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Pamphlets Protesting The Execution Of Amrozi And Friends Circulating Widely In Solo

The objections over the execution of the Bali Bombers, Amrozi and friends, are appearing again in some districts. In Solo, pamphlets protesting the execution were widely circulating.

The pamphlets without the stamp or signature mentioned that Amrozi and friends are Mujahideen who are conducting Jihad on ALLAH’s name and not terrorists. The pamphlets also warned the possibility of tribal, religious, racial or inter-groups conflicts in Indonesia triggered by the execution of Amrozi and friends.

The execution according to them is an act of MURTAD, KAFIR and LAKNAT as Amrozi and friends are Mujahideen.

The pamphlets could be found in many Masjids in Solo. It might be that the pamphlets were produced by the activists from the Masjids all over Solo, who believed that the decision for the execution is an act of cruelty and that the government were not being just to the Islamic ummah.

Hundreds of Muslims In Convoys Through The Town Of Solo Protesting The Execution Of Amrozi and Friends

Hundreds of Muslims from a variety of backgrounds, societal organizations, and mosque youths, today (31/10/08), were in convoys circulating peacefully the town of Solo in an effort to protest the decision for the execution of Amrozi and friends.

The protest began from Masjid Salamah and would end with a brief oration in Bunderan Gladak which have been the centre for demonstration by the elements in Solo.

According to one of the participants in the convoy, their protest was as an act of solidarity and in defense of the Mujahideen like Amrozi, from the tyranny of the government.

"My participation in this protest is as a form of my solidarity as well as my effort in defending them (the Mujahideen) from the tyranny of the government who have planned to execute the Mujahideen like Imam Samudera," thus Zaki, one of the participants in the convoys told

After the convoys ended, according to plan, they would continue their peaceful procession heading towards Lamongan to receive the arrival of Amrozi and Mukhlas. They would come in stages and in waves with cars and motorcycles.

"After the convoys ended, we would continue towards Lamongan after the ‘asr prayer," one of the participants said.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir Rejects The Execution Of Amrozi and Friends

The objections over the execution of the three prosecuted Bali Bombing 1 case, Amrozi and friends, are reappearing in some districts, amongst them is Solo. In a statemet today after the Friday prayer, 31st November 08, Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, as the Amir of Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT), announced his objection over the execution of Amrozi and friends this early November.

In a press release he gave in Masjid Salamah Solo, Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid, the organization led by Abu Bakar Ba'asyir gave out five messages and statements relating to the execution of Amrozi and friends.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir believed that the execution that will be carried out by the government is a cruel decision. According to him the decision is contradictory to Allah's law and are not based on facts.

"The decision is in violation of the basic principles of the acts, article 28 (1) UUD 1945 and article 1 KUHP" he added.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir also called for the government to find the masterminds of the acts of violence (including mosque bombings) in Moluccus Islands, Ambon, Lampung, Tanjung Priok, as well as Poso which slaughtered much more victims than the Bali Bombing, to be equally executed. But predictably those massacres of the Muslims instigated by the Christians of course did not get much intenational media coverage. And as it appeared the Christian instigators of those massacres were given protection and asylum by America!

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The Desperation That Signifies The Downfall Of The Enemies of Islam

All Praise Be to ALLAH … Who dignifies the believers and humiliates the disbelievers. The signs of Islam’s victory could be felt everywhere, while “the writing is on the wall” for the enemies of Islam.

The followings are typical pieces of news of today which show signs of desperation and signify the downfall of the enemies of Islam. O Allah protect our Brothers who are the implementers of Your Shariah:

Canada Newspaper: Those Who Rule Kandahar Today Is The Taliban

KANDAHAR – The populations of the Kandahar province affirmed that it is the Taliban who are in power in their region. Even the though the war with NATO is still ongoing, the Taliban managed to return to power in the province just like how they came to power in 2001.

The National Post newspaper, which was printed in Canada and as cited by Al Mafkarah, mentioned that nowadays the Taliban is already administering its governance in the South of Afghanistan. The Taliban have implemented justice completely, be it in the form of the civil tribunal or persecutions.

The newspaper also mentioned that the governmant’s courts is getting more sidelined, because of the weakness or corruption of Karzai’s administration. The Taliban have become more capable to be at the helm of governance in the region. Besides that, the Taliban has also invented education curriculum to be applied in schools all over Kandahar .

One of the farmers in Kandahar told that the Taliban have already set up courts which have succeeded in resolving issues the society might have come upon. And another local resident told that the Taliban have announced that they are ready to resolve issues and discords which might be encountered.

Somalia Made A Decision To Conciliate With The Mujahideen

NAIROBI – The transitional government of Somalia on Sunday 26th October 2008, made an important decision in their attempt to achieve peace, by agreeing to accept the Somali fighters and withdraw the Ethiopian forces, which was considered as the most powerful forces in that country.

The agreement could become an important step in ending violence in Somalia. In a document signed in the neighboring country, Djibouti, the transitional government of Somalia agreed with the policy to unite with the Mujahideen. Of the same importance is the government’s readiness to relocate the Ethiopian forces beginning on the 21st of November, to order tem to retreat from the Somalian towns especially Mogadishu which had already been a hot zone for quite some time.

The Somalian citizens had long disagreed with the presence of the Ethiopia forces in their country and they had also insisted that the government immediately pull them out from Somalia. One of the groups of fighters, the Alliance already suspended their guerilla war.

However, the largest Mujahidin group in Somalia and the most feared by the Ethiopia forces, As Shabab refused to accept the peace talk and decided to carry on with their jihad. As Shabab is a multi clan forces and is committed to continue jihad in whatever ways, including the martyrdom operations, killings of Ethiopia troops and their supporters who possessed high tech weapons. They only want to establish an Islamic State of Somalia that implements the laws of Islam. America accused As Shabab as a terrorist organization.

American New Strategy For Afghanistan Creating A New Puppets Anti-coalition Force Party

American thing tanks have created a new anti-coalition force party in Afghanistan under the pretext that it would resist the activities of US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan. This new party comprise of new puppets who detest Taliban and Maulvi Umar however they were also unhappy with the presence of coalition forces in Afghanistan and considered them against the sovereignty of their state. This newly American created party held their maiden meeting headed by former Taliban leader Maulvi Ishaq some where in Kabul on Wednesday. Their members also resolved to appoint a new chief of their party.

The Americans know that they are defeated in Afghanistan, and they recognize that they can not negotiate with the Taliban, who have refused any type of negotiation with the invaders. To the Taliban, the only solution to the problems which Afghanistan is facing is the end of illegal invasion and foreigners interface in the governess of Afghanistan. The Americans need a puppets outfit which it can negotiate with, which will follow its dictates, they tried Karzai but his administration has failed miserably, so now they have created a puppets outfit under the disguise of resistance.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amrozi's Execution Set For November 1st - 3rd

BEKASI - The Attorney General's representative, Mochtar Arifin, said on Tuesday (28/10) that the execution of the three Bali I Bombers, Amrozi and friends, is scheduled for the 1st to 3rd of November. The three of them will be executed concurrently.

"The schedule for the execution does not change, it is still in early November. Most probably on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd," Mochtar said.

However Mochtar was reluctant to clarify the exact location of the execution. What is clear, Mochtar said, is that the process would take place in a location in the Central Java region.

"And the convicted will be executed concurrently," Mochtar verified.

Hundreds of Police Personnels Stand By In Nusakambangan

CILACAP - Hundreds of Police personnels from various units are already standing by in Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap, approaching the day of execution of the three Bali Bombers, Amrozi, Mukhlas, and Imam Samudra.

Informations gathered from a number of sources in Nusakambangan, Wednesday, said that hundreds of police personnels have entered the island in stages since Friday last week.

"There are too many polices personnels there (in Nusakambangan, ed.) already. But their arrivals were done in stages and not through the normal jetty of Wijayapura Cilacap," the source said.

The arrivals of the police personnels were believed to be done through other vital crossing points in Cilacap which were strictly hidden that they even got away from the attention of the journalists.

Meanwhile, the Wijayapura jetty was only open to empty police trucks carrying no personnel to be stationed in Nusakambangan.

Other sources told that police personnels are always patrolling in Nusakambangan nowadays especially the road heading towards Jojok, Kampunglaut District, to anticipate the possibility of any intrusion.

Helicopter Landing Fields Prepared In Tenggulun

LAMONGAN – The execution of Amrozi would only be done in early November, however the preparation for the reception of the corpse have already been done by setting up a helicopter landing area.

From the gathered data, there are two fields being considered to be used for the landing of the helicopter which would transport the bodies of Amrozi and Mukhlas. The two fields are located in Desa (Village) Tenggulun which are across the public burial ground of Desa Tenggulun, and the other one in Desa Payaman.

Yasin, one of the residents of Desa Tenggulun, Solokuro District, Lamongan, said on Wednesday (20/10/2008) that there were plain clothed agents coming to the field in Desa Tenggulun recently.

The arrival of the agents who were still unknown as to whether they are from the TNI (Armed Forces) or Polri (Police Force), was to do a survey if both of the areas are suitable as points for the helicopter landing. "We heard that their corpses would be brought here by helicopters," he said.

Whereas Rangga, a resident of Desa Payaman also claimed to have seen some agents doing a measurement in the field of his village. The plan was that the field is going to be used as a helicopter landing point.

Meanwhile, the situation in Desa Tenggulun, the birth place of Amrozi is still normal thus far as if nothing is happening. "For the villagers who are not amongst the relatives, it's just like a normal day,” one of the residents of Desa Tenggulun said.

In term of security, there hasn't been any police agents seen standing by near the residences of Amrozi's relatives. In facts the villagers in Desa Tenggulun are still doing their normal daily activities.

O ALLAH, The Powerful…we beg You to send down Your punishment to the murtadeen, munafiqeen and the worshippers of democracy… because they rather hate Your Dien and Your Mujahideen and the Believers who want to establish Your Shariah.

O ALLAH, facilitate for us ways to be in Your Forces to raise high Your Words…

O ALLAH, give us strength to free our Brothers who are in the prisons of “taghouts”. Give us strength to make this land of Indonesia as a land of Jihad, O ALLAH, only from You we ask for help!

O ALLAH, destroy the people who impede the establishment of Your religion wherever they are ....Make this Indonesia as an arena of Jihad to establish the Shariah.. Make our oppressed Brothers as SHUHADA’s,.... ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

20 Kafir AFP Troops Death At The Hands Of MILF

MAGUINDANAO – Around 20 kafir troops of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) were killed and several more wounded in a battle against the MILF Mujahideen in the village of Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

The AFP attacked the MILF at around 11:00 am in Barangays Pamalian and Pusao in Datu Saudi Municipality. In the attack this time, the AFP claimed to have captured an MILF fighter.

Thus far, the number of casualties in the camp of the AFP suffered in battles against the MILF Mujahideen cannot be ascertained. The MILF Mujahideen have applied guerilla tactics most of the time.

In this particular attack, the AFP launched a sudden attack on the MILF using B90 grenades and mortars. The MILF fought back with their own rockets and grenades.

Purchases of war equipments by the AFP still continues today and it had already exhausted millions of Pesos from the National budgets which could have been spent for the socio-economy programs.

Military operations by the government of the Philippines to finish off the MILF fighters have been going on since the 8th August 2008, three days after the government of the Philippines issued the MOA-AD.

More than half a million people were forced to become refugees with no proper jobs and places to live provided by the government. Without enough budgets, hundreds of thousands of refugees are suffering hardships in the refugee camps.
Today, the economy of the Philippines is on the verge of collapse due to the global financial crisis. Millions of Pesos from foreign investment is going to be withdrawn, showing that the National cash would soon depreciate. Can the Philippines still afford to finance the war against the MILF?

Allahumanshurna fiikhwaninal mujahidina fi philiphin

The AFP Captured A ‘Bandit’, Not An MILF Leader

LANAO DEL NORTE - The MILF responded to the Filipino media statement which mentioned that the AFP had succeeded in capturing an MILF leader, the right hand of Commander Bravo, in Lanao del Norte.

The spokesman of Bravo clarified that "he is not a member of the MILF but a bandit."

He accused the military of freely announcing the name of the bandit to deceive the public. In reality, they have failed in their military operations in the region of Lanao del Norte.

Before this, the military had reported that they had captured Commander Bravo (Abdurrahman Macapaar) in a town secured by the forces from the 101st Brigade in Madalum, Lanao del Sur.

"Up to now, there isn't any MILF leaders captured by the kafir AFP military," the spokesman for Commander Bravo, who does not want his name to be mentioned, said.

Exclusive Interview With Ustadzah Paridah Abbas (Wife of Sheikh Mukhlas alias Ali Ghufron)

BEKASI - Sunday, 26th October 2008 Ar Rahmah Media team managed to meet Ustadzah Paridah Abbas, the wife of Sheikh Mukhlas alias Ali Ghufron, after her visit to Nusa Kambangan. Besides pouring her heart out, the following is also a “souvenir” from her and contained a will of her beloved husband for his children.

Ar Rahmah Media (AM) : Assalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb! Ustadzah, How are you?

Ustadzah Paridah Abbas (UPA): Alhamdulillah, fine.

AM : 6 years have already passed since the Bali Bombing incident, how’s your and your family’s condition?

UPA : Alhamdulillah, fine as well.

AM : The children now look all grown up, how’s their education? Is it all handled by Ustadzah?

UPA : For academic study we allot it to the school, just an ordinary school. On the subject of dinniyah (religion) as well as Al Qur’an, it’s all handled by me.

AM : The decision of the court (execution) for Sheikh Muhklas, your husband is getting closer, how do you feel about it Ustadzah?

UPA : I actually feel normal. Because all these while we have never thought about the execution. The execution is only a human invention and the matter of death is not in their hands.

AM : You still support your husband in this matter ?

UPA : Yes, Insha Allah, Alhamdulillah.

AM : Ustadzah was born in Singapore and have certainly been living there and also in Malaysia, as well as Indonesia. How do you view each of the country of the Malay cluster?

UPA : Wait, what does that actually mean? (UPA was quite shocked and surprised). But I did not grow up in Singapore. All of the three countries are the same in principles, namely a secular country. Even though Malaysia claimed itself as an Islamic state, in reality it is not, only its official religion is Islam. As for me personally, since I have never collaborated with the government, I have never encountered the discrimination experienced by some of our sisters who wear hijab and work in certain governmental departments.

AM : Meaning Ustadzah have never experienced any discrimination at all in Malaysia?

UPA : So far, I have not personally, except in issues of immigration.

AM : Is the symptom of Islamophobia more critical in Malaysia than in Indonesia or Singapore?

UPA : Maybe the condition could be compared to Indonesia during the implementation of the subversive orders. The condition in Malaysia is like that today.

AM : Malaysia is like that today? Religious talks, Islamic and Jihad magazines and its kind could not be circulated there?

UPA : More or less like that. There are such magazines and others like it, but they have not had the courage to come out in the open except the people who are all prepared to take all the risks which includes the Internal Security Acts or ISA (subversive Malaysian law, ed).

AM : Ustadzah, a lot of people shed their tears while reading your book “Orang Bilang Ayah Teroris” (people say my father is a terrorist) as they are touched by it, can you please tell us how did you manage to write the book?

UPA : I have to explain that originally the book was not meant to be published. Ustadz (Ustadz Ali Ghufron alias Mukhlas) and I were always communicating with each other just like any other couples do, and alhamdulillah, Ustadz is a very faithful listener. So when I was in Klaten and he was already arrested, I did not have any friend there, so I naturally poured my heart out on paper. And then I gave those writings to Ustadz, and after Ustadz read it, he thought that it would be better if the book was to be shared amongst the Muslimahs. So I let the rest to be handled by Ustadz, until it turned out into a book. Personally, I feel shy because after people read the book they began to look on me with high regard, whereas I am only an ordinary person who are not spared from wrongs.

AM : Not many people could withstand it when struck by heavy tests and trials that come from Allah SWT. What is the secret and method of Ustadzah in tackling this situation?

UPA : I myself feel that without the help of Allah SWT, wallahu’alam, I do not know how it would turn out to be. It is a big possibility that there are other Muslimahs who are facing even bigger and heavier challenges (trials) in life compared to what I am experiencing. It is down to Allah SWT, alhamdulillah, I feel that Allah’s help is always there, ie. in terms of material as well as morale.

AM : With regards to Sheikh Mukhlas, Ustadzah’s husband, how is Ustadzah’s view on him at this time? Is it the same as during the earlier times?

UPA : What appeared different is his ‘ilm (knowledge) and his full and total comprehension, it is better now and his spirit is also fiery. Actually he has been enthusiastic since a long time ago, it’s just that we were both busy then and thus the expression was not like what we see today.

AM : Ustadzah now resides in Malaysia? How is the society’s perceptions and reactions towards Ustadzah?

UPA : Alhamdulillah, for now everything is good and the response they give is positive. We are also given moral and material supports especially by the school and the village chief and alhamdulillah by the favor of Allah, many of them are my friends who are also Ustadzs, so they give us a lot of assistance and there is no problem. They know who we are and they accept us as who we are. Alhamdulillah!

AM : What is Ustadzah’s plan for the future if the execution is to be carried out? How about the children?

UPA : (Ustadzah Ummu Asma' appeared thinking seriously). I have not thought about it yet. Yeah… I haven’t been thinking about it. As usual... maybe just let it go with the flow.

AM : Ustadzah, are you all these while supporting and justifying what had been done by Ustadzah’s husband, Sheikh Mukhlas?

UPA : I know all along that he had been doing it out of his responsibility as a Mukmeen on the basis Al Qur’an and As Sunnah, therefore Insha Allah I am supporting him.

AM : Is Ustadzah not afraid of being labeled as a terrorist? Wife of a terrorist?

UPA : I have always been labeled as such. I am not surprised anymore. Especially in this country (Indonesia, ed) I am being labeled as the wife of a terrorist. If in the country of my residence ie. Malaysia, people know me as the wife of Ustadz Mukhlas.

AM : Has Sheikh Mukhlas already left a wills for Ustadzah? What is the wills?

UPA : If the execution were to happen and after the execution is done, he doesn’t want his body to be touched by the hands of “thaghuts”. Meaning, in order to confirm their death, it should be done by a doctor, and it should be a doctor from amongst the Mukmeen and supposing an autopsy is to be done, though actually it is not necessary, then it should also be done by a doctor from amongst the Mukmeen. Then it should be ensured that his corpse would not have anything on it that comes from the thaghut. Even a piece of cloth or a sheet from the thaghut is not wanted. And supposing that the prison staffs have already washed his body, he requests that his body should be washed once again by the people from amongst the Mukmeen. Since he wants all to be truly done by the Mukmeen, which includes checking the costs, eg. the cost of transportation and so on. He doesn’t want anything, even just a bit that comes from the thaghut. Next is the issue about performing his funeral prayer or not, as there are two differing opinions, he thus assigns it to the Ahlul Ilmi (the learned) to decide which has the best advantage and the most benefits.

AM : Ustadzah, Ustadz Mukhlas got married again recently, how’s your opinion on that:

UPA : Actually it is a long story. I had already asked Ustadz Mukhlas to marry again since we were still having two children, not even six children yet. But Ustadz always refused… no thanks, no thanks, until we have six children and then he was arrested. I didn’t feel easy, when I heard that their families were visiting, Imam Samudra’s wife was there visiting, Amrozi’s wife visited, whereas I could not come to visit, except for just once a year, when Allah willed it. So I always felt uneasy although Ustadz always said that it’s not a problem. So in the end, I told him; let me find the suitable candidate. So I looked for one, and then after obtaining the approval from Ustadz, I proposed this Muslimah to him, and alhamdulillah he agreed and thus they married and I feel so happy because I feel like Allah SWT has lightened by burden.

AM : Subhanallah…! Next, what is your advice to the Muslimahs who are facing the same ordeal.

UPA : Firstly, ikhlas (sincerity). Meaning we don’t complain and we could not show that we are the most unfortunate woman in the world because our husbands are imprisoned. And at the same time we should also make as much effort as possible, maybe try to improve ourselves and our lives especially in front of the children, so that we are not letting them say that because of the imprisonments our lives have become like this ie. in deprivation. Even if we are really in deficiency, we should implant in them the awareness that we should be independent and not requiring people’s sympathy and not being a crybaby.

AM : What did Ustadz focus on or what was his advice for the children?

UPA : Ustadz’s advice for the children is the same as the advice of any mujahid to his children, namely hoping that their children would in turn become a Mujahid too. Notwithstanding that, he does not want to strictly restrain his children in this matter. It might be that his children would become a doctor but a mujahid as well, or become an IT expert, but also a mujahid, an ordinary imam but a mujahid at the same time. Those are what he hoped for. So they should be working hard for it, whichever school they go to, their aqeedah should be strengthened and deepened. Because like what an Ustadz have said, it is the Muslims who are more fitting to be working very hard in all aspects. If the kafir comes to work at 8:00 am and goes back at 5:00 pm, then a Muslim should be able to come at 7:00 am and go back at 6:00 pm. If the kafir could donate one million dollars out of his wealth, then a Muslim should be able to donate out of his wealth more than that. So it is the Muslims who are more fitting to be conscientious in life. Insha Allah.

AM : Jazakallah khairan katsiro. May Ustadzah be in the best of health always. Assalamu’alaikum.wr.wb!

Interview by: Prince of Jihad, M. Fachry

Exclusive Interview
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In any war, numerous tactics are used to weaken the enemy with a view to their ultimate defeat. These range from bribery to insults, from ridicule and mockery to hostile propaganda, from threats of force to actual violence and expulsion. A traditional weapon which continues to be used today is that of isolation and dehumanisation through a process of complete social boycott. The objective of such a strategy is to transform the enemy in the eyes of the public from everyday human beings into ''The Untouchables of society''

We typically think that all people have some basic human rights that should not be violated. Even those accused of the most heinous of crimes deserve to be treated justly and fairly, with dignity and respect. They should receive a fair trial, and should not be subjected to any sort of cruel or unusual punishment. Dehumanisation is a psychological process whereby the opponent is viewed as less than human and thus not deserving of moral consideration; any harm that should befall the enemy or any individuals associated with it is considered to be warranted and even morally justifiable.

The Makkan Boycott

Such a policy was used against the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the early Muslims in Makkah, after other tactics of persecution had proven fruitless. The aim of the strategy was to isolate the Prophet Muhammad SAW from his protectors, such as his uncle Abu Talib, in order to kill him. Until then, Abu Talib had resisted the pressure of the Quraysh and rather than capitulate to their demands, he had rallied the entire clan of Banu Hashim behind the Muslims.

Eventually, the Quraysh agreed that the only logical next step would be to ostracise both Muhammad and his protectors through a complete social and economic boycott. At the beginning of the seventh year of prophet-hood, a decree was drawn up to this effect against both Banu Hashim and Banu ‘Abdul Muttalib. It was decided that nobody should buy or sell with these two clans; no caravan coming from abroad was permitted to deal with them; there was to be no intermarrying with them; nobody was allowed give a gift to them, bring them food, or enter their homes. Ultimately, there was to be no socialising with the Muslims or their protectors – nobody was permitted to talk to them, sit with them or visit them. The agreement was posted on the wall of the Ka’bah in order to give it a religious sanction, thereby making it mandatory for all.

The objective of the economic sanctions was to starve the tribes into submission and into surrendering Muhammad SAW. With their supply of food and water cut off, it was not long before severe starvation began. The Quraysh used to buy whatever food commodities entered Makkah lest they should leak to these tribes, who were so overstrained that they had to eat the leaves of trees and skins of animals. If a tradesman or a farmer brought some goods or provisions to sell in Makkah, he was offered much more than his asking price on condition that he would not sell anything to the Hashimites.

The objectives of the social boycott were twofold; firstly, to dehumanise the tribes. Social activities such as visiting their homes would allow other tribes to view the horrifying effects of the economic sanctions – to hear the cries of starving babies, to see the anguish of helpless mothers and to feel the pain of an embattled community. For if their misery was to be witnessed, natural human emotions would be aroused to alleviate their suffering and end the boycott. Only by blinding their eyes to the plight of the Banu Hashim and Banu ‘Abdul Muttalib could the conscience of the other tribes remain at peace. Secondly, it was to serve as a warning to non-Muslim sympathisers and protectors, such as Abu Talib, that they too would be punished and suffer due to their association and assistance to Muhammad SAW and the Untouchables. In other words, they too were contaminated.

Amazingly, even in Makkah at the time of the boycott, there were Muslims who were not affected by the sanctions but who did not have the courage to defy the Quraysh and break them. They maintained, for three years, a discreet detachment and an unconvincing silence. Their deeds, apparently, were governed by prudence. Therefore, all that they did was to watch the drift of events, like disinterested observers. We must be careful not to be critical of these Muslims who were the best of generations but it is important to note that their silence allowed the sanctions to continue unhindered for an entire three years.

Today’s Untouchables

It is arguable that such dehumanisation is taking place in the UK today against the Muslim community as part of the ‘War on Terror’. On a general level, the entire Muslim community has become synonymous with terrorism and symbolic of a menacing fifth column within British society. This has resulted in Muslims of various persuasions being subjected to a process of systematic social discrimination and harassment. On a more particular level, those Muslims officially suspected by the authorities of involvement in the political aspects of Islam, and their families, have been persecuted and punished to an extent that no other individuals within society would suffer.

Some of these Muslims have never been charged with an offence but have nevertheless been deprived of their liberty, freedom and human rights for several years. Even when released from prison, they have been placed under restrictive control orders and subjected to a savage campaign of dehumanisation in an attempt to disgrace them as Britain’s Untouchables. Bans on having visitors, mobile phones and computers together with lengthy curfews are only some of the measures that have been taken to achieve this. To now associate with or assist such individuals is a crime; to even mention their names is to risk contamination. Those who may know them are regularly harassed by the security services to either spy on them or risk becoming dehumanised themselves.

Below are just a few examples of the hundreds of cases of Muslims whose lives have been destroyed by these sanctions. Due to legal restrictions, which themselves form part of the dehumanisation process, some of these men remain nameless only known by random letters assigned to them by the authorities.


Take the example of “U” as the authorities would have the public know him. Following his release from HMP Long Lartin earlier in the summer (following seven years of imprisonment without charge), U was placed under the strictest of bail conditions. Having been refused permission to settle anywhere close to a Muslim community, it was proving immensely difficult to find him an address to which he could be bailed. Finally, an elderly Englishman, a non-Muslim, kindly agreed to allow U to stay in a room in his home. Due to this noble action, he too, like Abu Talib, has become contaminated.

Both he and other students, also renting out rooms in his property, have had to go through stringent vetting procedures and inspections, and even had to have their laptops locked away in specially built cabinets within locked rooms. Those students have now gone and other would-be tenants balk at the very idea of having to go through these rigorous procedures. There have been regular visits by teams of 8 to 10 police officers who have virtually forensically searched the house, all of which has naturally distressed the homeowner. All of U’s visitors have to go through a personal vetting procedure, which for many, acts as a serious deterrent to seeing him.

As a form of moral support to U, British journalist Yvonne Ridley would breach the sanctions by regularly ordering pizza deliveries from Dominos Pizzas to U which she would pay for by credit card. The delivery policy towards this house suddenly changed and the delivery must now be paid for by the recipient, i.e. U. Even a tiny gesture of solidarity such as this has now been made impossible.

All this coupled with the fact that U is under 24 hour curfew and is not allowed out of his house at all, not even on the doorstep, is indicative of the sinister steps that have been taken by the authorities to dehumanise and ostracise a man who, to date, has never been charged with any offence.

Abu Qatada

Another example is that of Sheykh Abu Qatada. Released after six years detention without charge, his bail conditions include stipulations that he has two set hours (one hour at a time) in which he is allowed to leave his home, provided he remains within a strict boundary. To make these two hours even more intolerable, a freelance photographer and journalist have planted themselves outside his home during these appointed hours. In the early days after his release, a whole posse of media used to loiter outside at these times and subject him and his children to taunting, abuse and humiliation.

Despite a number of legal interventions by his solicitor, this unprecedented stalking and harassment by the media continues unabated with no escape for Abu Qatada. As a result, these two little windows of freedom from the house have become a nightmare and are now an ordeal rather than an escape.


Y is an Algerian who was arrested and charged in 2003 as part of the alleged ricin plot. Following a lengthy trial, it emerged that there was never any ricin or any plot. Although acquitted and released in 2005, Y was arrested again following the 7/7 attacks and imprisoned without charge until very recently. He has now also been released on strict bail conditions and is more lonely and isolated than ever before. He lives on his own in an area known for its racism with no stores, no coffee shops or anywhere for him to go during his hours of release. For almost three months, Y was forced to wash his clothes by hand as he was not given a washing machine and there was no launderette within his bail boundary.

Like other detainees, his visitors have to be vetted. Since his release, he has not met a single Muslim and remains isolated from the community. Throughout the month of Ramadan, he was unable to attend a mosque. On the day of Eid, his sole visitor was a courageous non-Muslim woman who has dedicated her time to assisting the Untouchables. This lady spent 6 hours travelling to ensure that Y was not alone on Eid.

These are just three examples of the human face behind the threatening mask of terror painted by the government; tales of human suffering which are deliberately being kept hidden from us lest we empathise with these men. But this is only the tip of the iceberg – the lives of hundreds of others have similarly been affected. There are several cases where the families of suspects have had their bank accounts frozen and are forced to send a budget to the Home Office to do their weekly shopping, itemising for each and every penny they intend to spend. By effectively subjecting these men, their families and supporters to a full social and economic boycott, the authorities intend to make an example of them for other Muslims who may dare to dip their fingers in political Islam. By harassing and persecuting non-Muslims who may offer moral support, the status of these men as ‘Untouchables’ is assured.

The Power of One

Many of us live in the blissful illusion that we are unable to do anything due to our few numbers in face of the all-powerful state. This could be no further from the truth. A brief examination of how the sanctions on the Muslims in Makkah came to an end is clear evidence of this.

A noble of the Quraysh, Hisham ibn Amr, felt aggrieved by the sanctions and used to secretly breach them whenever he could. One day, he privately approached another Quraysh noble, Zuhayr ibn Abi Umayyah, about openly breaking the sanctions. Zuhayr responded that he was only one man. The two approached another man, Al-Mut’im ibn ‘Adiy, and pressed him to break the sanctions. Al-Mut’im made the same reply as Zuhayr and demanded a fourth man. So Hisham went to Abu’l Bukhtari ibn Hisham who asked for a fifth man, who was Zama’a ibn Al-Aswad. At a secret meeting held just outside Makkah, all five men bound themselves to take up the question of the sanctions until they had secured their annulment.

The following day, Zuhayr, after circumambulating the Ka’bah, approached the throngs of people there and rebuked them for indulging in the amenities of life whereas their kith and kin of Banu Hashim were perishing on account of starvation due to the economic boycott. Zuhayr swore he would never relent until the parchment of boycott was torn to pieces and the pact broken at once. Abu Jahl retorted that it would never be torn. On hearing this, Zama‘a was incensed and accused Abu Jahl of telling lies, adding that the pact was established and the document drafted without their approval ever having been sought. Abu’l Bukhtari intervened and backed Zama‘a. Al-Mut’im ibn ‘Adi and Hisham ibn ‘Amr, who engineered the entire plan, attested to the truthfulness of their two companions and openly disavowed the document.

With what appeared to be a wave of impulsive popular support for ending the sanctions, Al-Mut’im marched to the Ka’bah to tear up the document but discovered that with the exception of the words, “In Thy name, O Allah”, the rest of the parchment had already been eaten up by white ants. Thus ended a period of intense hardship for the Prophet Muhammad SAW, his followers and protectors.

In the end, it had taken the courage and conviction of just five men to break the sanctions. In an age where we justify inaction and lethargy with excuses such as depleted numbers or lack of unity, we should learn from this story that even if a handful of people stand up for justice, Allah will grant them victory. Notably, these five people were not even Muslims. Even today, the handful of people who do breach the sanctions placed on people like U and Y are non-Muslim sympathisers such as Ann Alexander, Bruce Kent, Lawrence Archer, and the courageous nameless lady who visited Y on Eid. Their bravery is to not only to be admired but emulated.

As was the case in Makkah, Muslims in Britain today are too fearful to be contaminated by the Untouchables. Fearful of the consequences to our jobs, our reputations, our families and our comfortable way of life, we have abandoned our brothers and sisters. The persecution today in the UK is nowhere as intense as it was in Makkah yet the courage with which Muslims used to be renowned is nowhere to be seen . We have failed to abide by Allah’s commandment to stand for justice and to live by the Prophetic example of preventing an evil by whatever means we can. Forget our hands and our tongues, so beloved has the worldly life become to us that we do not even hate this evil in our hearts, something described as the weakest of faith. Deaf, dumb and blind, we have become the living embodiment of the hypocrites condemned by Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW told us that if Allah loves a people, He tests them. He also said that on the Day of Judgment, we will be with those whom we love. The conditions these men are living under suggest that they are facing tests of the severest nature. If Allah loves them, shouldn’t we also love them? These Untouchables of this world will be the envy of the people in the Hereafter. On the Day of Judgment, when a mother will push her baby away from her out of fear for her own reckoning, do we not want to be safe with those that Allah loves? But love is more than just words, it requires action with our hearts, our tongues and our limbs. Like Hisham ibn Amr, we must be courageous enough to speak out and believe in the Power of One.

Below is a list of things everyone can do to help break the sanctions and rehumanise these detainees.

Write to them – let them know that they have not been forgotten. Contact addresses for their solicitors can be obtained from

Telephone them and give them company. Numbers can be obtained following prior approval from Cageprisoners or solicitors for the men.

Visit them in their homes and witness firsthand their suffering – this will require undergoing a prior vetting procedure.

Inform others about their plight. Give a talk in your local mosque or Islamic circle.
Write articles / letters to newspapers to raise awareness about their condition.

Donate to and volunteer with organizations such as Hhugs and the Muslim Prisoner Support Group.

Never forget these men or their families in your dua’a – it is indeed the weapon of the believer and one which cannot be taken from us.

By: Fahad Ansari

(Crescent International; November 2008)

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Filipino Forces Are Shamed By The MILF Mujahideen Throughout October

. MINDANAO – The Filipino military forces were bullied by the MILF Mujahideen during the month of October, the ABS-CBN, the news site of the Philippines reported. In spite of possesing tactical and logistical superiority, the Filipino government forces still suffered a not-so-small number of losses in terms of both personnels and materials attributable to the attacks carried out by the Moro fighters.

This is because the Mujahideen are mastering the arena very well, as expressed on the official website of the MILF,

Besides that, the faith of the fighters in their religion and their motivation to attain shaheed is also an impressive driving factor, to the extent that their bravery in the battle fields is very much calculated by the opponents.

The folowing is a list of confrontations between the MILF and the Armed Forces of the Philippines or AFP for the month of October 2008:

1st October – 14 troops of the AFP were killed, and 6 others wounded when clashes with the MILF broke out in Bubonga Ranao, Calanogas, Lanao del Sur. Whilst on the MILF's side, only one was lightly wounded.

2nd October – 37 troops of the AFP were killed, 20 wounded in Bubonga Ranao and Pangao Luma, also in Calanogas, Lanao del Sur during a clash with the MILF.

4th October – A ferocious combat between the AFP and MILF took place in Upper Dapao, Calanogas, Lanao del Sur from 16:30 hrs until 18:30 hrs. Thirteen troops of the AFP were killed.

19th October – A firefight between the AFP and MILF erupted at 06:15 hrs and ended at 07:15 hrs in Upper Dapao, Lanao del Sur. Five troops of the AFP were killed and some others were wounded.

21st October, 22nd & 23rd – Clashes once again erupted. In the three days that the MILF fighters and AFP fought each other in Bago Ingud and Udalo, Piagapo, Lanao del Sur, 46 troops of the AFP were killed and 29 others were wounded. Only 7 members of the MILF were wounded.

24th October – Armed contacts between the MILF fighters and AFP once again broke out at 14:00 hrs in Kalingnan, Piagapo, Lanao del Sur. 26 troops of the AFP were killed and 23 wounded. Whereas only 4 members of the MILF were wounded.

Keep up the struggle O Brothers, may Allah SWT aid you and give you victory!


Total Jihad Post-Amrozi's Execution

JAKARTA – A total Jihad post-Amrozi's execution is the risk which is most feared by the Crusader-Zionist puppet regime of Indonesia. The crumbling regime of Musharraf in Pakistan is a valuable lesson for every rulers dictated by the USA.

Musharraf is the enemy of Islam who attacked Lal Masjid by the order of the White House. A total Jihad which is ever increasing ensued. That strike caused an eruption of Jihad in a big scale in Pakistan.

After Musharraf was at a loss in facing the attacks by the Mujahideen, Washington kicked him out all of a sudden and replaced him with another American agent who earlier was the opponent of Musharraf. However the replacement does do much changes to save the puppet government of America in Pakistan. Instead Pakistan is getting cornered by the Mujahideen who come from various parts of the world.

Back to the perspective of Indonesia, the Indonesian Muslims number much more than the Muslims in Pakistan. This huge number is a fuel which has the most potential to burn up the puppet government if their warriors are mistreated. It just needs that little bit of spark to start the combustion.

Furthermore the result of a latest survey by the Pew Research Center of America revealed that 37 percent of Muslims in Indonesia believe in Sheikh Usamah bin Laden. This score is once again above the support of the Muslims in Pakistan. The most average count is, if there are 200 million Muslims in Indonesia then the number of those who support Sheikh Usamah based on the survey is around 74 millions. And we all know that one’s supports for Sheikh Usamah is because of his practice of Jihad.

Just mention the plan for the bombing of Pertamina’s (Indonesian oil company) depot in Plumpang, North Jakart by Rusli Mardani (alias Wahyu Ramadhan alias Uci alias Farid alias Zulfikar), Nurhasani (alias Hasan), Iman Basori (alias Basar), Muntasir, and Budiman. It is still unknown from which camp these Mujahideen sprung from, but what’s obvious was that they had been under the secular police’s pursuit because of their involvement in a number of jihad acts in Indonesia.

From the police’s record, Rusli had also succeeded in attacking the Headquarters of the Brimob (Brigade Mobil) in Maluku in 2005, as well as in possession of firearms and explosives in North Jakarta. “Rusli also had a connection with the groups in South Sulawesi, Palembang, Jakarta, Ambon, and Poso,” Sulistyo explained.

Whereas, for the other four friends of Rusli who at this time are still being under intensive investigation, the followings were seized from their possession; a 9mm caliber pistol, a magazine, 27 pellets of 9mm caliber bullets, a barrel of gun, a gun silencer, 257,5 grams of TNT and documents containing information about bomb manufacturing.

As for their participation in other acts, it is still being investigated by the secular police. However, Sulistyo said that from the analysis of evidences discovered, the police thinks that the electronic system network that would have been used to detonate the bomb, is the same as the one that had been seized by the police in Sukabumi in 2003, Bogor in 2003, Malang in 2005, Semarang in 2005, Wonosobo in 2006, Yogyakarta in 2007, Sukoharjo 2007, and Palembang 2008.

Is the camp of Rusli connected to Amrozi? For the time being, the police is still unable to give an answer. However, any possibility could happen. “We will always be cautious towards any possibility of terror,” the Police Chief, General Bambang Hendarso Danuri, said.

Meanwhile Al Araf from Imparsial (Organization), said that the execution of Amrozi would cause retaliation because to the Islamic ummah, Amrozi is a warrior. The repercussion would not only be felt in Indonesia but the countries that had been enemies of Amrozi’s camp would also become targets.

As Ustadz Imam Samudra had said earlier, even if he would be executed, it does not mean that their struggle would end. Because Ustadz Imam believed that many other Imam Samudra’s would appear in the near future. Ameen…

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Minister of Communication and Information Asked the Media Not To Call Amrozi Shuhada?!

SURABAYA - The Minister of Communication and Information, Mohammad Nuh, requested to the mass media not to call the three accused of the Bali Bombing I case, namely Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudera, as shuhada, mujahid or warriors.

"I am not intervening the mass media at all, but just reflect, put the national interest first before the intrest of the press in this case of terrorism," Nuh told the journalists in Surabaya, Saturday.
He said that if the reports of the mass media use the title of 'warrior' for Amrozi, then they would have to ask for the execution to be postponed immediately.

"Don't let the individual who commit violence acts to be seen as a 'warrior' because Islam does not use violence in resolving any issue," the ex-rector of the ITS (Institute Technology of Surabaya) said.

Nuh informed that Amrozi would be executed in November, whereas the exact time of its execution is still unknown. "In accordance with the laws, only three days approaching the execution that the family will be informed," he said.

When asked by the reporters, Nuh told that the government's decision to execute Amrozi was not because of any intervention by foreign countries.

"No execution is based on the interests of Mr. A or B, or based on the intervention of country A or B, but solely for our national interest in many factors," he said.

Nuh also said that nobody had had expected that Palembang could become a place where bombs for acts of terrorism would be found because that region had always been known for its peace.

"The execution is a domestic affair in the interest of the Indonesia people itself and it should be upheld. If there is any intervention by foreign countries, then our sovereignty as a nation would not provide any benefits for the future," he said.

According to Nuh, the postponement of the execution was due to a few considerations, such as internal security. "After doing further research, the execution would be finally carried out in November," he said.

Such are the secular mentality of the Taghouts, their aqeedah is baatil as they worship democracy and nationalism more than Allah SWT and His Dien, they fear their officers and superiors more than they fear Allah SWT. You do not know for sure O Mr. Nuh, whether they are from the shuhada or not, only Allah SWT has the certain knowledge, we can only pray that Allah SWT accept them as such, ameen!. But one thing is for certain, the three of them are true and unique warriors who stood up against the evil plots of the kuffar against ISLAM. So to the Indonesian taghouts, be it the president, ministers or other accomplices, we say to you: "Verily we free ourselves from you and what you are worshipping other than Allah."

"Verily Islam began as a stranger and will return as a stranger - therefore give glad tidings to the strangers."

Depkominfo Sites Hacked, Linked To Executions Of Imam Samudra, Amrozi, and Mukhlas

JAKARTA – A number of official sites belonging to the Department of Communication and Information (Depkominfo) have been cracked since Saturday (25/10) by someone acting on behalf of the three accused of the Bali Bombing I case.

Linked to the statement given by the Minister of Depkominfo, M Nuh who called for the disapproval of calling Imam Samudra, Muklas and Amrozi as Shuhada or warriors, the hacking was as a response to that statement. The statement by the ex-rector of the ITS (Surabaya Institute of Technology) was akin to the statement of Abu Jahal which mentioned that Prophet Muhammad SAW was not Al Amin.

The official sites of the Depkominfo with the address has now been made accessible for the public again. However a number of its sub domain sites are still inoperative.

The Depkominfo sub domain sites which are still inhibited are:

The moment those sites were clicked, a statement letter which stated the “eight points” in the approach to the executions of the three Mujahideen appeared.

On the subject title of the web page also appeared the statement, "Message from International Mojahedeen "We'll never be silent..!!!".

Included in the contents of the statement letter was a declaration of war and the obligation to kill the individuals who are involved in the executions. Amongst the figures included in the list of the threat are Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Jusuf Kalla, Andi Mattalata, Hendarman Supandji, AH Ritonga, all the judges and judicial officers, team of executors, as well as the people who are believed to be the henchmen of America.

In the last point, the 'three convicted' ask for do'a from the Muslims upon their death in order to be awarded khusnul khatimah (a good end) and shaheed. The statement was written from the Batu Prison, Nusakambangan, dated 3rd Sha'ban 1429 H or 5th August 2008.

In the last of part of the statement was a site address of the one who claimed responsibility for the act. ie.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Supreme Court Announced Amrozi’s Execution

JAKARTA - The execution for Amrozi will be carried out in early November 2008. According to the letter by the Law Minister the execution will be carried out in Nusakambangan, Cilacap Province, Central Java, by a team of executors.

It was announced by the Supreme Court on Friday (24/10) in the Main Building of the Supreme court. "The formal and material requirements have been fulfilled and the execution of Amrozi will be carried out in early November 2008," the Chief of Information Center for the Supreme Court, M Jasman Panjaitan said in a press conference.

36 Sharp Shooters For Amrozi’s Execution

Mabes Polri (Police Main Headquarters of Republic of Indonesia) admitted that they have prepared about 36 sharp shooters as executors in the execution of the accused Bali Bombing I case, Amrozi, Imam Samudra, and Mukhlas.

This has been revealed by Police Inspector General Abubakar Nataprawira, of the Mabes Polri Main Division, Jalan Trunojoyo, Jakarta, Friday (24/10).

"We have three teams of shooters, each team consists of 12 sharp shooters. We are waiting for the order from the Supreme Court of when to carry out the execution," Abubakar said.

He ensured that the Police for the district of Central Java are prepared whenever the Court asked them to carry out the execution. "The district police of Central Java is ready any time," he said.

Meanwhile with regards to security, Abubakar depended on the district police of Central Java.

"Mabes Polri has also prepared the stages to be undertaken in the execution. Starting from the where to take and when the time is," he affirmed.

Tim Pengacara Muslim (TPM) or a Team of Muslim Advocates responded quickly in reacting to the decision by the Supreme Court. Also today the team of lawyers for Amrozi Cs will do a consolidation.

The outcome of the consolidation meeting will become the official approach of the TPM towards the decision of the Supreme Court to execute Amrozi Cs in this coming early November in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java. "So give us time first," Ahmad Kholid a member of TPM said.

American Unmanned Spy Airplane Fell In Southern Philippines

An American unmanned spy airplane fell and exploded in a town in Sothern Philippines, the area where the Fillipino government is currently tracking down the Mujahideen, thus reported by a Catholic pastor who witnessed the accident, Thursday.

The plane was flying low and crashed onto a telecommunication tower, in Pikit town, Province of North Cotabato, 960 km south of Manila, Pastor Eduardo Vazquez, said as reported by DPA.

"The spy plane fell after crashing onto a tower and exploded like a grenade," he said.

"The police and military were reluctant to give statements regarding the disaster, but many local residents were witnesses to the crashing spy plane."

Vazquez said that the police immediately found the wreckages of the spy plane and gave them to the military.

A number of the US terrorist forces were stationed in some districts in the island of Mindanao, Southern Philippines, where North Cotabato is located, in the last six years to train the Filipino forces in the activity which they called “counter terrorism”.

The district where the plane fell is near Tanah Rawa, the place where Commander Amerul Umbra Kato from the MILF was thought to be hiding.

Kato and two other MILF commanders launched several attacks in some towns and occupied the villages in August after the Supreme Court ban the signing of an agreement between the MILF and government which could have expanded the territories of the Muslim autonomy in Mindanao.

German Mujahid Appears In New Video

A new video by a Pakistani Jihad group, the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) has been released on the Internet featuring the German Mujahid Eric B. The video was released on the 21st October 2008 with the title "Badr at-Tawheed".

The video tells the story of a Mujahid from Germany named Eric Breininger. Eric, whose nom de guerre is Abdul al-Gaffar, is a 20-year-old German convert who later moved to Pakistan and joined the Jihad group. He, who only converted to Islam in 2007, tells the camera: "When you love God and his messengers, then join the jihad, because that is the way to paradise." Those who aren't able to come and fight are asked to help with money or to support the jihadists at the front with prayers. No Muslim should stand by and watch while the "infidels shame our women in our countries and jail and torment our brothers," he says.

In mid 2008, the German government warned that Breininger was possibly planning some attacks directed at the German troops. The German government also recently raised another issue that mentioned Breininger and his other brother in arm of German origin, Houssain al-Malla, had left Afghanistan-Pakistan and were possibly heading for West Europe.

Breininger explained in the video statement, that he is still in Afghanistan, fighting to liberate the country from the invaders forces and not planning for any attack in Germany.

In an interview he gave in June 2008, Breininger warned that “Germany together with the other countries are involved in the invasion of Afghanistan and are entitled to receive attacks from the Muslims".

The Muslim World Must Free Itself From This Failing Capitalist System

The economic fallout is predicted to be huge, with recession likely to hit major western economies. The extent of the inevitable political fallout is hard to predict as the USA, the world’s only superpower, is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Many view the USA as the world new ‘sick man’. But global markets and economies are so intertwined if this ‘sick man’ falls, many states could be crushed beneath. At this time of crisis, The Muslim world has a huge opportunity and responsibility. For as leaders in the west flounder for solutions to this crisis in Capitalism – a crisis that was as inevitable as night follows day, due to inherent flaws in the system – Islam has real solutions in this field that would prevent the seismic shocks this inherently unstable free market will always produce with its cyclical boom and bust. So what are some of the key problems and how does Islam’s system contrast:

1. Unrestrained credit creation because of the interest based economy.

An interest based system means that banks will always seek to maximize profits from lending. In doing so, they have lent more than they possess in assets by an enormous scale. There has been no effective regulation or restraint on the system and this model reaped huge profits. However, the knock-on effects on the rest of the economy are set to be colossal – on businesses, individuals who are set to lose their jobs and on the taxpayer who has effectively absorbed the risk whilst bankers have made the profits.

The Islamic system prohibits the giving or taking of interest payments, so naturally avoids the get rich quick schemes from lending. Investment of wealth is in the real economy where sharing of risks and rewards is between business partners without banking middle men who control the flow of credit to their advantage.

2. Paper based currencies.

In the free market model money is not backed by any commodity. Governments bail themselves out of debt by simply printing more money or extending credit lines. We have seen the inflationary effects of this in an exponential rise in fuel and food prices this year – leaving people in poor countries on the brink of starvation. The fragile nature of these paper based currencies was exposed in the late 1990’s with currencies collapsing in South East Asian due to market speculation. Currently, the US is massively in debt (10 trillion dollars). The US will ultimately pay much less (to their creditors like China, Japan, etc) when the dollar depreciates further (as it has been) through their accelerated printing. But the cost of this falls back on the ordinary citizens – through greater taxes, cuts in social/health service spending and a rise in the cost of living that is the result of printing more money.

The Islamic system has a stable and real currency based on gold and silver standard which cannot be created by the state treasury out of thin air. This means that money has a real value behind them and forces people to live within their means. They cannot artificially create wealth for a few, ultimately creating misery for the many.

3. Financial services industry is out of control and is effectively a gambling market.

The derivatives industry is not the real economy but betting or ‘hedging’ on how markets/measures of the real economy will move. This market is “estimated” at 600 to 1,000 trillion dollars and is 10-20 times larger than the real global economy at $50 trillion. The counterparty risks (other side of the contract) are so large and widespread now that many banks, pension funds, investment funds, hedge funds and even countries (Iceland for example) could collapse. The domino effect of these failures will be massive and has the potential to bring the whole economy down – it will likely be too large for many governments to cope with.

The Islamic system has a clear regulation of company law, anti-gambling legislation, prohibits short-selling and non-futures contracts, and specific laws regulating the sale/purchase of commodities and currencies. Islam has clear financial contract laws controlling all of these excesses which are predictable and preventable.

4. The Free Market!

Capitalism now stands on the brink. Economies, staggering from crisis to crisis, now require massive state intervention and nationalisation. This runs completely counter to their very own principles. Their notion of the “free market” has been exposed as a lie, and has failed. The official response - a promise of new and better regulation – has an appalling track record of dealing with underlying problems (where has Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) post Enron era helped in the current crisis?). It is also contradictory to the “free market” philosophy. Regulation merely presents a challenge for traders to look for loopholes to run legitimate trade, but by the same rules that produce the crisis we are currently witnessing.

The Islamic system has a system of ruling and economy which is transparent, stable and has a track record of consistent success over several centuries. Rulers are subject to the law and do not invent new laws at the first crisis. When a system is so fragile that it needs constant amendment what does that say about the system?

It could be said that the Islamic system provides the only truly stable free market. The fixed laws of regulation cannot be changed by a whim and powerful lobbies – and people can invest and trade in a market freely within those rules.

So where are the Muslims today? Islam has the solutions to this crisis, yet it is nowhere to be seen in the Muslim world. We sit idly by and watch the world economy fail with untold misery to a large percentage of the world population. Furthermore, regimes in the Muslim world - who have invested heavily in propping up this failed system, at the expense of their own population – may see their economies crushed under the falling ‘sick-man’ of the United States.

Our countries and their corrupt regimes are part of the problem and if anything are helping to try and prop up the failing system (sovereign wealth funds, bank bailouts, and even having their currencies pegged to the US$). Many non-Muslims will be shaken to the very core by this crisis; they have never experienced anything like it. They are interested in alternatives and we must be there to present the only alternative.

It is time for the Muslim world to liberate itself from this failed system, establish the Caliphate (al-Khilafah) and a model market that others will see, Insha’Allah, provides an inherently more stable and just system, not pandering and fuelling the greed of human nature, coupled with the responsibility to help the poorest in society such that wealth does not remain the monopoly of a few.

Sour©e: Islamic Awakening

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poetry: "The Walls"

The invaders built walls to separate Iraqis

But Iraqis decided to draw paintings on these walls,

Iraqis drew rivers like the ones they had before the invaders contaminated it

They drew palm trees full of dates like the ones which were scattered on the fertile soil before the brutal invasion

They drew faces of girls and women full of despair like the ones who were raped by the American soldiers

They drew faces of children with puzzled faces like the ones who witnessed the American wars

They drew faces of girls hiding their faces like the ones who are selling their bodies to support their families

They drew sad faces of boys who were left without parents

They drew angry faces of men like the ones who were rapped and tortured in Abu Ghraib

They drew nice houses like the one the Iraqi had before the invasion

They drew gardens with orange trees full of blossoms like the one Iraqis had before the American bombed the houses on the civilians

They drew birds flying peacefully like the ones which were flying in the skies of Iraqi cities before American planes took over the sky

They drew families gathered together with happy faces like the families used to be before their invasion

Iraqis will remember when they look at these walls daily, the pain, the agony, the torture, the rape, the lack of security, the stolen dreams, the looting and the aggression of the invaders

One day, these walls will be demolished by the will of the young Iraqis, they will rise and scream: No more killing, no more rape, no more torture and no more wars

Memories of the invaders brutality will stay in the Iraqi minds and the minds of others

By: Nesreen Melek
Oct 15, 2008, 20:40

© Copyright 2008 by

Americans Last Ditch Attempt

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The US and its alliance of the warlords have not been able to build a peaceful, prosperous Afghanistan after the passage of seven years and despite their using of various tactics of terrorism and occupation. Nor they have been able to establish a central, successful and representative government, nor an administration based on their vision and pre-conceived formulas.

This is because they wanted to impose on the Afghans a surrogate regime nurtured in the nursery of the West, being headed by a quasi-Afghan faces. Thus, the US wanted to keep the Afghan patriotic nation chained in its colonial tentacles.

However, our rich history has it that stooges never flourish in this land of free people. They are immediately regurgitated out and dispelled. Hence we are now witnessing this hard fact that the US and its colonial ambitions are nearing to the verge of perdition thanks to the blessing of Allah, the unwavering resistance and sacred struggle of the Afghan people. Their economic ascendancy is tapering down; their global dominance is falling smithereens. They are now resorting to their final bobby-trap which, experience has showed, have no prospect in this land.

The Americans are determined to form tribal militias via dispensation of dollars and play the tribal people against the Mujahideen. During his visit to Afghanistan, US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, indicated that they were pondering to hammer out a new strategy for Afghanistan and the region, because the tribal militias strategy has proved its effectiveness in Iraq.

The US Defence Secretary and the masterminds behind the formation of the tribal militias should know that the tribal militias strategy was never a successful one in Iraq either. The lull in fighting in Iraq allegedly ascribed to the formation of Al-Sahwa militia does not mean that indignation against and opposition to the presence of the Americans stationed there, have mitigated but only fighting among armed ethnic factions have spiralled down.

Last week, the Pentagon acknowledged that in every 24 hours, 10-15 martyrdom attacks are carried out against US forces, either killing or injuring ten American troops on an average. On the other hand, the Americans should not look at Afghanistan in the spectacle of Iraq. Here sectarian differences do not exist among the people in the tribal areas as it is the case in Iraq. Should that had been the case, the Americans might have taken advantage of that and tipped the people against Mujahideen.

Now, we are beholding that the people of the tribal areas are bonded and infatuated by the spirit of Jihad and patriotism, making it almost impossible for the Americans to take a breath of relief as a result of their resorting to the rallying of people to weaken the Mujahideen.

The most obvious and fresh experience about the formation of militias in Afghanistan is the despicable experience of the Russians, which is hated and deplored by all the Afghan nation. When the Russian were about to flee from Afghanistan, they turned to forming militias under the name of Gailam Jan Militia, Jabbar Militia and other militias built on the basis of ethnicity and region.

Americans have to analyze the role, reputation and history of these unscrupulous militias and then take up the strategy of militia formation.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The Pride of Iman And Allah’s Help

Allah SWT describes the believers as a people whose rank is of the highest level. As a result, they are not let to develop the attitude of “weak mentality” or “grief”.

وَلَا تَهِنُوا وَلَا تَحْزَنُوا وَأَنْتُمُ الْأَعْلَوْنَ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ مُؤْمِنِينَ

“So do not be weaken, and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” (Qur’an 3:139).

The above verse was sent down concerning the Battle of Uhud which had just been undertaken by Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Companions RA. They suffered defeat in the battle against the Makkan aggressors. On commenting the above verse, Ibnu Katsir rahimahullah said “A good end and (Allah’s aid) will be on your side, O believers,” which means that even though they were suffering defeat, the Companions RA, should remain optimistic, because in reality Allah’s aid is always with the believers.

Whereas in the book Fi Dhzilalil Qur’an, Sayyid Qutub rahimahullah wrote: Do not be weaken, and do not grieve because you are a people whose rank is superior. Your aqeedah is superoir because you only prostrate to Allah, whilst they (the mushrikeen) prostrate to His creation. Your Manhaj (Methodology) is superior because you are walking on the manhaj of Allah SWT, whilst they are traversing the way of life according to the manhaj created by Allah’s creations. Your role is superior because you are the guardian of a will for the entire humanity, the bringer of guidance to all mankind, whilst they deviated from the manhaj of Allah and strayed from the straight path.

Your rank is higher because you are the inheritor of the earth just like what Allah has promised, whereas they will be destroyed and forgotten. Therefore if you are really believers, surely you will be the people who have the highest level of status, so do not be weaken and do not grieve. Because all of those are sunatullah (Allah’s law which is unchanging through time), which could affect you as much as it could also affect the others. However, only you will gain goodness out of it after conducting Jihad and struggling hard, after receiving trials and after going through the process of purification.

The appreciation by a mu’meen that he is becoming someone who has the highest rank compared to the rest of mankind should only be on the condition that he is committed to the manhaj of Allah SWT in his life in this world. Otherwise, once he leaves the manhaj of Allah SWT and joins the rest of mankind in his struggle to depend on the man-made manhaj, he would fall into the abyss of humiliation and he would be far from the help of Allah SWT as well as from victory, be it in this world or even more so in the hereafter.

The test of iman could be felt even more when the ummah is in the midst of experiencing defeats in their struggle in this world. On one side, Allah SWT promises victory and honor to the believers yet the reality shows otherwise. Those who are in power, as if every course of life in this world is determined by them, are those from amongst the people who disbelieved or the kuffar in fact, namely those who are against Islam and the Muslims.

This is the current situation we are experiencing. Don’t be surprised when, in the era like this, not a few Muslims think that the only way to become honorable and achieve victory in this world is by undertaking the path similar to that which is being undertaken by the people whom Allah SWT has given the capacity to lead the world, ie. the kuffar.

Therefore some Muslims have begun to adopt the path of dominating technology as the only way of achieving success. So there are those who are busy in the field of "money-making" as a result of following the principle of what they termed as “time is money”. Or there are those who believe that the road to victory is by immediately taking over the government. Therefore they are foolishly engaging themselves in the political games of the system of Dajjal which will only drag them down into hubbud-dunya (love of this world) and neglect the main tasks; Da’wah and Jihad. All those examples only prove that some Muslims finally choose the principles alien to Islam, ie. “if you can’t beat them you join them”.

In the era when the Islamic ummah is having their turn of experiencing defeat, whilst the kuffar are having their turn of enjoying (the seeming) victory, then it is a necessity for the believers to follow the examples in the struggles of the Prophet SAW and his Companions RA in the phase before they were triumphant, ie. the early Makkan period. At that time our predecessors were busy focusing themselves in coordinating da’wah to the society in general. Whereas for those who were already receiving the call of da’wah, their commitments were made to increase through the activity of tarbiyyah or recruitment and integration so they would become the elements who would initiate the necessary changes in the midst of society.

All of those activities (da’wah and tarbiyyah) should be maintained in an atmosphere where cadres are groomed so that when the time comes where a command is loud and clear, they would instantly respond to the call of al-jihad fi sabilillah in order to achieve two possibilities: ’isy kariman (live honorably in Islam’s victory in this world) or die as shaheed.

مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ رِجَالٌ صَدَقُوا مَا عَاهَدُوا اللَّهَ عَلَيْهِ فَمِنْهُمْ
مَنْ قَضَى نَحْبَهُ وَمِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَنْتَظِرُ وَمَا بَدَّلُوا تَبْدِيلًا

"Among the Believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter (their determination) in the least:" (Qur’an 33:23)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One More Filipino Kafir Troop Killed In Maguindanao

MAGUINDANAO – A terrorist soldier from the Filipino government kafir forces was killed in a battle against the MILF Mujahideen in Maguindanao, Tuesday (21/10) morning.

Major Randolph Cabangbang, the spokesman of the Mindanao Commander said that a firefight occurred at around 9:00 in the morning, in Mamasapano town in the district of Barangays Diate and Muslim.

Cabangbang explained that a force which was later found out to be the members of the MILF, came out from their hiding places and ambushed the Filipino government’s Batallion 64 and 68 who were in the midst of patrolling in Barangay Diate. Then a firefight began and killed a soldier from the Filipino forces.

Up until now, firefights after firefights are still ongoing in some districts.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sitting In Iftirash

Most of us do not know the benefits sitting in the iftirash position in terms of health. If we look at the reflexology diagram below, when we are in the iftirash position, our right foot would get pressure on the upper part of the foot and our left foot would get pressure on the lower and middle part of the foot.

The iftirash position produces a complete “reflexology pressure”. But for those who do not straighten their right foot vertically, they get the “reflexology pressure” for certain parts of the body only (not including the brain, neck, throat, heart, voice, sinus, pituitary glands, etc as shown in the diagram). This is unfavorable!! It is better that we try sitting in a correct iftirash position, hopefully that we would get the rewards for following the sunnah of the Holy Prophet SAW as well as achieving a comprehensive health benefits of 'indirect reflexology exercise' for critical areas - brain, neck, throat, etc.

It is hoped that we all obtained the mercy of Allah SWT. From Abu Hamid al-Sa`idi RA, he said: “I saw Prophet Muhammad SAW….. when he sit during the rakaat (to read the tahiyyat awal), he sit on his left foot and set his right foot straight up (iftirash position)…..” saheeh Bukhari.

Lessons from the hadith:

1. It is recommended (sunnah) to sit in iftirash at the first tahiyyat.

2. Sitting in iftirash is also recommended while sitting between the two prostrations (sujud) and after raising from the second sujud.

3 The practice of sitting in iftirash is the sunnah of Rasul SAW and when we practice it and commend it to others so that they would also practice it, we will insha Allah gain rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.

4. The practices of Rasul SAW contains ‘nur’ (lights) and could bring oneself closer to Allah SWT.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Muhammad's Simple Life: A Proof of His Prophethood

If we compare the life of Muhammad before and after his mission as a Prophet, we will conclude that it is unreasonable to think that Muhammad was a false prophet who claimed Prophethood to attain material gains, greatness, glory, or power.

Before his mission as a Prophet, Muhammad had no financial worries. As a successful and reputed merchant, he drew a satisfactory and comfortable income. After his mission as a Prophet and because of it, he became worse off materially. To clarify this, let us look at the following sayings on his life:

Muhammad's wife `A'ishah once said to her nephew, `Urwah ibn az-Zubayr, "O my nephew, we would sight three new moons in two months without lighting a fire (to cook a meal) in the Prophet's houses." Her nephew asked, "O Aunt, what sustained you?" She said, "The two black things, dates and water, but the Prophet had some neighbors of the Ansar who had milch camels and they used to send the Prophet some of the milk."

Anas, a Companion of Muhammad, said, "The Prophet did not eat at a table till he died, and he did not eat a thin nicely baked wheat bread till he died."

Muhammad's wife `A'ishah said, "The Prophet’s mattress on which he slept was made of leather stuffed with the fiber of the date-palm tree."

`Amr ibn Al-Harith, one of Muhammad's Companions, said that when the Prophet died, he left neither money nor anything else except his white riding mule, his arms, and a piece of land that he left to charity.

Muhammad lived this hard life till he died although the Muslim treasury was at his disposal, the greater part of the Arabian Peninsula was Muslim before he died, and the Muslims were victorious after eighteen years of his Mission.

Is it possible that Muhammad might have claimed Prophethood in order to attain status, greatness, and power?

The desire to enjoy status and power is usually associated with good food, fancy clothing, monumental palaces, colorful guards, and indisputable authority. Do any of these indicators apply to Muhammad? A few glimpses of his life that may help answer this question follow.

Despite his responsibilities as a Prophet, a teacher, a statesman, and a judge, Muhammad used to milk his goat, mend his clothes, repair his shoes, help with the household work, and visit poor people when they got sick. He also helped his Companions to dig a defensive trench by moving sand with them. His life was an amazing model of simplicity and humbleness.

Muhammad's followers loved him, respected him, and trusted him to an amazing degree. Yet he continued to emphasize that he should not be deified; only Allah was to be worshiped. His Companion Anas reported that there was no person whom they loved more than the Prophet Muhammad, yet when he came to them, they did not stand up for him because he hated their standing up for him as other people do with their great people.

Long before there was any prospect of success for Islam and at the outset of a long and painful era of torture, suffering, and persecution of Muhammad and his followers, he received an interesting offer. An envoy of the pagan leaders, `Utbah, came to him saying, "If you want money, we will collect enough money for you so that you will be the richest one of us. If you want leadership, we will take you as our leader and never decide on any matter without your approval. If you want a kingdom, we will crown you king over us..." Only one concession was required from Muhammad in return for that, to give up calling people to Islam and worshiping Allah alone without any partner. Wouldn't this offer be tempting to one pursuing worldly benefit? Was Muhammad hesitant when the offer was made? Did he turn it down as a bargaining strategy leaving the door open for a better offer? He answered with some verses of the Qur’an: “In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Ha. Mim. A revelation from (Allah), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful; a Book whereof the verses are explained in detail; a Qur'an in Arabic, for people who know, giving good news and warning, yet most of them turn away, so they do not listen." (Fussilat 41: 1-4) And he recited until verse 38.

On another occasion and in response to his uncle's plea to stop calling people to Islam, Muhammad's answer was as decisive and sincere: "I swear by the name of Allah, O Uncle, that if they place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand in return for giving up this matter (calling people to Islam), I will never desist until either Allah makes it triumph or I perish defending it."

Muhammad and his few followers not only suffered from persecution for thirteen years, but the unbelievers even tried to kill Muhammad several times. On one occasion they attempted to kill him by dropping a large boulder on his head. Another time they poisoned his food. What could justify such a life of suffering and sacrifice even after he was fully triumphant over his adversaries? What could explain the humbleness and nobility that he demonstrated? Were they not due only with Allah's help and not to his own genius? Are these the characteristics of a power-hungry or self-centered man?

Taliban Captured 180 Afghan Forces and Took Over A Province

KABUL – The Taliban Jihad group of Afghanistan announced on Thursday (16/10) that they had captured dozens of the government’s security forces personnels in Kandahar and Helmand, in South Afghanistan.

One of the leaders of the Taliban in Helmand said that at least 180 personnels from the government’s security forces had been captured by the armed forces of the Taliban on the way between Kandahar and Helmand.

The Taliban’s spokesman also said that the soldiers whom they captured were wearing civilian clothes while carrying out the government’s order as a preventive action to prevent the city of "Thank Gah," the capital of Helmand, from falling into the hand of the Taliban.

The Taliban Mujahideen had intensified their attacks on the city of "Thank Gah" which is a strategic place in the southern part of Afghanistan. A leader from the security department in Helmand, Asadullah Sherzad, said, "The Taliban fighters have launched intensive strikes on the check post in the city of "Thank Gah", the capital of Helmand in South Afghanistan for a second time in one week."

He explained that the attacks occurred last night. After they had been in the area for two days, a group of the Taliban Mujahideen occupied the hills to launch attacks onto the city. The attacks came after the UN delegations in Afghanistan, Kai Eide, warned that attacks by the Taliban and Al Qaeda would continue to increase until the upcoming cold season. Eidi told the Security Council, "The number of attacks in Afghanistan has increased drastically after six years. The months of July and August have become a witness to the tragedy in security issues since 2002." He also showed that the intensity of attacks had increased by 40% since 2007.

Taliban Took Over A Province

In another development, the Taliban also announced that their fighters had launched a ferocious attack yesterday, at midnight, on the buildings in the Tcherk Province in the Laugr region in the south of the capital, Kabul.

The Taliban affirmed that the attack was launched at 12:15 midnight followed by the deployment of dozens of Mujahideen, resulting in the complete capture of the province. Besides that, the council building was also burnt and two personnels from the security department of Afghanistan were killed.

Kabul Is Now Surrounded By Taliban

Kabul is now almost conquered by the Taliban by using the tactic of isolating every city in all corners of Afghanistan. In Kabul, the Taliban cut all the inflows of fuel meant for the foreign forces. One of the truck drivers told of how he escaped death. The American contractor hired him to send a truck full of diesel fuel from Kabul to Kandahar with a payment seven times higher than his normal wage, however even if he was paid 10,000 Dollars he would still refuse as the Taliban fighters would inspect all trucks passing through the routes between any two big cities in Afghanistan. And one of his truck driver friends who accepted the offer from the Americans was killed at the hand of the Taliban in the end.
"A lot of truck drivers nowadays are selling their lives" Muhamad Raza, 25, the driver who refused the offer of working for the Americans.

Seven years ago, the Taliban was driven out from their government offices. However, today the Taliban and its allies are bit by bit approaching the city again, slowly showing their presence at the outskirts.

Kabul itself is still heavily protected, and no one expected that there would be any strong attacks coming soon.

However, the fighters do not need to attack the capital, the Taliban could make the government limp from the outside by cutting the transportation of fuels from outside into Kabul. A few commercial airplanes could no longer buy fuels at the Kandahar airport, and the airport is now switching off a number of facilities in order to save the usage of electricity which relied on fuels. The WFP could only send 0.5 percent of aids out of the entire WFP food supply program set aside for Afghanistan.

People who work for the government or those who are related to the government are now starting to leave quietly using the main road in south, central and east Afghanistan. They disguised themselves as ordinary civilians, without carrying any identification and deleted all phone numbers related to the government from their cellular phones. Slowly but surely, Kabul would be controlled by the Taliban again if the current situation persists, as the support for the Taliban is beginning to appear everywhere.

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