief Imam of Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah, Ambon, to the journalist of SABILI, M. Lili Nur Aulia and Rizki Ridyasmara who met him on Sunday morning (20/2) in Jakarta. In the half an hour interview, Ustadz Abdul Aziz recounted of his personal witnessing of the descent of the help from Allah, in the form of a troop of little children Mujahideen, dressed in white robes and skull caps. "I was forced to evacuate my wife and five children, as the situation is still very vulnerable in Ambon. But I will be back there soon", this alumnus of the University of Ummul Qura, Makkah, said. The following is his narration:

Thousands of Young Jundullah

On the first night of the riots in Ambon, 19th January 1999, which coincides with 1st Shawal 1419 H, I was at home with the family in the complex of Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah. The atmosphere that night was very tense. Sounds of the electricity poles being continuously beaten could be heard every half an hour, it was a sign that there were attacks by the Christians. The mothers and children were all gripped with intense fear. The attackers were using all kinds of weapon and they were screaming fiendish yells. That happened day and night. Never stopping. We could just hold back their attacks.

On the second night, I was picked up by twenty soldiers from the KOSTRAD (strategic reserve command army – ed). I was told that I would be the first person to be killed. At that moment, a severe enough attack on Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah was on-going. From the night till the early morning, the Christians were attacking us in waves. They were armed with flaming and poisonous arrows, machetes, spears, woods, stones, steel, shotguns, Molotov bombs, even fish bombs. The Muslim forces were only armed with makeshift weapons: machetes, woods, stones and whatever we could get our hands on. There were times when we were pushing them back, but most of the times they were the ones pushing us back.

At around 24.00 to 01.00 hour local time, the Muslims were forced to withdraw. The enemies of Islam i.e. those Christians advanced until they could reach the gates of the grand Masjid. They were really hell-bent in wanting to destroy the grand Masjid, the pride of Ambon city. Inside the masjid, thousand of refugees gathered to take shelter, which consisted mostly of mothers and young children. Those attackers appeared to be already close to the gates of the masjid. A number of them had even jumped over the fences. The Islam ummah panicked, mixed with anger. The refugees were hysterically terrified. The image of the destruction of the masjid and the the massacre of the refugees were already pictured in front of the eyes. The situation was so grave. There was almost no more hope.

But, don't know why, suddenly those attackers turned back and ran head over heels. They seemed to be very scared. We had not expected it. We had no clue of what really happened. Apparently, they were witnessing something that we could not see. This, we found out through the story of a Christian whom we managed to capture: "I saw thousands of children who are about ten years old, wearing white clothes and skull caps, sprinted out of the masjid heading towards us. An old man in white robe and turban with a stick in his hand was leading that troop. They are in large number and their bravery was so extraordinary. That's what made us frightened and turned away to leave the masjid". Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar! It happened on Wednesday night.

The Blowing by the Angels

On Thursday night, Masjid Al-Fatah was again attacked. This time, they were attacking from Baru Street – this street is located in front of the masjid. By taking advantage of the wind that blew in the direction of Masjid Al-Fatah, the attack was done by burning a number of houses at the southern end of Baru Street. Flaming arrows were used.

However, when they rained down the houses of the Muslims with hundreds of flaming arrows, those arrows had instead fallen onto the neighbouring Christians' houses. But since the wind at that time was blowing so strongly, the adjacent houses of the Muslims also came on fire.

The fire spread quickly towards the masjid. The blowing wind speeded up the spreading of the fire. The residents all poured out heading towards Masjid Al-Fatah in order to escape the fire. The male Muslim residents fought under the raging fire, that had risen so high, to resist the waves of attack by the kafireen who attempted to break through into the Masjid. Inside the Masjid, the refugees were again in panic. The mothers screamed hysterically and the children cried in terror. The weather that night was getting so hot. Mixed with the feelings franticness and despair.

Seeing such a situation, I ordered all the women in the masjid to put on their prayer garments. I commanded them to shout takbeer to glorify the name of Allah SWT. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! The thunderous takbeer rumbled louder and louder with times. The takbeer, shouted by the souls who were in total submission and really hoping for the help of Allah, reverberated to outside the masjid. The residents at Diponegoro and Batu Merah Alley, which are located near Al-Fatah, cried when hearing the takbeer that was so heartbreaking. We recited the takbeer from 23.00 to 01.00 hour that night.

On that night full of fear, the people around the masjid were suddenly shocked by a pang of bright light, which was blue in colour, falling from the sky. The ball of light split the darkness of the night, and glided just above the Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah.

God knows for what reason, the wind suddenly reversed course and blew very ferociously. When earlier it was blowing towards the Masjid, it now turned one hundred eighty degrees and blew in the direction of Silo Church. Supposing the wind was still blowing in the direction of the masjid, it would have been possible that the entire houses of the Muslim would be destroyed. But with the permission of Allah SWT, the wind reversed direction and eventually burnt Silo Church which is about three hundred meters away from Al-Fatah.

The unfairness of the Pemda (local government) of Ambon was obvious, especially the fire fighters, who parked parked two units of fire trucks beside Silo Church, but none at Masjid Al-Fatah. They extinguished the fire that licked Silo Church, but not Masjid Al-Fatah.

We, the people in the Masjid, kept on shouting the takbeer aloud. It had made the kafir crazier. They were increasingly fiercer in their attacks. One of the refugees said to me, "Ustadz, stop the takbeer. They are increasingly desperate in their attacks." The takbeer was stopped for a while. But after we stopped, they were still attacking us. So we continued the takbeer. We re-arranged our defence. With the accompaniment of the takbeer, we raised the spirit of jihad amongst the comrades. Eventually, we managed to push them back.

Somehow, along with the withdrawal of the kafir forces, the the wind was blowing hard again in the direction of Silo Church. The fire burned the church and the fire trucks tried hard to extinguish the fire again. It happened on Thursday night, 22nd January 1999. We did not burn the church, they themselves brought the fire.
Thousands of Mujahideen In White Robes

On Saturday, 23rd January 1999, the people of Hitu Village – more or less 25 km away from Ambon – wanted to go to Ambon to unite with the rest of the Muslims in defending the Religion of Allah which had been trampled by the kafireen. They had just understood, the dispatching of the Christian people from the villages into Ambon before E'idul Fitri turned out to contain a rotten scheme. On the days of the E'idul Fitri, the number of Muslims in Ambon was drastically reduced as many were going home. Whereas, the number of kafir was increasing. That was the reason why they dared to attack the Islamic ummah.

The news that was circulating amongst the community in Hitu Village and its vicinity mentioned that, during the Wednesday attack, Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah had been burnt and I – as the Imam of that Masjid – had been killed by the Christians. Those Muslims in Hitu Village said,
"If Masjid Jami' had been burnt and Ustadz had been killed, what else are we living for! Let's do jihad fie sabilillah altogether!"

In Ambon, if people want to conduct jihad fie sabilillah, they would perform the ritual ceremony first: they would bathe to clean the body from every filth that might still be sticking, followed by taking ablution and then wearing battle outfits in the forms of white robes – from the villages of Hitu, Mamala, Maurela, and Wakal – the group of about forty men started to make a move. There were not many of them. The people who were really ready for jihad fie sabilillah were not just any people. They must understand exactly the haqeeqat (nature and reality) of jihad fie sabilillah.

Once arriving in Paso, they were confronted by a barricade of Brimob (Mobile Brigade). Those Brimob troops told that Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah was not burnt. But that information did not make the spirit of the forces in white robes lessened. They were already prepared for jihad. Since they did want to return to Hitu, in the end the Brimob troops blasted several shots at them. But strange, not even a bullet could penetrate their cloaks. The last bullet fired instead rebounded and turned toward the officer who had shot it. This was admitted by the shooter himself.

The member of the Mobile Brigade recounted, "After shooting at them, the bullet instantly rebounded and turned towards me. Lucky I could avoid it quickly. After that, my body trembled violently. I was so shaken. The weapon that I was holding fell. In the end, I told my commander that these are not ordinary people". In the sight of those Brimob forces, the forty-men force in white robes, appeared to be thousands in number. Four older men in white robe and turban, each riding a white horse, appeared to be leading the massive forces. Whereas, the Muslims did not see anyone else except themselves – the forty people from Hitu and its surroundings villages, and none of them was riding a horse.

Upon their arrival at the outskirts of Ambon, they were intercepted again by the army. They were advised to just return to Hitu, as Masjid Al-Fatah was not burnt and Ustadz Abdul Aziz was still alive. After making sure that the news was true, they eventually returned in peace. On their way back to Hitu, they were intercepted by the Christians. A great battle ensued. In a short time, the entire kafir people were successfully suppressed by the Mujahideen. The battle caused the entire village of the kafireen and a number of churches destroyed. If only the white robed forces were not obstructed and attacked, this would not have happened. “He who sows the wind will reap the storm.”

The Young Jundullah

There were also events at Belakang Kota,this is the name of an Arab village in Ambon, the place where timbers were sold. On the fifth night, the township was also attacked by the enemy. Whereas, many of the inhabitants of the village had been evacuated. When it was attacked, the Belakang Kota village was only occupied by some young men. Nevertheless, the attacks by the kafireen did not frighten the Muslim youths. They fought bravely while shouting takbeer. But due to being outnumbered, whether in terms of personnels or weapons, the youths were gradually forced to withdraw. However, again and again, extraordinary occurrences transpired. The attackers who were very large in number, suddenly retreated and ran helter-skelter.

People were talking about it the next morning. From the story of the attackers, words got out that they withdrew because of the presence of a bunch of young boys dressed in white uniforms and skullcaps. Those children were led by an old man dressed in an all-white outfit, holding a staff. The all-white troops attacked them bravely. Just like what they saw at Masjid Jami' Al-Fatah a few nights ago. They said, "
We are surprised by the people of Islam. We already have the equipments, plans and weapons which are strong enough, and we also have the complete readiness, but it turns out that all those were unable to destroy the Muslim people. We don't know where those children were coming from."

In the Ambon riots, the first target of the Christians to be killed were the ulama's, then the Arabs, Islamic leaders, and only the fourth were the BBM (a reference to three of the non-Ambonese major ethnic groups i.e. Buton, Bugis, Makasar from South and Southeast Sulawesi, known for their inter-Island trading and settlement outside their homeland – ed). Evidently, after many of these 'BBM' had fled to their villages, the Christians were still attacking the Ambonese Muslims. This happened in Pelauw. Apparently, the BBM is not just the Buton, Bugis, Makasar, but more to "Bakar, Bunuh Muslim!" (which means "Burn, Butcher Muslims!" - ed.) That is the present understanding of BBM, because it just kept happening. The situation there is still tense, especially in Paso, about eight kilometers from Ambon city.

To be continued...

Translated from "Karomah-Karomah di Ambon"

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Asalamu Alaikum WRWB my dear brother in Islam SabhanAllah Dua is our weapon Alhumduillah and the sword ofcourse, both go hand in hand or heart in hand anyway may we learn to be prepared for the enermies who are forever waiting for us to let down our guard , blessings of the day of Increase on you and my dear sisters locked up who I try to remember everyday so dignified in their Islamic dress and carrying their heavy burdens that we wish we could share their load and comfort them ameen
May Allah most Gracious and kind unite all the imprisoned ones with their families especially the mothers with their children ...our life is not this life but we seek something much more precious where the trials of this life are just a distance memory that no longer pangs at our hearts , may my dear sisters enjoy the Paradise of this life before entering into the pure eternity of musk and roses and relaxation with the righteous company , the company we relish and desire more than life itself

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Assalamualaikum wbt.

When I read this i shuddered with fear + amazement at the same time.
What could be the virtues of these Muslims that Allah bestow upon them
such honour + position/station when He sent His Aid -- the legions of Angels just like in the Quran? Imagine the magnitude of punishment that He'll bring upon the fasiqun & mujrimun later. The only problem is I Fear is that I could be one of these fasiqun & mujrimun! Allah, forgive me for my sins & at times my absolute hard-headedness !Ameen