Friday, October 17, 2008

US Economic Crisis Indicates The Beginning Of The Fall Of The American Empire

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The US economy and the credit crisis have reached a phase that can not be easily turned back. Neither America nor the European monetary funds and banks have any effective way out strategy. The European Union Summit in Paris, far from giving any financial shoulder to US to save it from a depression, tried to stay away from the negative impacts of the crisis. In a flurry of efforts to evade the negative spill over of the current US credit crisis, the members of the European Union are openly lambasting the US Administration for its stubborn military approach towards world affairs, which consequently ushered the present financial quagmire. In another word, the current economic crisis is, in fact, a sign of the fall of the American empire.

A distinguished British political analyst in his recently published analysis in the well-known Daily Observer, says that what we are witnessing in the American stock exchange markets are not only shocking but unbelieving. This crisis has brought under question the very economic principles of the West which they believe in; its dimension is so deep and wide that recovery seems almost impossible. It will expectedly result into ending the dominance of America over the world.

Likewise, those countries who have economical ties with America and have been enjoying economical and financial coordination and those who had effusively purchased shares in the American stock markets and had turned their back on their own traditional economic system, are now in peril with burning among the same flames which are encircling the American stock exchange and credit system, consequently, they face bankruptcy.

We ask the American and the western thinkers and scholars, the founders and advocates of the open market Capitalism, who for a long time been advocating the expansion of this system to all corners of the world under the exploitative slogans of democracy and republic, thus exploiting and plundering natural resources of almost half of the world, would the oppressed nations not bring you to justice for what you have done to them through your historical and diabolical economic exploitative cobweb of machinations that you were sucking their blood and eating their bones?

Do you not think that this crisis will not bring on you the same fate as of the former Soviet Union which also faced bankruptcy, omitting you resultantly from the surface of the map of the world?

The Afghan Muslims who like other countries citizens have been oppressed, tortured and have suffered as a result of American tyranny and illegal invasions are of the opinion that those days are not very far when this giant fiendish power will at first face economic crisis, then, its military power and cutting edge technology will fail in fiasco, along with its well equipped army and military barracks. This is an easy task for Allah (SWT) to do.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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