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SMS (SUPER MAXIMUM SECURITY) - NUSAKAMBANGAN, Indonesia – Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir-fakkalahu asrah received a letter with no name and address, coming from the land of Shaam. The anonymous letter was asking about the validity of the Dawlah Khilafah under the leadership of Sheikh Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi. 

Below are the contents of the letter addressed to Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir-
fakkalahu and his response, may they be useful! 
To our Sheikh, our mentor, our father, Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. 
Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 
We say to you: Taqaballahu minna wa minkum. Eidul mubarak 'alayna wa 'alaykum, wa kulli aam wa antum Muslims bi khayr insha Allah. 
O our Sheikh, may Allah make your heart and feet firm, guard you from all plots and evils of the enemies and soon free you and return you into the midst of the Muslims, the ummah that is honorable and honored with Islam and the Shari'ah, with Tauhid dan Jihad. 
O our teacher, we deliver our salam and news here, we are in good conditions and continue to keep watch at the borders between the Muslims and the kafir Nusairi, we continue to lie in wait for them and prepare subsequent attacks against them, so that they will be wiped out from this earth and thus this blessed land of Shaam and its people are safe from the corruptions that they have done, so that the words of Allah becomes the highest and His Shari'ah is established and the Dien is solely Allah's. 
At the same time, we also continue to be in readiness and hit the groups of munafiqeen called the Jaishul Hur (FSA) who are secular and mujrim and who do corruptions on this earth and derogate the laws of Allah, as well as making the religion of Allah as a joke, insha Allah it won't be long before we hear the good news of our battle against the people of munafiqeen, we will remove them from the land of Shaam and we will defeat them because we are in the true move making the laws of Allah as the law that regulates and not the regulated, the law that decides and not the decided, the law that governs and not the governed. 
Our Ustadz, may Allah bless your age, indeed our hearts are hurt here, why not! At the time when the Muslims in Gaza are facing tough days in their Ramadhan and Eidul Fitri, they are again being slaughtered after they had been slaughtered and besieged all these years. At the time when our brothers and sisters continue to live in the fire of Syria due to the mass murders by the regime of Nusairi Iblees, who conspire with the Rafidha Hizbullat gang and the Majusi country of Iran. Not to mention the slaughters of the Muslims in Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Assam and Hyderabad- India, also do not forget Waziristan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sinai, Sahara, Libya and Egypt who continue to be persecuted. And at the time when the Mujahideen are fighting and achieving a lot of victories in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Afghanistan, Caucasus and other areas, instead it was at times like these that the ummah and the unity of the Mujahideen are torn apart with the fitnah of the establishment of the Khilafah by the Jama'ah Dawlah Islamiyah. 
Indeed, O our Ustadz, we are not anti to the Khilafah Islamiyah, how could we be anti to the Khilafah whereas we had long been together struggling for it since we were still in Indonesia. We wanted it and longed for it together, it's just that this Khilafah declared by Al Adnani has things that make us doubt it, just like how we doubted them when they entered Shaam and declared the "Dawlah Islamiyah in Iraq and Shaam". 
The things that make us doubt are, who are the Ahlul Halli wal Aqdi who appointed Sheikh Abu Bakr Baghdadi to become the Khalifah? How could they appoint a Khalifah for the entire Muslims and Mujahideen, whereas the Mujahideen and Muslims have their own leaders such as Mullah Umar the Amirul Mukmineen of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, Abu Muhammad Al Qawqazi the Amirul Mukmineen of the Islamic Emirates of Caucasus, Sheikh Ayman Az Zawahiri as the Amir of the global Al Qaidah and various other leaders, as well as ulama's of jihad. 
Why wasn't it those leaders who agreed to declare the Islamic Khilafah and appointed a Khilafah, whereas those leaders are the people who are known by the ummah due to their jihad and sacrifices all these years. It should have been those leaders who have the position and view to appoint a Khalifah. 
Besides that, it is also the relation between Jama'ah Dawlah and other groups of Mujahideen in Shaam, where it was the Mujahideen of Shaam who liberated the territories in Shaam and they are a diverse jihad groups, and then they (Dawlah) suddenly arrived and declared the Dawlah and later the Khilafah, while they were never there before and the Muslims in Shaam did not know their contribution in the jihad of Shaam. They only claimed that Jabhah Nusrah was a part of them, this story is their propaganda which unfortunately is believed, whereas we all know that Jabhah An Nusrah, just like Jama'ah Dawlah Islam of Iraq is a part of the Al Qaidah Global. 
So do not be surprised, O our Ustadz, if their presence here is rejected and in the end they received oppositions. And then they instead took those territories which were in reality under the control of the Mujahideen, such as Raqqah and a part of Deir Az Zour, so a war between them erupted here and it continues to this day, and thus this fitnah spreads to all over the world, it's most devastating impact is in Indonesia.

So with the declaration of the Khilafah in this version of Jama'ah Dawlah, we worry that the fitnah that is happening in Shaam will spread to other countries, especially that it would affect the unity of the Mujahideen, we take refuge from that (to happen). 
We hope from you, as our elder and mentor, that you can become someone who tries to rescue the Muslims from this fitnah of division. Our hearts are hurt and our eyes are in tears thinking about this fitnah that grows bigger. We hope you can become the party that also leads to its stoppage, just like what have been attempted by Sheikh Ayman Az Zawahiri. 
Thus was the message from us who are present here, whereas we are conducting jihad here for the sake of raising high the words of Allah, not to establish a Secular State or democracy, but to establish an Islamic State based on Allah's law solely. 
May Allah protect you and strengthen your steps along with all of our brothers in the prisons and may Allah free all of you soon. 
Wasalamu'alaykum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh. 

From us al faqir ilallah,
Abu Bakar Baasyir, 
To akhi fillah,
In the Land of jihad 
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuh, 
All praises be to Allah the Creator of all the worlds, the One who have moved the heart and hands of a Mujahid the far away part of the world in the land of Shaam which is full of blessings, to write a letter to us who are estranged in an Island prison, Nusakambangan.
Only that we regret that this goodhearted ikhwan is not willing to mention his identity, which means it is an anonymous letter, thus it is difficult for us to address this letter in response and it also difficult for us to determine what suitable suggestions and advices should we give to him
Akhi fillah, rahimakallah,
We are confident that you have read the hadith of Rasulullah sallallah alaihi wasallam about the three groups of people who would be firstly held for accounting on the day of Judgement, one of them is a Mujahid fisabilillah who was not sincere in his jihad. Not for seeking paradise and His pleasure, but to pursue the title of a hero, or to pursue worldly status and power, or to seek ghanimah (wealth) solely for the world's sake. Or like what Rasulullah said, anything similar to those. 
Therefore, we advise ourselves, as well as you, so as to always guard ourselves from a wrong intention in order to not fall intentionally or unintentionally into a condition or environment that could corrupt our intention. Especially in matters of the ibaadah of jihad which is full of sacrifices and is oftentimes very tiring. 
And then we advise so that we are free from the involvement in the conflict directly against fellow Muslims, fellow ahlul jihad, fellow tandzim of jihad. Therefore always base on shar'ie daleels, not on ra'yi and nafsi. Even in the heart, position ourselves in the middle with tawassuth and fairness. Not with ta'assub and taqdis, let alone with tajassus and tadhlil.
Let us always beg for taufiq from Allah Ta'ala so that He is willing to show us the best direction. We need to remember that the people of the Salaf too had been involved in conflicts among themselves, between Sayyidina Ali and Sayyidina Muawiyah, between Sayyidina Ali and Ummul Mukmineen Aisyah, between Sayyidina Zubair and Thalhah bin Ubaidillah, radhiyallah anhum ajmain. In fact, some history books recorded that the total number of people killed among the Muslims in the battle of Siffin and battle of Jamal was no less than 90,000. Innaa lillaah wa innaa ilaihi raji'uun. 
There were still many more conflicts between Muslims in the stages of their history, causing big numbers of Muslims killed. Of course we are very concerned, but what is more important for ourselves according to us is that we always maintain the correctness of the intention and manhaj. Also consider that our friends on the other side could be having a more correct intention and manhaj. Therefore, our standards are the Qur'an and Sunnah As Sahihah. Like what is mentioned by Allah in QS. An Nisa':59.
Akhi fillah, arsyadakallah,
When you, along with your jabhah are fighting the thaghut Bashar Assad, Hizbullaat and Rafidhah Nusairiyyah, the Dawlah Khilafah (sorry it is not a jamaah anymore, as it has the shaukah wa tamkin) is also continuously bombarded by all of its enemies, i.e. America and the armies of its allies which are made up of 62 kafir murtad mushrik countries. These are the agents of the Zionist Crusaders under the instruction of Pope Francis and the mufti, Ahlu Salul and under the command of Obama, together with his accomplices, including NKRI (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia) which has registered itself as his agent. They are strongly determined to destroy Dawlah Khilafah and also the rest of the Islamic jabhahs for sure, in fact the jamaah or Islamic/political organization will become the next targets to be destroyed. Wal iyyadzu billah. 
When you are now conducting jihad along with thousands or tens of thousands of Mujahideen in your jabhah, Dawlah Khilafah these days is also deploying hundreds of thousands of Mujahideen, consisting of the Muhajireen and Ansar from 80 countries worldwide who have joined and now their number keeps on increasing, although the thaghut do not like it. The fighting continues in many jihad fronts which, at the same time, are the territories of Dawlah Khilafah that keeps on expanding and expanding. In fact the jabhahs which were previously the branches of the tandzim Al Qaidah such as AQAP in Yemen, Ansar Shari'ah in Tunisia, Lybia, Sinai, Algeria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, MIT (Mujahideen of Eastern Indonesia), etc. have supported Dawlah Khilafah. They beef up their forces in order to battle the Crusade which have been inflamed by their leaders. What a shameful state we are in that we are being huddled inside prisons, while the forces of the kuffar murtaddeen mushrikeen have been united to destroy the Shari'ah of Islam. And how blessed are those who have made the hijrah and joined Dawlah Khilafah. 
The Mujahideen of Dawlah Khilafah continue to conduct jihad conquering cities, military bases, villages, oil refineries, banks, hotels, production factories along with their equipments and facilities, which are then utilized for the welfare (tasarruf) of their subjects and society, for the Muslims who continue to struggle in their jihad arenas. 
When you said that you are conducting jihad only to establish an Islamic State, not a Secular one, then know that Dawlah Khilafah has already rehabilitated the lives of the Islamic society in many cities and villages they have conquered, reviving the Islamic Education, Da'wah, Hisbah, in fact even Shari'ah Courts have been established in a concrete manner, and have already punished many offenders, implemented the hudud law including on the guilty Mujahideen soldiers of Dawlah themselves, as well as reviving the wheels of the economy of their society, printing the dinar, dirham and fulus currencies, distributing the basic supplies of foods freely, as well as the supplies of water, gas, oil, electricity at no cost for the poor citizens. Whereas Dawlah Khilafah continues to be rained down day-to-day with bombs and the number of victims among Muslims, be they Muhajireen or Ansar is not small. Nass'alullah al aafiyah. 
Akhi fillah, ahabbakallah,
As for what you said about Sheikh Dr. Aiman Ad Dzawahiri, Sheikh Mullah Umar and Abu Muhammad Al Qauqazi hafidhahumullah, it's true that they are the major commanders of the Mujahideen of the Islamic world today. They are the seniors of the Islamic jihad in this era, may Allah Ta'ala be pleased and accept their jihad deeds and forgive their mistakes. Ameen
Nevertheless O akhi, the affairs of the leadership of the ummah, as the Islamic Khalifah, Amirul Mukmineen, is only Allah's business, we can only strive but it is Allah Who decides. Remember the saying of Rasulullah to his Sahabah, Abu Dzar? He said: "O Abu Dzar, the office is the amanah from Allah, it is regret in this world and in the akhirah it will become the cause of humiliation, except for the people who are capable of fulfilling their rights and giving their amanah.” There is a narration in the book of Tarikh, when Rasulullah was still doing da'wah in Makkah, he approached the Arab tribes during the hajj season, he was conducting da'wah, he invited them to enter into Islam and defend it, Ibnu Katsir rahimahullah narrated in his book of Sirah, that the leader of the kabilah of Bani Amir bin Sa'saah asked him SAW: "If we pledge bai'at to you, follow and defend you, and then makes you victorious against your enemies, can the leadership after you be given to us?" He SAW answered: "Leadership only belongs to Allah and will be delegated to whomever He wills.” 
Therefore the affair of the Khalifah of Islam today does not depend on anyone but Allah, not in the hand of Sheikh Dr. Aiman, not in the hand of Mullah Umar or Abu Muhammad Al Qauqazi- hafidhahumullah
The ulama's dan fuqahas of Ahlus Sunnah in the likes of Imam Al Ghazali, Imam An Nawawi, Imam Al Juwaini, Imam Qalqashandi, Imam Al-Mawardi, Imam Ibnu Hazm Al Andalusi, Imam Ibnul Araby, as well as Sheikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyyah, Al Allamah Ibnu Qayyim rahimahumullah, had extensively discussed this subject. Among those concluded by Sheikh Abul Mundzir As Shinqity was that when there is a Mukmin, Ahlussunnah, aqil, baligh, alim, adil, Mujahid, male, healthy, with complete physique and is a Quraish, affirmed by the ahlul halli wal aqdi consisting of the ulama's, leaders of Muslims, who could be present in that majlis of shura, who later pledge bai'at to him for being a Khalifah of Islam, AMIRUL Mukmineen, then their bai'at are valid and thus it is wajib for the rest of the Muslims to follow suit in giving bai'at, even in the condition of mukrah syar'an (forced by circumstances ).

Today, the many number of people questioning the validity of Khalifah Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi, could be because of the tremendous influence of the secular system of democracy that has been possessing the blood circulation among the Muslims, to the point that they are forgetting the sunnah which had been discussed at great length by the ualma's of the ummah. Or they have already considered themselves as great ulama's or even greater than the earlier ulama's
Akhi fillah, akramakallah,

It is no doubt that Dr. Aiman Ad Dzhawahiri, Mullah Umar, Abu Muhammad Al Qauqazi hafidzahumullah are great commanders of the Mujahideen, these people are conducting jihad for the sake of Allah, lillahi Ta'ala. We are confident that these people are not conducting jihad because of positions, and they do not have to be the Khalifah, they also do not have to be the ahlul halli wal aqdi who chose Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi, where it is not very possible technically and tactically for them to be present in the majlis of Shura that appointed and confirmed Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi hadzahullah, as a Khalifah. 
You can witness the truth of this statement on the ground, with the many Mujahid ulama's from all over the world who had supported and given their bai'at to Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi hafidzahullah, such as Sheikh Ma'mun Hatim the shar'ie of AQAP Yemen, etc. As well as the many jihad tandzims which previously were parts of Al Qaidah, which after the death of Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin rahimahullah, continue to give support and pledge bai'at, in fact they are even consolidating their wilayah of jihad to be a part of the Dawlah Khilafah.  This is the secret of the promptness of the members of the Majlis of Shura of the Mujahideen who confirmed Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi hafidzahullah as the Amirul Mukmineen, as a Khalifatul Muslim. Not because of the desire for office and greed for status, but a sense of great responsibility to save the product of the Islamic jihad after having been exploited for decades or centuries by the Zionist Crusaders who, every time there was a group of Muslims conducting jihad, struggling bloodily, always steal with their slyness, taking over the leadership of the Muslims and then swerve it for the benefit of the Zionist Crusaders. They present themselves as the nation's savior hero to later sell their nations to the Zionist Crusaders. Just look at NKRI in the hand of Soekarno, Egypt under Gamal Abdun Naser, Yugoslavia under Broz Tito, Turkey under Kemal Pasha, India under Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandi, Bosnia under Izzat Begovic, Libya under Muuammar Ghadaffi, Algeria under Ben Jaded, etc. 
Most Muslims today are not confident in establishing the Islamic leadership and think that what they are doing is preserving the self-dignity, in the end they got ripped off and ripped off again by the secular nationalists, communists, liberals, etc. All because of the attitude of wara' and zuhud which are not in the right place. 
If today, by the taqdir and Iradah of Allah Ta'ala, we are presented with a servant of Allah who is soleh, alim, Mujahid and of Quraish descent, adil and responsible to Allah, and then to the Islamic ummah, why do we act so impulsively and jump on the bandwagon in defaming and envying him.
Isn't the sunnah of Rasulullah sallallah alahi wasallam enough to become our guidelines for our dunya and akhirah?.... If Sheikh Al Baghdadi is upon truth, it means that he has unified the ummah upon al-haq, while if he is wrong, that wrong is for his own self. Hadn't it been clearly explained on Amirul Mukmineen Umar bin Khattab radhiyallah anhu who was proud of having subjects who were ready to correct him with their swords if he was crooked. We, as the subjects of the Khilafah, do not become the ahli taqlid, having the absolute obedient like the people of Fir'aun, who were dutifully loyal to the ruler only and will finally enter hell following him, wal iyyadzu billah. Al Qur'an and As Sunnah can be mediators for the ummah.
If today, in the Islamic world, a servant of Allah who dares to be appointed as the Khalifah of Islam and is willing to lead hundreds of thousands of Mujahideen in Dawlah Khilafah for the sake of establishing the Shari'ah of Islam, implementing the law of hudud, fighting the Zionist Crusaders kuffar, the murtaddeen, mushrikeen who have been causing the sufferings of the Muslims for decades or centuries, as well as fighting the shi'ah rafidhah, safawiyyah, Nusairiyyah, hizbullaat, and also the secular madzhab of Ahlu Salul along with their followers, why are there Muslims, who bears the title “Mujahid” but are instead delaying the unification of the ranks? 
One of the proofs of the truthfulness of Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi hafidzahullah is that, with his stern jihad against the kuffar, murtaddeen and mushrikeen, the help of Allah Ta'ala was so immense in defeating his gigantic enemies, i.e. America and its allies, rafidhah Iran, along with their Ansar, as well as the secular thaghuts and their colleagues.

The Western Bloc led by America and the Eastern Bloc led by Soviet Union, which previously were involved in what they called the Cold War, and now after the destruction of Soviet Union, all of those kafir mushrik nations, still coupled with the countries of the Shi'ah and the alliance of the secular Ahli Salul, are all united in one big forces of the Crusade declared by Pope Francis and commanded by America with the objective of wiping out Islam by means of destroying Dawlah Khilafah led by Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi hafidzahullah. 
As for your words which say that the Mujahideen of Dawlah Khilafah have entered the country of Shaam and claimed the fruits of the jihad by the Mujahideen from other fronts, after destroying the borders of the two countries (Iraq and Shaam); the product of the agreement of the Zionist Crusader's Sykes-Picot, well... it is supposed to be happening, not only the borders between Iraq and Shaam that must be destroyed, but the entire borders between Islamic countries including the Middle East, the Asian continent, the African continent and the European continent and others also have to be immediately destroyed, therefore you must support and join Dawlah Khilafah happily and willingly, with the objective that the unification of the territories and countries of Islam is immediately actualized, and thus the great and grand power of Islam will soon be present and thus constricts the countries of the kafir murtad, and the glorious Shari'ah of Islam will soon be established on Allah's earth. 
Akhi fillah, rahimakallah,
News have reached us smoothly, plainly and clearly that Dawlah Khilafah have been in their struggle and jihad evidently and convincingly, therefore Muslim Ahlus Sunnah should not delay their supports and bai'at to Khalifah Ibrahim bin Awwad, invite your Mujahideen friends to join so that Allah will very soon destroy the heart of the Zionist Crusaders by the hands of the Mujahideen Mukmineen. insha Allah. 
Akhi fillah, ahabbakallah,
As for what you said about the ambition of establishing an Islamic State which is based on Allah's law and Islamic Shari'ah alone, being hard and firmed against the kuffar, murtaddeen, mushrikeen and of course also the bughot (rebels) who do not immediately repent, it is true and we already have all those right now. Dawlah Khilafah is not khawarij, and they have already moved far to realize that glorious ambition. 
Dawlah Khilafah have established Shari'ah courts, punished offenders in accordance with the Islamic law, channeled ghonimah and their wealth to prosper the Muslim subjects, be they Muhajireen or Ansar, distributing freely the basic supply of foods, water, electricity, gas, health services and Islamic education. As well as issuing dinar from gold, dirham from silver and fulus from copper, in accordance with the standard of Islam. The Mujahideen continue to conduct jihad conquering cities and countries, killing the kuffar murtaddeen, and all these must be supported by the Islamic ummah, not to be opposed and fought against. 
We very much hope that you would not hesitate, do not worry, insha Allah this is the true Dawlah Khilafah. Support and join it now, do not listen to the thaghut, do not let the voices of the fitnah mongers distract you. However, if there is still a bit of hesitation, try to witness it personally [1], with an honest and impartial heart, pray a lot of istikharah, may Allah be pleased to guide you and us all. Ameen. 

Till then, whatever is true comes from Allah and whatever is erroneous comes from us or shaitan, while Allah and His Rasul are free from error. Wallahul musta'an wa alaihit takilan. 
Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

SMS – NK (Super Maximum Security Prison of Nusa Kambangan), 

7 Rabiul Awwal 1436H/ 29-12- 14 M 
From Us, 
Al Faqir ilallah 

(Abu Bakar Ba'asyir)

[1] The Kuffar Media themselves are allowed to enter and see from close the reality of Dawlah, let alone your self, it will be more possible of course. The Kuffar Media like Vice News themselves could be honest, so what is stopping you who is the owner of honesty! Isn't a Mujahid the most honest person? Come on, prove your honesty. 
Copyright belongs to Allah azza wa jalla. 
Feel free to copy and share with a condition that the contents must not be changed (Allah be the witness).

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Today the world governments are in confusion with the ever increasing number of Muslim youths who become “radical” and are joining the Khilafah in Shaam. Many of them are confused and excessively thinking of how that could happen. Whereas, it is actually very easy to understand the causes. The causes are as follow:

First; The colonization of the Muslim lands by the Kuffar. It cannot be hidden anymore how the Muslims have been suffering since the Kuffar and the Crusader forces are present in the Middle East, especially in Palestine. This makes anyone, who have iman in his heart, upset seeing the killings and humiliation of the Muslims. It is this feeling of brotherhood that stir many of these Muslim's heart to defend and protect their brothers and sisters.

Second; The exposure of the reality of the Thaghut. The silence of the leaders in the Muslim countries in dealing with the crisis that happen in the Middle East and the limiting of themselves to the mere boundary of diplomacy, make many Muslims question, why and what is with them? Until finally, they realized that those leaders are the Thaghut, who endeavor to stop the Muslim from directly helping their brethren, confine and campaign that to aid with the money is enough. And if investigated further it is apparent that they are having good relations with the kafir countries of America and its allies who are the enemies of the Muslims. Due to that, there is no other way but to directly come down (hijrah) to the land of Shaam.

Third; The increasingly clearer commandment of jihad. All this while the Muslims have been made busy and preoccupied by the worldly matters, this is carried out in a systematic and structured way by the kuffar, making the lifestyle of the Muslims changed from being religious to secular. As an example, the Muslims are instructed to follow the struggle through democracy and the parliament, the Muslims are also dazzled by useless things such the so-called “shari'e” fashion or “shari'e” courtship, “shari'e” businesses, etc. The point is, the life of Muslims must be distant from battles, and they are indoctrinated to busily debate on “shari'e” matters, whereas in fact it makes one neglect jihad. However, Allah SWT wills something else, the light of jihad still illuminates the Muslims, and its is getting clearer each day. And many Muslims are departing for Shaam for the fear that they will be punished in the hereafter by Allah.

Fourth; The feeling of the nearness of the presence of Imam Mahdi. It is not a secret anymore that a good young man would appear in the midst of the Muslims who would return the life of the Muslims to become like the life during the time of Rasulullah. There are many well-known hadiths that talk about the coming of the day. The conquest of Rome, Turkey and the occurrence of the battle of Malhamah Al Kubra make the Muslims prepare to become a part of the forces of Imam Mahdi. There are many Muslims who can feel that it is during this lifetime of theirs that Imam Mahdi would appear based on the signs that have been witnessed. So, whoever understands the narrations about the end-times would surely prepare themselves to depart to Shaam without delay and become an army of the blessed Imam Mahdi to battle against the Christians in Dabiq.

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President of Muslim Association of Japan, Also An Expert In Political Science And Shari'ah, Dr. Hasan Ko Nakata, Phd. Joined Dawlah Islamiyyah (IS)

Professor Dr. Hasan Ko Nakata, Phd. an expert in Political Science and Shari'ah was one of 9 Japanese nationals who reportedly joined Dawlah Islamiyyah (IS).

Hasan Ko Nakata, who was the President of the Muslim Association of Japan reverted to Islam in his third year at the faculty of Islamic Studies at Tokyo University. Before that, he was very acquainted with the Christian religion. It was no surprise that during his earlier years at Tokyo University, he joined the Bible study group. It was there where he got familiar with the studies of Comparative Religion

He studied the subject of Comparative Religion in Christianity, Judaism, Shinto, Buddhism and Islam. When weighing and comparing for about a year he felt that the teachings of Islam is the most comprehensive. “I found that it was Islam which is the most comprehensive, rational and consistent system of life, and finally by Allah SWT's mercy I decided to embrace Islam,” he said. He thus added the name “Hassan” in front of his original name. He had looked into the tariqat of Naqshabandiyah and Syaziliah. “However, I was not a good student,” he said.

After getting his degree, Hassan wanted to explore into Islam deeper. But there had not been any master program on Islamic Studies in Japanese Universities. It was also difficult to get Islamic books in Japanese language. Fortunately, not long after that, Tokyo University opened a master program on Islamic Studies. ''I became the first and the last Muslim student in the field of Islamic Studies at Tokyo University for 25 years,'' said this Proffesor.

After finishing his master at Tokyo University, he continued his doctorate study at Cairo University. His dissertation was on the Political Thinking of Ibn Taymiyah (al-Fikratu al-Siyasatu 'inda Ibni Taymiya). He explained in that dissertation the uniqueness of the political thinking of Ibnu Taymiyah in the history of political thinking and his influence on the contemporary political movement, which includes Hizbut Tahrir. After passing his doctorate, Hassan became a researcher at the Japanese Embassy in Saudi Arabia (1992-1995). No wonder he could speak Arabic fluently.

His activities in da'wah in the Country of Sakura can be classified as prominent. The characteristic of the Japanese people which is  indifferent towards religions drove him to find a way so as to be able to propagate Islam. Moreover, there were very few dai'e's with quality.

The only best way to spread Islam in Japan, according to him, is through the personal influence of the workers of da'wah who have a broad and deep knowledge about Islam with a good personality, as well as an understanding of the Japanese culture.

He, together with the Japanese Muslim who are the minority, conducted various efforts, which included translating a number of classical books such as “Tafsir al-Jalalain”, “al-Siyasah al-Syar'iyyah of Ibn Taimiyyah” and “Zad al-Mustaqni' al-Hujawi al-Hanbali”, as well as publishing monthly magazines that were disseminated for free to all Japanese Muslims and throughout the world as an information and communication media.

Hasan Ko Nakata had served as the President of the Muslim Association of Japan while teaching Islamic Studies at Doshisha University, Kyoto. A majority of his students were in fact Christian. Being the principal for four years at Doshisha, Hassan managed to lure four of his students, who were originally atheist, to convert to Islam.

His name stood out in Indonesia when there was an International Khalifah Conference organized by Hizbut Tahrir at the Utama Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, August 2007. He was one of the speakers of the akbar activities which struck the world at that time. Before that, not many Muslims of Indonesia knew of a Japanese intellectual whose attention on the da'wah of Islam is so great.

Earlier, Hasan believed in the conception of Hizbut Tahrir in terms of the establishment of the caliphate, however with the passing of time and review of thoughts, Hassan Ko Nakata changed.

The impossibility of the establishment of the caliphate with only da'wah and thoughts without the true jihad (Qital) just like Hizbut Tahrir became the main reason for Hasan Ko Nakata to make hijrah to Darul Islam. Allahu Akbar!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[Personality]: The Story Of Wildan Mukhallad, A Mujahid From Indonesia Who Sought Honour In The Land Of ‘Dawlah Islam’

Shoutussalam – The Editorial of Shoutussalam received an e-mail which contains the story of the journey of an Indonesian Mujahid, who sought an everlasting honour in the land of the Khilafah in Iraq and Syria. Shaheed -InsyaAllah-.

Wildan Mukhallad, the youth whose name instantly adorned every corner of the
Nusantara (Malay Archipelago) mass media that is now hardworkingly aiming the arrows of propaganda and fitnah at a small group of Mujahideen, who sacrifice their blood, lives and wealth for the sake of becoming the defenders and saviors of the Muslims (Ahlus Sunnah) from the tyranny of the cruel Shiahs.

They are the Dawlah Islamiyyah or the media called it “ISIS”.

Below is the simple but extraordinary writing!

A Little Closer With Wildan Mukhallad, A Mujahid Of Dawlah Who Aspired For Shaheed

By: Abu Qudama 

He was only 16 years old then, the name Wildan Mukhallad had already become a hot topic at the pesantren (Islamic boarding school) where he stayed. This innocent, simple teen, who did not know much of the outside and wild intermixing. But his innocence and simplicity did neat mean ignorance, because his innocence and simplicity are honesty, sincerity and being himself as he is.

There has not been until now, in his pesantren, a student who matches himself in terms of piety and intelligence. Why not, as if every year was his to celebrate the championship in his pesantren. Almost all scores were mumtaz (excellent). And at that 16 years of age also, he became a
huffadz, the one and only student who was hafidz. Because of that, books as prizes from the row of achievements once filled the pile of books on the table at his home.

“There has not been until this moment,” said an Ustadz in his pesantren, “a student who always precedes the Ustadzs and other students to arises at three o'clock in the morning and heads towards the masjid. Performing solat tahajjud and waiting for the Subuh time while doing the muraja’ah of his memorization. Except Wildan.”

Yes, Wildan Mukhallad. His life was a flurry of activity. A flurry of activity in enslaving himself to his Lord, activities of immersing himself with knowledge and Al-Quran.

He was known as a student who likes to help others. The job of sending/fetching the children of his ustadz to/from school, to helping to get the grass into the farm/field as fodders for his ustadz's cattles was a normal thing. Very normal indeed. The demeanor of egotism was not in his dictionary, it was not in his mind that a smallest good deed could lower the self-esteem. It was here where he began the phase of conducting jihad, from fighting against the most trivial nafs (carnal desires) to finally plunging himself in the jihad of fighting against the kuffar.

Do not ask about the understanding of the shar’ie knowledge, because the height of his knowledge is the height of his humbleness. Shy, quiet and well-mannered towards the other speaker. He did not indulge in throwing much words, he did not indulge in much talking. But his every act was impressive , his diligence in his ibaadah was amazing. It was unnatural for a
kid that young, at that time, that in almost every theme of his talk it was all about concerns for the fate of the Muslims. He always uttered the kalimah that, as though, became a zikir in his daily life; jihad fie sabilillah.

It had once become a confusion, as well as the family fears. How could such a young son be already so serious in uttering the words "jihad" and dying Shaheed. But the solidity of Wildan was the solidity of his iman.

So that when he had to be transferred from his pesantren to study in a school, in the same level as the SMA (upper high school) at Al-Azhar, Egypt, he vaguely said to one of his brothers when bidding farewell, “Brother, make do'a (for me).” The voice sounded like a “cunning” tone of utterance, i.e. so that he would find the way to conducting jihad. Wallahu a’lam.

In Egypt, he remained as an intelligent student at his
school. He even had a chance to follow the program of “acceleration”. Not long after, at that time he had only become a student at Al-Azhar, he suddenly went missing after a few times intensely mixing with those foreign people. And true, some time after that he appeared with an unfamiliar phone number, “Alhamdulillah, I am already in the land of Sham. The land honoured by Allah.”

Masha Allah, Masha Allah. Between sadness and happiness, between worry and tumult. But at a time when he was cried over by family members, he instead came as an entertainer, “The pleasure of jihad cannot be illustrated!” he said.

He had
even been joking when telling how beautiful it was, during a journey, to see the mountains in Istanbul, carrying himself like a super rich youth, and enjoying the view of the high plains that was covered in snow. “It's me in the middle of an excursion,” he said. “And the excursion of the believers is jihad fie sabilillah.”

He recounted of how during his earlier days in Syria he was still merely a “helper”, being a youngster needed to help fetch the bullets and arms. And then he was promoted to be a “traffic policeman”, and then he was assigned to do ribath in the mountains, until at its height he was standing in the frontmost outpost in battles.

“I was standing only four meters away from the people of Shiah Nusairiyah. We were face to face and mutually scoffing at each other, buy once threatened, they ran away helter skelter. Their mentality was very low in the presence of the Mujahideen,” he blurted in a laughter.

Aleppo, the first place where he stopped, in a villa in the mountains. “This villa I am occupying is from a ghanimah, used to belong to the kafir Shiah,” h
e said cheerfully.

There, besides the fact that he was a huffadz, he also had a golden voice that caused him to be given the trust to be the imam of the Mujahideen in solat. The entire local community welcomed it, until at one time he recounted, “Only now that I feel like a rich man. Holding plenty of money. All were given by the neighbours.”

Besides that, he was also known to the Mujahideen as a teenager whose akhlaq is mumtaz. His presence as teen Mujahid was very revered, well-respected and he was one whose quality of ahkhlaq and ibaadah are acknowledged.

And then it was at this point, in a tone that was so calm he delivered a shattering message, “I am not able to repay all Ma’e's (Mother's) kindness, I just want to give her a present, namely Shaheed fie sabilillah.”

Not long after that, it was time for him to change the place of duty, somewhere which he did not mention. But one day, it all became clear, that he was in Iraq. That information came along with the incoming news that he had conducted the amaliyah istisyhadiyah, totally destroying the ranks of the regime of Shiah Safawiyah, Nuri Al-Maliki. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!

This is Wildan Mukhallad. The teen whom, in the secular media, was called an immature teenager who died uselessly, who died meaninglessly, by the journalists who seek livelihood and fill their bellies by hurting the feelings of the sincere slaves of Allah.

This is Wildan Mukhallad. The teen who was hated because of the solidity of his aqeedah, not because of the badness of his akhlaq. He greeted death with his 'ilm, not with his ignorance. Wallahu a’lam bil-haqqi wal-waqi’.

This writing is, at the same time, also a letter for Madam Fadhilah, so that her heart is pacified after having been bombarded with the storms of fitnah for some weeks. The mother with a strong heart, as strong as the principles of your son who chose the path of Shaheed.