Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Bai’at From Indonesia Began To Flow To ISIS

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Using two languages, Indonesian and Arabic, under the name Akhu “Ikhwan Man Tha’allah” or “The Ikhwan of Everyone Who Submits to Allah” in Indonesia, a bai’at was given to Qiyadah Dawlah Islamiyyah Di Iraq And Sham (ISIS), Sheikh Abu Bakar Al-Baghdady, along with his umara's, may Allah protect and establish them upon Al-Haq! Below is the translation in English:

To Qiyadah Dawlah Islamiyyah In Iraq and Sham along with its umara's, may Allah protect and establish them upon Al Haq.

Assalamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

All praises belong to Allah Rabbul ‘Alamin, salawat and salam be showered upon the Prophet who was sent as a mercy to all the worlds.

Since indeed Allah has commanded us to unite together and be committed to the jama’ah in His verse:

وَاعْتَصِمُواْ بِحَبْلِ اللّهِ جَمِيعًا وَلاَ تَفَرَّقُواْ

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” (Ali Imran: 103), and Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:

مَنْ مَاتَ وَلَيْسَ فِي عُنُقِهِ بَيْعَةٌ مَاتَ مِيتَةً جَاهِلِيَّةً

He who dies without (doing) bai'at dies the death of Jahiliyyah .”

And we know that the ulama's have agreed on the obligation of appointing an imam when the era is void of it. And the Mujahideen, in the likes of you all, have fulfilled this obligation where you guys are establishing the Dawlah Islamiyyah in Iraq and appointing for it an Imam (Leader) who establishes the commands of Allah, and then the rule of this Dawlah expanded to the land of Sham until it gains acceptance, defense and support from the Mujahideen who are sincere and from the sons of Tawheed in all parts of the Earth since the Dawlah have the claritry of manhaj, the transparency of aqeedah and the purity of the pillars of al-wala dan al-bara’. The lies and fitnah that have been blamed and will always be blamed on Dawlah do not add to Dawlah except steadfastness and do not add from this Ummah Islamiyah except defense, support and bai’at to it and to its Amir Al Karrar Al Quraishi, that is because when Allah Ta’ala has loved a people, then He makes acceptance on Earth as he makes for them acceptance in heaven.

And bai’at after bai’at keep on coming to Amirul Mu’mineen from the honest people around the world because the Dawlah and its Amir have specialities which are absent and not fulfilled on the other emirates, because indeed the entire requirements of the Imamah have already been fulfilled on the self of Amirul Mu’mineen.

And so here we are, your ikhwan and your devotees the “Ikhwan Man Tha’allah” in Indonesia announcing our loyalty and bai’at to our Amir, Amirul Mu’mineen Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi -may Allah make him prevail- upon the shari'ah of Allah and the sunnah of His Rasul sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam in accordance with our capabilities as we are in a place that is far from you and some of us are an oppressed people who are now imprisoned in the prisons of the thaghut of Indonesia.

And we when announcing this bai’at of ours, we are inviting all the Muwahideen in Indonesia and all over the world to defend this Dawlah with all forms of defense, in the form of the deployment of Mujahideen personnels, the sending of wealth, the spreading of true news about Dawlah, about its manhaj, aqeedah and the projects of its achievement, as well as exposing the conspiracies which are aimed at it in spreading the objections against the fitnah and lies which are blamed on it, as well as treating good the families of the people who are going to Dawlah to conduct jihad and teaching their children so that they will later become Mujahids like their fathers.

May salawat be showered upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all sahabahs . Walhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin.

Akhu “Ikhwan Man Tha’allah” In Indonesia.

Abu Sulaiman Aman Abdurrahman Al Arkhabiliy.

In Sijn (Prison) of the Thaghut of Indonesia.

15 Jumada Ats Tsaniyah 1435H.

Source : Millah Ibrahim

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Repeat Of The Battle Of Ahzab (Confederates)

SOME, of the enemies of the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam. La hawla ila qweta ila billah.

" ... But those who were certain that they would meet Allah said:

"How many a small company has overcome a large company by the permission of Allah. And Allah is with the patient."
4: 249

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Differences In The Ahlaq Of ISIS And Jabhah An-Nusrah & Its Cronies

Akhlaq ISIS = Akhlaq Sahabah
Akhlak Jabhah An-Nusrah & Its Cronies = Akhlaq Khawarij


ISIS have been looking for a lot of udzur (exemption) for al-Jaulani when he "moved" at pleasure the bai'at to Sheikh Ayman. Because the shar'ie bai'at was to Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a Dawlah Islamiyyah. They hoped that they would return into their rank, at the time when they (the commanders) were starting to “act up”. During the initial killing of the Muhajireen, when one of the commanders of Ahrar was killed by khatha' (unintentionally – ed.) by one of the soldiers of Dawlah, Ahrar had also killed INTENTIONALLY some da'ies of Dawlah. But ISIS was not hyperbolic about it.

Whereas, JN and the other factions were so hyperbolic in the media about the "crime" of ISIS and they are so "lustful" in fighting and finishing off ISIS.

ISIS was so hopeful that there would among JN members who would come back and repent. One of the commanders of ISIS told the captured members of Liwa at-Tawhid, "By Allah, that the hidayah accosting you is more BELOVED & IMPORTANT to us than fighting you."

The same goes with the Sahabah of the Prophet radhiyallahu 'anhum jami'an, when they passed by the dead bodies of the people of Khawarij, they felt sad and regretted their death, because they used to be under one struggle and equally under the shade of the Kitabullah and Sunnah in the frame of an ukhuwwah. However the Khawarij were so lustful in fighting the Sahabah of the Prophet, because they had regarded them as already coming out of Islam and the position that they took was the same as the position of Muslims against the kuffar.

Fafarqun baina Manttaba'assalaf wamanittaba'al hawa...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Martyrdom Of al-Qaid al-Mujahid Umar Faruq at-Turki (Ex-al-Nusrah)

Today, a commander of Dawlah Islam (ISIS) in the wilayah of Maisarah (Markadah) was martyred, he is al-Qaid al-Mujahid Umar Faruq at-Turki rahimahullah wa taqabbalallaahu lah.

He came from Istanbul, he used to be a member of Turkey's special forces before he repented. Previously, he had conducted jihad for 3.5 years in Khurasan and then he returned to Turkey and joined Jabhat an-Nusrah when the Syrian revolution broke out. After seeing peculiarities in the body of Jabhat an-Nusrah, he decided to join Dawlah Islam and he became a trainer in the muaskar owned by Dawlah in the wilayah of al-Hudud, and then he was appointed as a commander in the wilayah of Barkah (Haskah) when the Sahawat began to show their enmity towards Dawlah Islam, he led a lot of big battles in the wilayah of Maisarah (Markadah).

He was known to be hard and tough in battles, but he was someone who was merciful towards the fellow Mujahideen, someone who liked to give salam and he was also someone who was Tawadhu'. the Mujahideen were really devastated with his martyrdom, so are his family and relatives in Turkey, they are also upset hearing all the lies ascribed to Dawlah Islam.

May Allah accept his Jihad, Aamiin!

(excerpted as necessary from 'Akhbar Wilayah Barkah')

May Allah enter him into the highest Jannah.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Direct Witness From Syria Regarding The FSA And ISIS

The following is a testimony of a Muhajireen which has been circulating by and large in the social network websites, with regards to activities related to the FSA and ISIS:

1. The fighting between Jaysul Hurr or FSA and Dawlah Islam in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) had been going on for a few days. Almost spreading evenly across all of Syria. ISIS's pockets of strength remained strong, but many roads that connect those pockets were disconnected because of the many FSA's checkpoints which were raiding the Muhajireen. Why the raid on the Muhajireen? This will be discussed later.

2. The cause of these fighting was the fitnah from Paris, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya Al-Hadats, as well as other local Arab televisions, showing the photos of the two Syrian intelligence agents who joined ISIS, is it true that they joined? There was no clarity. What's obvious was that it was made as a weapon of fitnah accusing that ISIS is a collaborator from the party of the Nusairiyah, in fact it was made as a running text by Al-Arabiya reporting that there were Iranians who joined the ranks of ISIS.

As a result, the FSA demanded a clarity of commitment from ISIS that they (ISIS) are on the side of the revolution against Bashar Assad. A rhetorical gabble altogether. I say yes.. I did see Iranians, but I know them as Muslim not Shiah. This is one of the black campaigns, a character assassination against ISIS. This fitnah coincided with the meeting of the Syrian secularists in Paris, so as to start the infighting. In some places, ISIS retreated. There was a big agenda behind this all.

3. In Syria, there are a lot of fighting laskars who fight with diverse motives and interests, but against a single enemy, the Nusairiyah regime. It's not a strange thing when the motive is money and other worldly materials. There are some laskars which have Islamic coating, some of their personnels are righteous as individuals and they want the Shari'ah of Islam. But as a jama'ah, the one that wants the Shari'ah of Islam to be established is only ISIS, this can be checked. The rest are timid. In fact, many are agreeing with the madani law a.k.a. Western-style democracy.

Those who want democracy got a lot of support, be it from the West, or even the Saudi. And they say ISIS is Khawarij.

4. As for the aqeedah of ISIS, I heard it directly from Sheikh Ali Al-Anbari, that the original ruling of the sukkaan or madaniyin here is Muslim, so we treat them as Muslims, unless there is a clear indication to their apostasy. And then the issue of bai’at. He also explained that the bai’at to ISIS is the bai’at of imarah, not a bai’at of khilafah, nor a bai’at of qital.

In the bai’at of imarah, people do it voluntarily, if you want.. go ahead, if you don't want... it's okay. It is not the bai’at of khilafah which is compulsory. And it also not the bai’at of qital where when the qital is over, its bai’at is also over.

5. One of the earliest battles was in the mantiqoh of al-Atarib, that afternoon I was still going there sending a brother to a dentist, the next morning I heard the FSA blockaded the road and raided the Muhajireen, by the writings on the road, the Muhajireen were not allowed to enter. A lot of akhwat Muhajiraat were arrested by them, and tens of the ikhwah Muhajireen were shot, not long after that, ISIS advanced and stormed, and alhamdulillah for the mantiqoh of al-Atarib has been retaken to this day. And there were fightings in many areas, in Raqqa, Ladzakiya (lattakiya), Idlib, Halab, etc.

6. Why the Muhajireen? It is more accurate of a point that the secular Syria does not want to be ruled by Islam especially that those who bring Islam are the people from outside of Syria. So remind us of Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul right..? Similar.

I myself experienced that hatred. Our residences were shot at from a distance of two kilometers by the FSA elements, so we drove deeper into their territory. At ribath in the frontline, our distance from them was only about two hundred meters away, we heard their shouts clearly, “laknatullah alal muhajireen”. It was quiet in Syria, similar to the atmosphere of “nyepi” in Bali (Balinese "Day of Silence” i.e. a Hindu culture – ed.). No noise from the vehicles. We resided in the houses of the villagers, subhanallah, they entertained and served us with food, to be honest our food in the headquarters were of better quality. In the end, we moved the breads from our headquarters and distributed them to the houses of the villagers that were in the vicinity.

Why the Muhajireen?

But not all the locals hate the Muhajireen, most even love them. We are a role model for them, helping them out. And of course a source of economic also for them, the Muhajireen come from different corners of the world, bringing money surely, they need to spend to meet their needs, internet connections for example. And the people of Syria in general know that the Muhajireen are helping them in driving out the regime of Nusairiyah.

Speaking of the economy, it makes us remember Turkey. Turkey gets the economic benefits… Turkey gets the economic benefits, which are not small, out of the Syrian conflicts, the food, the clothes that we buy, on average were made in Turkey, in fact even these blankets we are using in winter are made in Turkey.

Turkey also benefited politically, all this while Turkey had been at a loss in fighting against the Kurdish communist rebels (PKK). Nowadays, ISIS is also fighting against the PKK. Because the PKK also attacked the Muhajireen and their elements. Many ribath fronts are side by side with the PKK's.

7. As for the Jabhah Nusrah, many of them nowadays are crossing over to ISIS, for various reasons, so it was yesterday, there were about 6 ikhwahs from France who crossed over to ISIS due to the conflict with the amir of their markaz (HQ). Wallahu a’lam, in general I don't have the capacity to comment on Jabhah Nusrah, I can only tell you the story, that at the moment (January 2014 – ed.) those that do not fight the ISIS are only two, i.e. Jabhah Nusrah and Harakah Ahrar Syam al-Islamiyah. Only yesterday, one of the elements of Jabhah Nusrah handed over its hajiz or boundary to FSA an the mantiqoh of Sheikh Ali and Jamia Muhandisin, it was from that Hajiz that the FSA fired at our markaz, surely it is not a good conduct.

There is another story, when our markaz was there in the mantiqoh as well, also right next to the markaz of Jabhah Nusrah, we used to greet each other, when the FSA rained bullets at that mantiqoh, they evacuated their stuffs or in other words they wanted to run away. When intercepted by the ikhwan and asked, there was this kid who was around 11 years of age, well.. you know the son of an ikhwan, was also questioning while ..while angered he said “kafir you”.. Sheikh Ali al-Anbari right away slapped the young man on both cheeks and advised him hardly, “why did you say he's kafir?”

Subhanallah, actually I cannot blame the logic of the little boy, he was saying, “Is that the conduct of a Muslim? When his brothers were attacked, they ran away instead, just like the kuffar, aren't Muslims supposed to help each other,” so true that the war matures a person. However, his accusation of kafir was surely not right in a shar’ie way. Wallahu a’lam.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exclusive: Letter of Ustadz Aman For the Ulama', Mujahideen and Muslims in Iraq & Sham

NUSAKAMBANGAN (PRISON), Indonesia – The following is a letter of Ustadz Aman in which the original text was in Arabic and dedicated to the Ulama’, Mujahideen and the Muslims in the land of Iraq and Sham, so that they all support the existence of the Daulah Islam of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) and refrain themselves from reproaching and curbing the fast advancement of the Daulah.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

To the Ulama’, Mujahideen and the Muslims in the land of Iraq and Sham, may Allah watch over you all.

As-Salamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

All praises be to Allah the Lord of all the Worlds, salawat and salam be showered upon the one sent as rahmah to the worlds, as well as to his family and the sahabahs as a whole.

To proceed:

The Muslims, whether they are ulama’, Mujahideen or general public, have hoped that there was for Islam and the Muslims a Daulah (State) that is ruled by the Shari'ah. A Daulah that looks after their properties, unites their kalimah, sends troops and sariyah to spread the shi'ar of Islam in the corners of the territories under its control.

Therefore, treatises on this subject were written, conventions were held, academic orations and lectures were organized because of it. All hoped to establish the Daulah Islam and Khilafah in accordance with the manhaj of the Prophet.

When the Muslims heard of the news of the declaration of the Daulah Islam of Iraq, they received thew news of the declaration with a good acceptance, with supports and praises to its founder and his army. They rejoiced in an utter joy while aspiring so that this Daulah, the Daulah that had subdued and forced back the strength of the world superpower (USA), would be an embryo of the awaited Khilafah. By Allah, indeed every Muslim owes this Daulah and the people who established it, a debt on his shoulders, as they have subdued America.

And then when the Syrian revolution was achieved, the Daulah participated in assisting the Muslims in Syria by sending the An-Nusrah (reinforcements) troops and its wealth to rescue the Muslims from the tyranny of Bashar Assad, his army and the Shabihah criminals.

So the Mujahideen of the Daulah Islam managed to cleanse big parts of the land of Sham, from the hands of the Nusairiyah and the apostates. And then the leaders of the Daulah Islam designated the extension and the news of the declaration of the Daulah Islam of Iraq and Sham. Some people are against it, they are made up of a number of specific groups who don't have a true shar’ie basis. Some others are groups which have certain interests and objectives and some others whose intellect and thinking are still limited to the territorial limits (stipulated in the agreement) of Skyes-Picot. And there are also other groups, they do not have a shar’ie excuse, which delayed themselves in giving bai'ah to the Daulah and its amir, Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadiy.

And so what made us sad was the sheikh's and those who are relied upon, where they have previously written on the obligation of the establishment of the Daulah Islam and Khilafah in accordance with the manhaj of the Prophet. And then when the Daulah, which they wrote about and talked about in their lectures, comes, they suddenly opposed it and fought against it and some amongst them even insulted it and insulted its establishment. What is it with you guys, how did you figure/decide it? So weird for the intellect.

I say to them all: what is deterring you from giving bai'ah to the Daulah, we ourselves, who are in the Easternmost country of the Muslims, do not see that your hujjah could be accepted, or that your udzur (exemption) could be justified as per Shari'ah, in fact even according to common sense. So, let you hasten to give bai'ah to the Daulah and its Amir, Amirul Mu'mineen.

Thus, and I wrote this treatise as a support/help for the Daulah Islam. May salawat and salam be showered upon our Prophet Muhammad, ans to his family and sahabahs. And the end of our Da'wah is praises be to Allah the Lord of all the worlds.

A Devotee of the Daulah Islam

Abu Sulaiman Aman Abdur-Rahman Al-Arkhabiiliy Al-Andunisiy

26 Safar 1435.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Story by Dr. Razmin Ghazali (A Volunteer Doctor in Syria)

Last night we were tested with the electrical power supply cut off while two emergency surgery operations were going on... a number of medical volunteers screamed in the darkness asking for anyone to turn on the light. Some members of the Mujahideen who were on guard around the hospital area rushed to try to start the generator.

But unfortunately it ran out of fuel. In the meantime, a doctor from Norway sees a brightly lit area. And then the doctor instructed for the surgical bed and emergency equipments to be moved there. No one knew where the bright light came from?

From an old man, who is blind, reciting the Qur'an while looking after his nephew whose leg was amputated, the area was so bright as if it was showered with the light of the full moon, so bright despite the absence of lighting and its left and right were in utter darkness.

The brightly lit area could accommodate two surgical beds and enough room for the medical personnels involved. It was even stranger when we needed electrical supplies to turn on a machine that was required after surgery... one of the plugs looked like its light was lighted up. One of the nurses, who was from Maldives who had forgotten that the electrical supplies had been cut off, right away connected the plug and turned on the switch. The blind man came from Homs. In one day he could do khatam (complete recital) of the Qur'an once. Everyday he does khatam of the Qur'an. Subhanallah.

Bu the will of Allah the equipment was turned on. Until the surgery was completed, we were kind of confused for a while. It was only thereafter that we started to wonder, how could the equipment be turned on. How could the area be so brightly lit.

Too many extraordinary things happen here. This might be the reason why the doctors who remained here, they did not want to leave this place, although there is a life that is comfortable in their own countries.

Like what a Mujahid from Bosnia said, "As if the gardens of paradise could already be seen here".

The first time setting the foot here, yes.. Homs was already destroyed terribly, but a feeling of comfort entered the soul, so magical.

Last night, there was this girl... her name is Somaiyah. She was 7 years old. She asked a volunteer, "why are you crying?" The volunteer told her because she was sad as Somaiyah do not have her parents anymore. Somaiyah replied, "you are mistaken. In Allah's sight my father and mother are still alive, they are happy and honoured."

Dear friends, Allah wants to show that the Qur'an is able to give lights. Even in this dunya Allah has already shown, let alone in the akhirah there.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

ISIS Mujahideen Killed by Jaish al-Dollar (Whose Leader Ran Away To Turkey With His Dollar$)

Only the munafiq like the fitnah that is befalling Sham.

Only the munafiq like what is happening to ISIS.

Only the munafiq create a status "Allahuakhbar more ISIS fighters killed!"

And soon will come the cleansing of the munafiq from the ranks of the fighters, be it ISIS, JAN, Ahrar, FSA, etc.

At present, almost all groups have inteligents/spies within them. Saudi, Jordan, Qatar and Western countries send their spies to every jihadi group. Thus, it is no surprise that horrible situations is befalling ISIS because they are a group that receives with open arms any muhajirin in Syria. Facilitating the munafiq to infiltrate their ranks.

O Allah save the jihad in Sham!

Cleanse it from the secularists, spies, takfiri's and misguided ideologies!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Secular FSA Group Tortured And Killed ISIS Mujahids

These are pictures of the Islamiyyah Fie Iraq Wal Shaam (ISIS) Mujahids who were arrested, detained, tortured and then killed by the so-called Jaish al-Mujahideen (Martyrs Brigade). This group which is fighting for democracy, is affiliated to the secular FSA or Syrian Revolutionaries Front (SRF) who are taking directives from their masters (Saudi and the West) to get rid of the foreign "terrorists" as they see the Muhajireen. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Civil Prison Of ISIS Mujahideen, Which Educates Inmates To Become Better People

Tuesday, 26 Safar 1435H / December 31, 2013

As how a State should be, besides having a military wing, the Department of public affairs, the law enforcement agency in the form of an Islamic court, education institutions and schools, the Daulah Islam of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) also have a civil prison.

The Civil prison is used to detain prisoners of war, also at the same time to detain offenders of crimes during the Shari'ah court proceedings.

And unlike the prisons of other countries, which do not serve as a deterrent for the criminals, but rather add sophistication in the skills of their crime, the prison of the ISIS in fact educates its occupants to become better people.

An interesting testimony was written in a social networking website in the account of an ISIS supporter, Asawirti Media.

“I have a brother who was jailed by ISIS after having been reported by his parents for his bad akhlaq and disobedience. Apparently after his release his character changed 180 degrees, becoming a person who is diligent in his ibaadah and obedience to his parents,” said someone with the account name “Abu Usamah ash Shami”, Monday (30/12/2013).

On another occasion, an independent Turkish journalist testified that when he visited the ISIS civil prison, none of the prisoners of war have been tortured, and that there was not even one torture mark found on the body of the prisoners.

The Amnesty International Agency some time ago had issued a report which accused the ISIS of having committed various Human Rights violation by implementing the hudud and Islamic Shari’ah law. However, the accusation was responded coldly by the media activists in Syria themselves.

“What does the Amnesty International know about the Islamic Sari’ah?” mocked an activist, Daqeqa, on his social media account.

“Say that the ISIS truly violates the Human Rights, will the Amnesty International handle it with the Islamic Shari'ah? No!” he said. Subhanallah, what a conclusive rebuttal…

And among other accusations, the Amnesty International accuses the ISIS of having kidnapped Syrian children. However, the facts on the ground as shown in a video recording some time ago, show that it was the ISIS rather who busted the network of the kidnappers and thieves in Syria.

[arkan/ syahid]