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A sarcasm from Sayyid Quthb for those who like to yell “khawarij” against Muslims.

“The weirdness of this Ummah... No one wants to conduct jihad except the khawarij... No one want to strive to establish the Shari'ah except the khawarij... None are feared by their enemies except the khawarij... And their “khawarij-ness” are proven when death has come and they die in the state of smiling...” [ Sayyid Quthb ]

Photo: A soldier of Daulah Islam who became shaheed... in the wilayah of Halab (Aleppo)

In The End The Opposition To The Declaration Of Khilafah Has No Effect At All

As is known, the declaration of the Khilafah of Islam which was pioneered by ISIS has been attracting a lot of controversies.

In fact, even a number of parties that were once known as the workers of jihad and Mujahideen join hands in giving crooked commentaries with regards to the declaration.

Moreover, those who are in the lower domain, also seems to have the right to issue an opinion, as if they are those who understand the situation, their fingers too are pointing with pejorative tones.

In fact, the media that are futur (wobbly) in supporting ISIS are no exception, thus they jump in the bandwagon to condemn this Khilafah. However, with their slyness, they are able to package this condemnation against the Khilafah, along with its Khalifah, with the clothes which they named “neutrality”.

Yes! Then came the big wave that strikes this Khilafah and its ansar (helpers) all over the country.

Many are fooled, but for those who are ikhlas (sincere) and have a strong principle, they continue to strive to give their assistance to the Khilafah of Islam.

Now, as for those people who condemn, keep in mind that they do not only come from among those who are opposed to the manhaj (methodology) of this Khilafah, but they also come from the kuffar, murtad and zindiq.

And then a big storm came with such great force, where in the next phase later, it made analysts reckon that this Khilafah will be destroyed in the not too distant future.

Unfortunately, a number of activists whom obviously are jihadists,  followed suit
in a blabby manner in agreeing with the possibility.

After all this, what was going to happen
next? Would the Khilafah Islamiyah be destroyed in accordance with the hope and expectation of the haters?

The answer is, “NO!!!”

That's what have been decided by Allah! They hoped to eliminate the light of Allah, while He wants to perfect it!

Allah is the All-Powerful over all things…

In the end, their hatred against this Khilafah has no effect at all. In fact, what happens was that this Khilafah is becoming increasingly existent
instead, and more and more katibah (brigades) from the ranks of the Mujahideen, tribes, Mujahideen aseer (captives) and ulama's have declared their support and bai’at.

Meanwhile, the news that became a hot topic
lately was that Sheikh Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, a number of Ustadz and Ikhwan from Nusakambangan (prison) have pledged their bai’at to Khalifah Ibrahim, Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi Al Quraisyi.

Allahu Akbar!

Does Allah answer the prayers of those who are envious against this Khilafah?

Of course not! Allah once again wants to affirm that He is the All-Powerful over all things. And Allah is the Al
l-Decisive to give His help to His soldiers to establish His Shari'ah on this earth, even though the kuffar and munafiq hate it.

Thus, nonetheless the efforts of those who condemn this Khilafah Islamiyah which is the Haq, where they tried to look for petty flaws which they would use for condemning the Khilafah,
all those have no effect whatsoever on this victory.

In fact, what ever resources and efforts exerted by the Arab and non-Arab Thaghuts in order to halt this victory, then all those do not mean anything!

Don't they realize, how the historical records of the Salaf and Khalaf were, when this Khilafah emerged on this earth, then indeed the help of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala will descend easily. In fact, when the Khalifah was a Khalifah who is truly just, so a wolf would not eat a sheep, but only to the extent of its rights.

Allahu Akbar!

O you people who are betraying, as well as deviating!
O you ulama suu’ and their “taqliders!”
O you slaves of democracy and ideologies of kufr!

Those times when your venomous speeches are hurting the Mujahideen have expired…
Your times of making excuses for the justification of your working together with the kuffar are finished…

Indeed, the Khilafah of Islam is intensely bright in front of those who have the brain. It is still the Khilafah of Islam that is the Haq, even though you condemn it, reject it, or putting up conditions which are strange, as well as bid’ah!

Indeed, it is still the Khilafah Islamiyah, and in reality it has been recognized by the people who are both illiterate and literate…

Look at yourselves! Look at your own conditions! Does Allah side with what you guys are struggling for? Is Allah pleased with your conspiracy, and does Allah show to you the fruits from your wala’ (loyalty) to the kuffar?

This is the Khilafah of Islam, which would establish this Shari'ah of Islam with the utmost establishment! This is the Khilafah of Islam that will serve the people with honesty and justice which it has promised! This is the Khilafah of Islam, which becomes a part of the Nubuwwat (prohecy) Rasulullah SallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam! This is the Khilafah of Islam, which will subdue the people who are arrogant! This is the Khilafah of Islam, which will immerse the faces of the people who are takabbur and kufr towards Allah!

Therefore, there is no choice for those who have iman in Allah, His Rasul and the last day, there is no excuse for them to reject this Khilafah Islamiyah. For them it is “sami’na waatha’na” (we hear and we obey!). Either in the state of ease or hardship, spaciousness or tightness, either we are pleased or displeased, as long as it is not in matters of disobedience to Allah.

In the end, the issue of khawarij, takfiri, ghuluw, extreme, terrorist or other fitnah directed at the Khilafah of Islam, have no effect at all on its progress.

Indeed Al Haq has come, and the bathil will vanish, while the bathil is something that will certainly perish.

Abu Isham Al Qamary

Sunday, August 3, 2014

“Muslims, Don't Be Easily Influenced By The Various Media That Are Currently Attacking The Khilafah Of ISIS”

It needs to be known that the establishment of the Khilafah of ISIS is induced by the prolonged and endless conflicts/problems in Iraq since the invasion by America, and in Syria, the massacres of the Sunni people by President Bashar Assad, causing the loss of hundreds of thousand of lives. Due to that, do not let ourselves  be easily influenced by media that we have here in Indonesia, since our media are also influenced by the foreign media, especially that some of those media are indeed funded by foreign elements.

There are many accusations thrown by the media, starting from accusation that ISIS wants to destroy the Ka’bah, ISIS is the creation of America, Israel and British, ISIS is Shi’ah, ISIS only disgraces Muslims, ISIS is brutal, and others.

Do not misunderstand, if ISIS shows footage of the execution of the Shi’ah combatants which was criticized by many of the media, please note that a number of those ISIS fighters who executed the Shi’ah combatants are those who have lost their family members, whose brothers and sisters, relatives have been slaughtered heinously by the Shi’ah soldiers, so it is no surprise that sometimes they vent it out on the Shi’ah soldiers and their supporters. After all, when the Shi'ah are slaughtering civilians or non-combatants, ISIS fighters only execute war criminals. 

The objective of the establishment of the Khilafah of ISIS is, firstly to topple the president of Syria, namely the brutal BasharAssad, who have heinously slaughtered hundreds of thousand of the Sunni populations. Insha Allah, if the Khilafah of ISIS successfully topple Bashar Assad and rule Syria and Iraq wholly, then the expansion of the rule of the Khilafah which is based on the Shari’ah will soon begin.

Monday, July 21, 2014



The proof of the truth of the Qur'an... it turns out that the events of the end-times have been explained in the Qur'an, but most men do not understand. Allah has explained in the Qur'an that after the fall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the world power would be dominated by the Jews and Christians. And then there would be leaders of Muslim-majority countries who would be willing to become agents of the kuffar, due to the fear of being colonized by the kuffar so they approach the Jews and Christians and are prepared to be their ally and to be loyal to them. So Allah rebukes them as stated in surah al-Maidah verse 51:

"O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people."

Where is the isharah (indications) that could tell us that the above verse is explaining about the reality of today? It can be found in the phrase (ba’zuhum auliyau ba’zhin) i.e. "They are [in fact] allies of one another." There is a mutual alliance
between the Jews and Christians, and it has never happened in any historical records because since day one, the Jews and Christians had always been in enmity with each other. The Christians regarded the Jews as the killer of the Messiah - the god of the Christians. So an oddity is now happening, the Jews and Christians are already allies to each other, and they have formed an official institution, namely the United Nations (UN). Therefore, Allah reprimands the leaders of the Muslim countries of today who take part in the said institution making themselves allies. With a very stern warning, "whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them." Meaning to be out of the fold of Islam or murtad.

Allah clarifies further in the next verse that, at that time you would see those leaders promptly approaching them for fear of getting misfortunes, as explained in the next verse:

“So you see those in whose hearts is disease hastening into [association with] them, saying, "We are afraid a misfortune may strike us." But perhaps Allah will bring conquest or a decision from Him, and they will become, over what they have been concealing within themselves, regretful.” (5: 52)

Since the super power of the world today is in the hands of the Jews and Christians alliance, the leaders of the countries in which the majority of its populations are Muslims, hasten to approach them in order to get security assurance in the regions of their control. In fact, they even surrender all the natural resources to them to be managed (by them). Thus Allah continues in the following verse:

“And those who believe will say, "Are these the ones who swore by Allah their strongest oaths that indeed they were with you?" Their deeds have become worthless, and they have become losers.” (5: 53)

For t
hose of us who are aware of this occupation, we will be asking, is this what's called Muslim?” Even though they pray, fast, perform hajj and etc. but they have their loyalty to the kuffar, this verse is also an expression of an inquiry to those who still consider them as Muslim and ulil amri to whom we must be loyal to, with a question, “is this what's called ulil amri?” and then Allah gives an answer in that verse. “Their deeds have become worthless, and they have become losers.” Allah SWT continues in the following verse as a response to their actions:

“O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion - Allah will bring forth [in place of them] a people He will love and who will love Him [who are] humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they conduct jihad in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of the blamers. That is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (5: 54)

So at a time when the world is getting increasingly chaotic like today, as the leaders of today have become murtad for having replaced the country's system with the kafir system for the sake of submitting to the rules of the Jews and Christians, thus Allah will bring forth a people which is made up of the Believers. With characteristics such as mentioned in the above verse, humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers, they conduct jihad in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of the blamers. From the above mentioned criteria, hence the reality is very compatible with the existing forces of Dawlah Islam, firstly; they are conducting jihad, meaning fighting against those kuffar, secondly; powerful against the kuffar and this was admitted by the Western media that the forces of Dawlah Islam is the most extreme and brutal against the kuffar. However, they are so gentle towards fellow Believers. And then the next criterion, almost all of the mass media are slandering them with all kinds of accusations, in fact it even from come from ulama's who understand about Tawheed. They are affronted
from all directions with the labels "khawarij" and "takfiri". However, all those have no influence on them, in fact the more they are slander, the more people are joining Dawlah Islam.

Monday, July 14, 2014


For those who are only seeing with one eye, while the other eye is blind, they will conclude that Dawlah does not side with the Muslims. However, for those who understand the strategy of war and the nubuwat (prophecy) about the end times, at the time when Dawlah today does not conduct a direct confrontation (but only through its branches in Sinai or within Palestine- ed.), there has to be an accurate strategy of how to attack the said state of Israel which today have a lot of European and American allies, as well as having 300 nuclear warheads, which could devastate the whole world in a matter of seconds.

In a statement, Nidal Nuseiri (a spokesperson for the group) reaffirmed that conquering "Bayt el-Maqdis" (Jerusalem) and destroying the State of Israel is central to the group's Jihad.

However, he pointed out that Dawlah Islam has been taking a systematic approach in its campaign, and outlined six specific stages it said needed to be fulfilled before taking on Israel. Some of those "stages" - building a firm base for an Islamic state in Iraq, and using it as a springboard to wage war in Syria and Lebanon - have already been achieved. But he said a number of other criteria still needed to be fulfilled before challenging Israel directly. This corresponds to the nubuwat (prophecy) of Rasulullah.

“You fight the Arab world and Allah give you victory. Then Persia (Iran), and Allah give you victory. Then you are fighting Rum (Roman), and Allah give you victory. Then you fight the Antichrist (Dajjal), and Allah give you victory.” (HR Muslim 5161)

Rasulullah explained that the Islamic forces will first fight the Arab world and Persia, this is very logical because the territories of Israel are surrounded by the countries such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt. The same goes with Saudi Arabia because it is this country that provides the largest oil reserve for Israel. Therefore, in the strategy to attack Israel, the Arab world and Persia must first be subdued.

However, Nidal Nuseiri said that there are other criteria that still need to be fulfilled before confronting Israel directly. Among them, Nuseiri said that America - seen as Israel's greatest ally - needs to be weakened politically and economically via attacks on the American mainland, as well as American interests in Muslim countries. Additionally, the existing "Islamic State" needs to expand its borders to cover all of "Greater Syria" (which would include Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and possibly Gaza); such a state, he said, would then be in a position for a direct confrontation with Israel. America and Europe are the biggest allies of Israel which in the hadith are referred to as Rum (Rome), therefore in order to attack Israel the Islamic forces must first attack Rum like what is told in the hadith of Rasulullah:

“....Then you are fighting Rum (Roman), and Allah give you victory. Then you fight the Antichrist (Dajjal), and Allah give you victory.” (HR Muslim 5161)

After all have been conquered, in the end the Islamic forces will attack Dajjal, namely Israel. That is why the nubwuat of Rasulullah is obviously in accordance with the plans designed by Dawlah Islam for attacking Israel.

From Abu Hurairah RA, verily Rasulullah SAW said: “Judgment Day will come only when the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, until the Jew hides behind the tree and the stone, and the tree and the stone say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah (SWT), there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’ – except for the Gharqad tree because it is the trees of Jews.” (Muslim)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


These are the reasons!

1. Because Dawlah is making its people prosper with all sorts of food aids, while none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it.

2. Because Dawlah is making its people prosper by developing the economic wheel and providing business capital for free, while none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it.

3. Because Dawlah is implementing the Shari'ah of Islam in every territory they control, and many people from among the Muslims love them. While none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it, in fact they misguide the Muslims with the Shirk Law that they have created.

4. Because Dawlah establishes the Shari'ah Court, and the people like its presence. While the thaghut across the country instead establish the Shirk Court with the Law of Ilyasiq (a mix-up of Islamic Law and the shirk man-made Law introduced by the Mongol invaders – ed.) like what had happened during the time of Sheikh Ibnu Taimiyah, Ibnu Katsir, Ibnu Qayyim and Imam Nawawi Rahimahumullah.

5. Because the capital of Dawlah, i.e. Raqqah, has applied Jizyah for the kuffar as a part of the Islamic Shari'ah which is contained in the Qur'an.

6. Because with the services of Dawlah in the area of Raqqah, that city becomes the most beautiful city and a hope for all the believers. While the kuffar hate it very much.

7. Because with the Shari'ah of Islam established by Dawlah Islamiyah, all the secular media whose kiblah (orientation) are to the kuffar of the West, hate this Shar'ah of Islam very much.

Due to that, those spiteful haters of Dawlah are unsurprisingly fit to spew their hatreds. Don't we remember in the early days of the Da'wah of Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, where he had an awful lot of accusations such as he was a madman, poet, sorcerer and someone who breaks the tie of silaturahim??

Therefore, it is no surprise that those haters feel hatred against Dawlah Islamiyah.

The question is, if those haters of Dawlah hate the existence of Dawlah which is becoming more and more loved by the Muslims across the country, we would like to ask:


If they hate Dawlah and say that Dawlah are terrorists, ghuluw, takfiri, but they are also unable to show an alternative that is much better in terms of its services to the Muslims than Dawlah. So it is befitting to say:


Either we like it or not, indeed Dawlah will continue to exist by the permission of Allah Ta'ala, and will continue to receive help if Dawlah remains that way, i.e. remaining upon the manhaj that is sahih.

Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Those Who Are Hurt By The Expansion Of Dawlah Islam (ISIS), “It Hurts In Here (The Heart) !"


The conquest of Fallujah in early January was initially taken lightly by many, they were confident that the Iraqi government was capable of retaking the city in a matter of weeks. But some months have passed, there have been no significant progress, making those parties uneasy, how could that be? Is ISIS that strong in defending a territory? Isn't their numbers small while the territory that they are “looking after” is so vast? 

And their hunch has now become a reality with the fall of Mosul, in fact it keeps on expanding that it can be said that two provinces of Iraq have fallen into the hands of the Mujahideen, and once again, the territories conquered are successfully defended until now and insha Allah will be held forever.

ISIS's maneuver in choosing Mosul, and then destroying the land boundaries fixed up by Sykes & Pycot, as well as its strength in defending territories, now become a real threat to those parties concerned. Whoever are they, and why do they feel threatened? Below is the list. 


The Shia's are the one who feels the most threatened, "Shia" here is not embodied in the form of a State, but Shia in the sense of a religious sect. Yes, the adherents of Shi'ism especially in Iraq are worried with the movement of ISIS, where ISIS, in their every release, always behead the Shiahs, shooting and killing anyone who are indicated to be from the Shia's army, no compromise! ISIS is the real enemy of the Shia, and they blatantly said that they would flatten the temples and shrines in the Shia's holy cities, namely Najaf and Karbala. ISIS have repeatedly published photos and videos showing the destruction of the Shia's temples, this is a challenge from ISIS which, either they like it or not, has to be accepted by the Shia's, because the Shia's, at seeing their temples of pride being leveled to the ground, are like, “it hurts in here!” while pointing at the chest.


Bashar Al Assad is the second one who is the most hurt at seeing the progress of ISIS, he was certainly more surprised compared to his neighbor, Iraq's PM Nouri Al Maliki, who have indeed for six years failed to fight against Dawlah Islam. Why not, the Northern region of Syria alone (Raqqa, Halab, Badiyah) have not been retaken successfully by the Syrian army, now ISIS has already occupied other areas of Iraq and unified them into the domain of Syria, of course this violates the sovereignty (in the version of Sykes & Pycot), which shows the world that Bashar Al Assad has lost his power and legitimacy. The fall of the province of Anbar, Ninawa and a part of Salahadden, as well as making the road between Iran and Syria disconnected, thus it would be so hard for Syria to receive aids from Iran to fight against ISIS, considering that Syria has no sea territory. This surely is weakening Bashar Al Assad. 


Despite having been helped by America, Iraq has failed to destroy the embryo of a Dawlah Islam (islamic State) that has grown in his country since the Iraqi war, and today the embryo has metamorphosed to become a Dawlah in its totality. And insha Allah will soon become a caliphate, aameen. The annexation of some parts of Iraq by Dawlah Islam (ISIS) makes the Iraqi government lose its face due to shame. Especially when seeing thousands of its armies fleeing, taking off their uniforms and running away to Kurdistan. All the resources they spent for training their troops all this while are in vain. Iraq's PM, Nouri Al Maliki thus has to beg to America, “if America does not help, Baghdad will fall into the hands of the rebels,” thus was roughly the essence of his despair.


The Secular Rebels in Syria have, for years, been begging America so as to provide them with weapon aids such as Tanks, Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Humvee, Money, and other. But it was always refused by America as it worries that the technology of the superpower state will instead fall into the hands of the Mujahideen. But the Mujahideen of ISIS who only “beg” to Allah, were given all those via Ghanimah which is blessed, as well as honorable, thus now they have become the strongest jihad organization. Parts of those Ghanimah in the form of tens of tanks, humvees, anti-aircraft missiles, etc. were transported to Syria, terrifying those gangs (who indeed look at strength based on the primary defense system equipments). Their worries could be seen in their statuses and comments in Twitter. Why shouldn't they worry, they have previously expelled Dawlah (ISIS), killed the Muhajireen, their wives, and burned their HQ, now Dawlah could anytime come back with a much bigger strength than before, a strength they never had thought would be possessed by Dawlah.


These are the movements and organizations that are affiliated with the governments and ulama's of Al Saud. Why shouldn't they worry.. they have declared (Dawlah) as khawarij, chastised them, denied the struggles of the Muslims who are united under the command of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as to them what those “youths” are doing are useless, rebelling against the ruler is an ignoble bughot, conducting jihad without an amir is bid’ah, and other shubhats uttered by their mouths. But that victory was instead given by Allah to those youths whom they condemn! When they were unable to repel a small group of Shia in Damaj, Yemen, those youths whom they condemn, on the contrary, are able to expel the Shias in two countries at once, cornering them, slaughtering them, leveling their temples, humiliating their sect! Of course, their heartache increase at seeing youths from various parts of the world flock to join Dawlah Islam, while promising to bring down the throne of their “Amirul Mukiminin”, namely the thaghut king in Jazirah Arab, who is pro-America and cowardly towards the Jews.


No need to explain at great length, they are affected to the point of having an economic crisis for spending their money to fight against the Mujahideen, but the Mujahideen remains Baaqiyah! (exists).

Thus were the 6 parties who are involved in this modern jihad, let's pray for the Mujahideen of Dawlah Islam (ISIS) because indeed, their strength does not lie on their weaponry, but it lies in the courage in which it all comes from Allah.

source: al-mustaqbal

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Acknowledgement Of The Kuffar On Dawlah Islam

US Senator, Danny Vistin said that Al-Qaeda today is energetic and motivated. The main reason for this progress is the powerfully entrenched Aqeedah in these radical people that they will achieve the Islamic Caliphate, this Dawlah that is going to implement the Islamic Shari'ah in all of its aspects, is something that should be combated .Sometimes the utterance of truth about Dawlah Islam comes from the enemies of Islam, at a time when those who claim to be Muslim consider them as Khwarij and takfiri, but in contrast to the kuffar, who consider Dawlah Islam as :

1. the people who are motivated to establish the religion of Allah.
2. the Islamic aqeedah that are so strongly entrenched in themselves.
3. the Kuffar believe that this is the embryo of the future Khilafah.
4. Dawlah Islam is a state that has implemented the Islamic Shari'ah in kaffah.

So it is for this reason that they are combated by the Kuffar, because they fear that the Islamic rule will again be established on the surface of this earth, and what's strange is that those who claim to be Muslim also take part in fighting against Dawlah Islam, just like those Kuffar. Where are their common sense that they are more idiotic than the Kuffar?!?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Free The Asian Mujahideen From Guantanamo Prison

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims... the individuals in these 3 photos are my friends who are still in the detention of the terrorist kafir America at Guatanamo Cuba.. After hearing the story about the freeing of 5 Taliban Mujahideen with the exchange of an American soldier.. I feel instigated to highlight the fate of these friends of mine who have been detained since 2001 until now.. I hope this small effort could reach Amirul Mukminin Mullah Omar, the leader of the government of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.. These friends of mine are:

1. HAMBALI from Indonesia.
2. NAZIR from Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
3. FARID from Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. 

I hope all those in my firendlist could spread this news as much as they could with translations into various languages.
In Allah we put our trust.

From the FP of Nuri Bota

(A Mujahid From Malaysia in Sham)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Letter From The Land Of Sham : If Indeed You Are Sincere With Your Intention Of Jihad!


Abdurrahman Al-Murabith, he is one of the Mujahideen from Indonesia who joined Dawlah Islam in the Land of Sham. And this letter is his testimony from the arena of jihad in the Land of Sham, he who is concerned with the bad claims made against the Mujahideen of Dawlah Islam, written on 7th May 2014. May it be helpful!

Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah who have made us Muslim, Muwahid and Mujahid. May Allah Ta’ala give us patience and istiqomah in struggling for Islam until Al-Quds and Spain are returned to the laps of the Muslims and Rome is conquered in shaa Allah. Salawat and salam to the greatest commander of all time, Rasulullah Salallahu alaihi wa sallam, who have instilled fear into the hearts of his enemies, and given to the generations after him, an example of patience in facing the accuses of the accusers.

Before I begin this writing, let us plead to Allah Ta’ala. May it be shown to us that the truth is true and that we are given taufiq by Allah to follow that truth. How many people know the truth but are not yet given taufiq by Him in following that truth, just like the closest person to Rasulullah, i.e. Abu Thalib who died in kufr for rejecting the da'wah of Rasulullah due to the feeling of prestige in himself. And the same goes otherwise, we plead to Him so that we are shown that the batil is batil and that we are given taufiq to avoid it.

Here, I am only writing according to my knowledge. When there is truth in it, it all comes from Allah and when there is error, it comes from Shaitan and my personal self.

Getting To Know The Kataibs (Brigades) In The Land Of Sham

It could be said that the country of Sham is a country of a thousand katibahs. Because indeed there are many Jihad kataibs that exist in Sham. From those many brigades. Jaishul Hur (FSA), Dawlah Islam Iraq & Sham, Ahrar Sham and Jabhat Nusra could be said as the most influential, the Jabhat Islamiyah (Jabhat Ali Salul) had not been formed at that time. And then the Jabhat Islamiyah was formed, led by Ahrar Sham with the integration of small kataibs into their ranks.

In brief, the FSA is an army which is dominated by the defectors from Bashar's forces and some other people of Syria who joined them, composed of various katibahs and it is already an open secret that their weapons and funding come from foreign countries like Turkey, America and other kafir countries. As for Dawlah Islam, it is an extension of the wings of Dawlah Islam in Iraq led by Sheikh Baghdady which, at the beginning of its formation, was mostly dominated by the Muhajireen who moved from Jabhat Nusra which was previously a part of the forces of Dawlah Islam in Iraq. Next, the Jabhat Nusra is the forces of Jaulani who broke his bai'at to Baghdady and gave bai'at to Sheikh Ayman which later changed its name to Tandhimu Qoidah Fii Biladi Sham. Whereas the Jabhat Islamiyah is an alliance different kataibs led by Ahrar Sham, and it is proven that the funding of their weapons and logistics come from the thaghut Saudi Arabia.

The above is a brief introduction to the groups in the land of Sham which if full of barakah. Keep in mind that all those groups are fighting against the dynasty of Assad's regime in Syria. Of course, each has a goal why they are picking up arms. Some fight just to bring down the regime, some fight to establish a democratic State in accordance with the advice of their Big Boss, some fight to establish a State that claims to be Islamic but is non-threatening to the Kuffar, in fact even befriending them, and lastly are those who fight to establish an Islamic State which is regulated by the Qur’an and Sunnah as the main foundation of the State.

Dawlah Islam of Iraq And Sham

Since proclaimed by Sheikh Abu Bakar Al-Baghdady, Dawlah Islam has armies in Sham which are deployed in Raqqah, Hasakah, Halab (Aleppo), Idlib and Latikia (wilayah of Sahil). Of course Dawlah lives intermixingly with other kataibs in those wilayah (regions). Dawlah endeavors to their utmost ability to apply the Shari'ah of Islam in the wilayah where Dawlah they are present. Starting by establishing the Islamic court, Ma’had of Shar’i Knowledge and other efforts. The biggest court owned by Dawlah was located in Addana in the wilayah of Halab, there were also other courts located in other regions such as in Azaz (outskirts of Halab) and in Najiyah village in the outskirts of Latikia. A considerable number of people came to complain their cases, this showed that the Islamic court of Dawlah was recognized by the local community.

The Great Conspiracy Against Dawlah Islam

The sparks of the fighting between Dawlah Islam and the FSA had actually happened in some regions before the start of January (big battle). In Raqqah, there was the group called Ahfadu Rasul, in Azaz there was Ashifatu Shimal, in Latikia there was the Alhijrah ila Allah. Yeah… the name of their groups are nice indeed, and the explanation of why Dawlah fought them, as I recall was once explained by the spokesman of Dawlah Islam in the kalimat entitled ((لك الله ايتها الدولة المظلومة )) and what needs to be underlined is that Dawlah never started any fighting against other existing kataibs. One of the reasons why Dawlah fought Ashifatu Shimal in Azaz was the American doctor who drove around with them taking pictures of all the headquarters of Dawlah there, and when Dawlah asked about the American, they refused and fired at the car of Dawlah's delegation, thus two men from Dawlah's side were martyred. But the world media accused Dawlah as the perpetrator of the incident.

At the beginning of January, the army of Dawlah Islam had a big battle against the regime of Bashar in the wilayah of Deir zour (changed to wilayah Al-Khair by Dawlah) led by Umar Shishani (video could be viewed at Rasail Min Ardhil Malahim no. 20), most of Dawlah's troops from other wilayahs joined the fight there, since it started with the war against the regime in Hama, Dawlah did not have a big battle joining with other kataibs, Wallahu a’lam the reason is for the sake of the effectiveness of the battle.

So what happened had happened, almost all kataibs under the FSA waged war against Dawlah Islam obeying their Big Boss who had come to visit. Hundreds of Muhajireen were murdered cowardly. Why did I say cowardly? If indeed they were brave, surely they would have announced it by mouth before attacking the army of Dawlah. The lives of the Muhajireen of Dawlah seemed so cheap. Even the Muhajirah also fell victim to the their inhumanity. Halab and Idlib were the most heated places in this incident. Nothing was left of the Islamic court of Addana except for charred walls from being hit by mortars. There was no media that reported this massacre, should the families of the killed Muhajireen cry in front of the media so that they have the response of the world???? What is more distressing, the big group that claimed to be acting in the name of Islam was silent over this incident, there were only individuals from their group who helped the fleeing Muhajireen of Dawlah, yes… they were fleeing not fighting, isn't a Muslim supposed to be a brother to another Muslim??? In fact, a Shar’i of Jabhat Nusra in the wilayah of Idlib indirectly participated in the war against Dawlah (based on the story of an ikhwah from Indonesia who had been captured by the FSA in Idlib). Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil.

Chaos happened in almost all territories inhabited by Dawlah, only the wilayah of Sahil was free from significant disturbance by the FSA kataibs there. The spokesman of Dawlah released a speech entitled (( الرائد لا يكذب أهله)) which contained the ultimatum for the FSA to repent before the forces of Dawlah come back to fight them. So those who repented had repented and those who fought had fought. Whereas Sheikh Baghdady in his speech entitled (( والله يعلم وأنتم لا تعلمون)) rejected the accusations of the accusers in this major incident.

Supports After Supports Come To The Oppressed Dawlah Islam, Starting From The Kabilah In The Land Of Sham To The Muslims In The Eastern Part Of The World.

With the help of Allah Ta’ala, the forces of Dawlah that fought in the wilayah of Al-Khair withdrew, cleansing off the city of Raqqah from the traitors, expanding to Jarablus, Maskanah, and Al Bab in the wilayah of Halab. Raqqah was made as the capital city of Dawlah Islam of Iraq and Sham. Dawlah also drew in the forces from the isolated wilayahs and Azaz city to the wilayah already controlled fully by Dawlah. Thus the domain of Dawlah stretched from the wilayah of Anbar and cities in Iraq to Al-Bab in the wilayah of Halab. Islamic courts were then established in the wilayahs controlled by Dawlah, the borders were reinforced by placing troops in every corner, and the most important of it all is that the Law of Allah was implemented utterly in Dawlah Islam of Iraq & Sham. All of that is with the help of Allah alone, not with the guns and the number of the soldiers of Dawlah.

Not long after that, the Jihad World was again shaken by the death of Abu Khalid Assury. Many of the accusations were directed at Dawlah Islam as the perpetrator of the assassination. The Amir of Jabhat Nusra surprisingly released a speech that directly mentioned Dawlah as the perpetrator of the assassination, and blamed Dawlah that fought Jaish Hur (FSA), he also blamed Dawlah for calling them Sahawat, as well as giving a five-days deadline to the umara’ of Dawlah to respond to his speech.

Subhanallah... where was he when hundreds of the Muhajireen of Dawlah were murdered in a betrayal. Not a few Tsughur Ulama slammed that of Jaulani's speech. Also not a few soldiers of Jabhat Nusra decided to leave the ranks of Jaulani and gave bai'at to Dawlah Islam after that speech. I personally was wondering too, what really happened?? Until finally my question was answered with the release of a speech by spokesman of Dawlah ((ثم نبتهل فنجعل لعنة الله على الكاذبين )), containing a challenge to a mubahalah against the Shar’i of Jabhat Nusra, Abu Abdullah Ash-Shami for his vile accusation against Dawlah (I heard someone has already translated all those fitnah into Indonesian in the form of a book). For the umpteenth time, the Jihad world was puzzled by the statement of Sheikh Ayman Dzhawahiri who accused Dawlah of being the killer. In fact, he called Dawlah as party that was possessed by the nafs (carnal desire) and ignorance. And he invited the ummah to not give aid, in whatever form, to them. Subhanallah... Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil. Please listen to response from the spokesman of Dawlah Islam in his speech entitled ((ما كان هذا منهجنا ولن يكون)).

Talking With The People Of Sham

This is a bit of a story taken from a conversation with a resident of a town in East Syria which was under the control of Jabhat Nusra. He said that there was no implementation of the Law of Allah there. Khamr, theft, Zina still happen and are not a strange thing there. In fact, he said that Jabhat Nusra in that wilayah paid gangsters to fight against Dawlah Islam, their Shar’i said that it is allowed to kill anyone who could possibly be related to Dawlah Islam without being interrogated first. Yes.. Jabhat Jaulani in that wilayah have a lot of oil wells which had darkened their hearts. Therefore, are the ones fighting for the sake of the world the same as the ones fighting for the sake the establishment of Allah's law?? Allah Ta’ala knows and you do not know.

Our Advice To You 

Next, here is my advice to anyone who reads this writing. Someone who is below could also advise someone who is above (of higher status). Someone who is young could also advise someone who is older. A soldier could also advise the commander, a student could also advise the teacher.

We should fear Allah Ta’ala in dealing with the problems in the land of Sham. Not hasty in the spreading news related to the Mujaheddin, especially from those who are irresponsible. Be fair to us, you might speak evil about us, but be aware that the Court of Allah will never be wrong in judgment.

If you are indeed sincere in your intention of Jihad, come over to the blessed country of Sham, make hijrah and conduct jihad until you are called by Allah. Not by coming here for a few weeks, and then you return to the country ruled by thaghut, by bringing and spreading false news about the Mujahideen by which you will be questioned in the akhirah later. Fear Allah!

To the Muhajireen in the ranks of Jabhat Nusra if you are reading this writing. What else are you waiting for in order to join Dawlah Islam? Yes… Dawlah do have errors committed by its individuals. But you know, if we were to compare the errors of the individuals, don't other groups have even more heaps of errors of their soldiers. You know who is tsabat in battles and who runs away from it. If only you know the reality of Jabhat Nusra that was in Eastern wilayah. You might argue that those exist only in the Eastern regions, but aren't they all under one command, i.e. under Jaulany??

It has already been a Sunnatullah that the truth will always fight against the batil. And it has also been a Sunnatullah that, all the batil that are in different camps and mutually fighting each other will unify to bring down the one truth. Just like Persia and Rome unified to bring down the Khilafah Islamiyah. Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil…

It is this little that I could write. My apologies if there are errors in this writing. Hopefully this writing can serve as a form of da'wah to the Ummah. Because there is no Jihad without da'wah and no da'wah without Jihad.

Abdurrahman Al-Murabith

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ash-Shaheed Mujahideen of ISIS from Malaysia Executed A Martyrdom Operation

IRAQ - Abu Ahmad Al Malizzi, Shaheed InShaaAllah.. conducted an Amaliyyah Istisyhadiyah (Martyrdom Operation) onto the HQ of Iraq's SWAT Golden Squad at the frontline of Al Anbar.

A powerful bomb blast rocked the HQ of Iraq's Special Forces, i.e. SWAT “Golden Squad” on Monday (26/5/2014) at the outskirts of Ramadi, Province of Al Anbar.

Dawlah Islam Iraq and Sham (ISIS) through the account of their official Media in the District of Al Anbar claimed to be behind the Martyrdom operation. 25 personnel of the Golden Squad are said to be killed in the blast.

According to Dawlah's report, the name of the executor, a Muhajir Mujahid, is Abu Ahmad al Muhajir –taqabbalahullah-. Driving a Hummer Military Vehicle,
equipped with several tons of explosives, he hit the SWAT HQ in the area of Al Dhubath.

Soon after the blast, Mujahideen entered the remaining buildings of the HQ, finished off the remaining enemy personnel, and took away a lot of ghonimah in the form of assault rifles and light machine guns complete with the ammunitions. 
May Allah bless his mercy upon Ash-Shaheed Abu Ahmad Al Malizzi, may your transaction be accepted by Allah SWT. Aamiinnn ya Allah.