Wednesday, August 1, 2007

PERSONALITY: Abdul Rashid Ghazi (Of the Masters of Martyrs)

The Smiling Face of a Martyr... Subhanallah!
"Ghazi! With Your Blood Shall Come The Islamic Revolution!”

Oh Pakistani nation! Rise up against this apostate who has rebelled against the Allah’s commands.

Oh Pakistani Ulema! Come forwards and join hands with the innocents of Lal Mosque and shed your fear of this tyrant.

Oh Pakistani Islamic politicians! Shed your hypocrisy and ambiguous stance for Allah shall surely make you accountable.

Oh Pakistani Youth! Rise up and prepare fo
r the inevitable battle against the great evil, the United States and her client the Musharraf regime that is worst hypocrite on the face of this earth.

Oh Allah! Grant help to the oppressed women and children who are being slaughtered in your cause by the munafiqeen forces.

Oh Allah! Tear down this evil army and replace
it with the believers, and strengthen our hands to strike them hard.


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More pics of Smiling Martyrs below:

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shahid ali apml said...

There are some pics not more than 62 and no woman or children including in it.! why are there rumors, 1000s of innocent girls women and children were martyred. in this operation, army shot down 94 terrorists including 40 uzbeks relating alaeda.
before this operation, 06 policemen and 1 ranjers soldier was shot dead by the millitants. when the operation started 1st bullet was shot by a sniper from inside the mosque compound and it hit luet col haroon ul islam, he was dead on the spot, after that 13 more ssg soldiers were martyred, then army replied. shotdown94 terrorists including abdul rasheed. more than 200 millitants were red handed arrested. 1000s of women and children were safely rescued. before the operation ended during the rescue of hostages, maulana aziz and his wife were caught. maulana aziz was wearing a veil while he was caught. after the operation, when the mosque was cleaned up, massive quantity of heavy weapons including anti aircraft guns, snipers, RPG rocket launchers,automatic rifles and smg's like m4. 5.56nato, ar15, 5.56nato, ak47s, minimi machine guns, svd and 50berret snipers thousands of bullets, ammo etc were found. other explosives like antitank mines, proximitimines, petrolbombs, handgrenades, suicide bombers jackets, etc were found. accesories like nightvision lenses. scopes, gasmasks etc were found.
more than 500 suicide bombers were made and sended to afghanistan and tribal areas of pakistan by this mosque before this operation.