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Assalamualaikum... a good friend of mine has just departed.. an ulama' and Mujahid for this ummah .. His departure was really felt by us here.. it was from him that we gained knowledge and made reference to in matters of religion.

He was not just any ulama'.. but an ulama' who practiced what are contained in the Quran and Sunnah.. An ulama' who became a role model for his ummah, especially in this land of Nusantara (Malay Archipelago).. He had been in jihad in Afghanistan along with Sheikh Abdullah Azzam.. in Tajikistan together with Ibnu Khattab.. in jihad in the Islands of M
oluccas (Maluku in Indonesia) defending Muslims who were slaughtered by the Salib (Crusader) forces and met the Rabbulalamin in a jihad mission in the land of Sham... in places where jihad have not been inflamed he was a Dai'e who did not fear the threats from the opponents of the Truth.. Prisons are a part of his life... may Allah accept all his righteous deeds.

I m still missing you Ustaz. 

At the time when the ulama's who are they say are the lovers of Allah and His Rasul are face to face with the glares of the camera lights every day...

The ulama's who are the establishers of Sunnah are face to face with the
glares of the splinters of bombs and bullets... 

Those whom they say are Rabbani ulama's call on the ummah to be brave and able to sacrifice for religion... while in the night time they sleep comfortably enough with their wives on the softness of their beds... their bellies never feel hungry in the path of Allah at all.

While true ulama's are sleeping with the ground as their mattress and the sky as their roof for defending the religion.

Those whom they say are the ulama's who are the inheritors of the Prophet.. in reality each one of them is just filling up their gizzard under shari'e excuses...

In truth, they are not the ulama's who are the inheritors of the Prophet... but the ulama's of the bread & butter.. this ulama' of "dunya" are afraid of losing their rizq because their aqeedah towards their Rabb has been flawed... they are too afraid of hearing (the word) “prison”.. because they are not so familiar with the dangers of the hell of Jahanam.. They are too pleased with the compliments.. because they have forgotten to read the sirah of how the noble Prophet was reviled.. 
Wake up O ummah..!!!
You only need the ulama's who are the inheritors of the Prophet...
The Prophet did da'wah courageously..
The Prophet plunged into the arena of Jihad Fisabilillah..
The Prophet did not get on his knees begging for rizq...
The Prophet did the works and then he conveyed... 

The final words from me.. wake up O ummah..!!! rise up O ummah!!!
Every one of you has the courage ..
Unite every one of those courage..
It is going to be a great wave for this ummah this..

Here are my pictures of remembrance with Ustaz Mohd Lutfi (@Abu Musab al-Malaizi)... may Allah accept him as a Shuhada..

Source: from the FB of Abu Talhah (fellow Malaysian Mujahid)


From al fadhil Ustaz Mokhtar Senik..

After as-Shaheed Ustaz Lotfi Ariffin has departed, I can now narrate.....

ash-Shaheed came with Ustaz Dr. Abu Bakar Abdullah, as the Chairman of the DUPP Welfare Committee, to my office at the end of last year.

He went around the countries to deliver donations for the flood victims on behalf of the Central P.A.S. Council of Ulama's (DUPP)

On that occasion, we met in the room of my office.

"Ustaz.. I would like to ask for your opinion, what is the meaning.. I dreamed three times of drinking water from a river that tastes like honey. Every time I dreamed, I long to dream again until the fourth dream came.

I was looking around for the river and I had looked hard enough. In the end I met a virgin whom, masha Allah.. was very beautiful and gracious. I think she's a houri (he was laughing lightly at that moment).

She asked me, what are you searching akhi?.. I said was looking for the river that tastes like honey which I had drunk before this. The virgin smiled.

O Akhi.. if you want to drink more, come to Syria, I will wait for you there akhi.."

She stopped at that point. There were lights shining in her eyes.

"What do you think of that dream of mine Ustaz?" He said.

I answered, "You clear off all your debts and then please go Ustaz. Make do'a for me when you have found what you are looking for there."

After that we embraced (to bid farewell) and ash-Shaheed excused himself as he had to leave for (the state of) Johor next. That was my last meeting with ash-Shaheed, my fellow inmate at Kamunting (Detention Center for persons arrested under the Internal Security Act [ISA]) for 3+ years.

May Allah purchase the selling of ash-Shaheed. Ameeen. الله أكبر

-Al-Faqir Ustaz Mokhtar Senik-

Friday, September 5, 2014

Reuters Report: Every Three Days, 1,000 New Mujahids Join Khilafah ‘Dawlah Islam’

The International News Agency, Reuters which is based in London, Britain released a report on the result of their investigation and their study on the city of Raqqa, Syria, which by de facto has all along been regarded as the capital of Khilafah ‘Dawlah Islamiyyah’ led by Khalifah Ibrahim bin Awwad, Amirul Mu'mineen Abu Bakar al Qurasyi al Husaini al Baghdadi.

There are many interesting things in the report, especially in regard to the excellence of Dawlah Islamiyyah in regulating the wheels of governance which does not only receive praises from their supporters, but also obtains recognition from the parties who hated them.

Using an interview which was conducted from a long distance, one of the activists described how they are able to build the structure similar to that of a modern government in less than a year.

Raqqa Activists: Very Impressive Dawlah Islamiyyah

Let us be honest, they are doing big institutional works. And very impressive,” an activist from Raqqa, who now lives in a border town in Turkey, told Reuters, as quoted from Zaman Alwasl.

Almost none of the service institutions for the community was missed for Dawlah Islamiyyah to manage and operate. From providing electricity and water supply, paying salaries, traffic control and operating bread factories, the police, the schools, the economic institutions of zakat, the courts and masjid, to the trivial matters such as the department consumer complaints.

“Dawlah Islamiyyah control every joint of life in Raqqa, making them impossible to be defeated by the American fighter planes, let alone by the Iraqi forces or Syrian regime,” Reuters reported.

Dawlah Islamiyyah fully controlled the city of Raqqa in around January and February 2014, where later it immediately began to prepare and establish various institutions and public services departments as the basis of the State's supporting structure. All the institutions that had been jammed and stopping operations due to the Syrian Revolution were back operating once again.

“Dawlah Islamiyyah is a state,” a commander of Dawlah Islam told Reuters. “All these awesome big things arise because we rule according to the law of Allah.”

Having the Skilled, Academicians and Specialists in the Rank of its Mujahideen

In managing the government, the task was given to the Mujahids who have specialized expertise coming from foreign countries, such as North Africa and Europe. One example cited by Reuters was the worker who operates and develops the telecommunication in Raqqa, was a youth Mujahid who come from Tunisia with PhD title, who made hijrah to Syria and joined Dawlah Islamiyyah.

The observer's own experts themselves admitted, Dawlah Islamiyyah acts exactly like a state, far from what is called armed militia groups. Members of Dawlah Islamiyyah for military operations are also separated from members who are in charge of managing the government.

The administrative districts were also divided, some are still the same as the Provinces earlier, some others were formed with new names, overseeing new cities. For example, Wilayah al Furat or Euphrates which was newly established, now overseeing the city of Albu Kamal which before was one of the Districts in Deir al Zour, Syria and the city of al Qa’im which before was one of the Districts in the Province of al Anbar, Iraq.

Bread Factories of Dawlah Islamiyyah in Wilayah Hasakah al Barakah

Mujahideen and employees receive salaries from a department that is named the State Financial Institution, operating as with any Ministry of Finance, but is not the same as the Ministry in the countries of Democracy.

They also have housings for officials, taken from the houses of the former Nusairiyyah Army or the Assad regime's Government employees who fled from Raqqa. With salary around $ 400 to $ 600 per month, enough to sustain daily life.

Poor families also receive compensation money. Even those women who are widows receive $ 100 per month for themselves and their every child. Dawlah Islamiyyah has set up a special institution for the distribution of ghonimah treasures, the spoils in battle against the enemy, to be given to orphans.

Prices of daily needs are also looked after so as to be always low. Traders who manipulate the price will get the punishment, will be given a warning and their business enterprises will be closed if the offense is repeated.

That which adds to Dawlah Islamiyyah's richness, is the Islamic economic system that uses zakat. Traders and wealthy families are obliged to fulfill the rights of zakat.

Analysts estimated that Dawlah Islam scooped up much profits, i.e. in the tens of millions of dollars by selling oil from the oil fields it owns.

Recruitment of New Mujahids Abundant From Day to Day

According to Reuters's source in Raqqa, many foreign Muslim scientists, even from China have arrived, joining Dawlah Islamiyyah. They perform a variety of experiments in developing technology, one of them is in terms of producing weapons.

“Scientists and those with high titles came here, joining Dawlah Islamiyyah,” one Arab jihadis told Reuters.

Dawlah Islamiyyah also pays attention to the future generations of Mujahids by establishing many educational institutions. They do not only teach the children of the local people of Syria, but also the children of the Muhajireen who come from 100 countries who keep arriving in Syria.

Also enacted was the compulsory Islamic education which is held in the masjid for the fighters who have just arrived, which according to the people of Raqqa, come in droves flooding the wilayah controlled by Dawlah Islamiyyah, i.e. in bigger numbers since the declaration of the Khilafah.

“We receive at least 1,000 new Mujahids every three days. The houses of the Ansars (locals) are flooded with the Mujahideen. We even ran out of places to accommodate them,” an Arab Mujahid told Reuters.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Mujahid Ulama' Defends Amirul Mu'mineen Al Baghdadi From Various Accusations

Sheikh Hussain bin Mahmud, one of the Mujahid ulama's and writers at the “Mimbar Tauhdi wal Jihad” website, gave a short commentary on the first Khutbah of Amirul Mu'mineen Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi delivered on the first Friday of Ramadhan 1435 H  in the Great Mosque in the City of Mosul.

Below are the points from the article entitled “Khutbah Al Baghdadi”:

1. He commented on the main theme that becomes the subject of the media mainstream, the ulama's and duats, which they seem to agree upon -either intentionally or unintentionally-, namely “Al Baghdadi forces the people to obey him.”

Sheikh Hussain bin Mahmud said: “By putting aside his caliphate, the fact is that it was Al Baghdadi who liberated Mosul, so automatically he becomes its master and Mosul is under his rule. So what is the problem if he exhorts Muslims to obey him.”

He continued: The title above just now does not bring out the actual fact, because he indeed is following the sunnah of As Siddiq and Al Faruq radhiyallahu’anhuma, because he said 'obey me as long as I am obeying Allah’. So what is their (the accusers) intention by cutting the words of Al Baghdadi and portraying as if he was forcing people to be obedient to him. It is even stranger that this issue arises from among the circles which contends that it compulsory to obey a ruler that wins by the power, be him a mu'meen or a fajir. Whereas Al Baghdadi rules by the shari’ah, carries out jihad against the enemies of Islam, and spreads justice in the whole region under his dominion.”

2. He concluded there were four 'aib' or flaws (parts in the khutbah of Al Baghdadi which are being attempted by the haters to be sought or made to look like a mistake in order to slander him).

His order to obey him as long his is obeying Allah. This is his first ‘aib’, namely following the sunnah of Abu Bakar and Umar in his khutbah, which by the people are projected as a flaw.

On the other hand, when Muhammad Mursi said the same in his khutbah, a lot of people seemed to be blown away, saying ‘Masha Allah la haula wala quwwata illa billah’, with tears flowing due to extreme happiness at hearing such words.

The second ‘aib’; he was wearing black. Indeed, black was the colour of the turban of the Prophet sallallahu’alaihi wasallam during the Fathul Makkah. A colour favoured by some of the ulama's to be worn by the Khalifah during battles. A colour that became the symbol of the Bani Abbas, starting from the Khalifah, governors, khatibs and their qadhis as mentioned by Ibnul Qayyim in "Zaadul Ma’ad."

The third ‘aib’; the watch he was wearing. Talked about by many of the foreign media, which unfortunately was believed just like that by some of the fools. Unfortunately those people do not know that the habit of the foreign media is to not pay attention to those little things unless the object of the media is someone famous, loved or someone who is a public figure (and those media try to distract the people from him – edt.).

Sheikh said: “What if the watch is a ghanimah, which is the best form of possession of the Muslims, and the one wearing it is someone who enrages the enemies of the Dien? Is there any Muslim who disavows the cloths of regalia of Muawiyah Radhiyallahu’anhu when meeting Umar bin Khattab Radhiyallahu’anhu? Al Baghdadi is in a state of war, whereas being boisterous in a war is something beloved by Allah. Therefore, he is entitled to wear the expensive items, colouring his beard black, wearing silk (if he desires). All those are allowed in a state of war, not a part of extravagance and not to be distant from zuhud. We say to those who are not tired of advising “waliyyul amr of the Muslimis” (in quotation marks), how much is the watch worn by the lowest-ranked officers from amongst them??”

The fourth ‘aib’; bringing a hadith in which its sahih status is doubtful.

Sheikh said: “First; the hadith of the merits (of Ramadhan) are not explored in-depth by the ulama's, whether it has strengtheners and it does not contradict the usul shari'ah. Second; the hadith that he brought was indeed doubted in terms of its sahih status like what you guys said, meaning the issue is not a position that is jazm (sure). Third; you guys live under the shade of the Government in which the rulers are not even able to read surah Al Fatihah well and correctly, so who exactly is entitled to your advice which is valuable and full of attention on the nas of the shari'ah?”

(In this regard, Sheikh Hussain bin Mahmud criticizes those who are more critical of the small loophole from al Baghdadi than the ruling regimes who have even more faults)

3. And then Sheikh presents his thoughts on the khutbah. He said: “Al Baghdadi entered calmly into the masjid, ascended the pulpit composedly. Next, he sat down, and then the adzan was called. Next, he made do’a, and then delivered a short khutbah about the merits of saum (fasting) and called on the Muslims to always have taqwa and fulfill this obligation the best possible. And then he encouraged the Muslims to carry out Jihad in this month of victory. Next, then he sat down, and then stood up again to deliver an even shorter khutbah than the first khutbah. Next, he made do'a and descended to lead the prayer.”

He continued: All that he did was clearly a guidance from the Prophet Sallallahu’alaihi wasallam. His khutbah was brief, concise, clear, a khutbah that no other ruler was able to give. I challenge all the Arab rulers to deliver a khutbah like it in the pulpits, not even one of them is able to inspire men to carry out the obligation of jihad fie sabilillah.”

4. The long solat, and the short khutbah indicates his piety and mastered knowledge of the sunnah and the adab of a khutbah. His eloquent words, his mastery of the language, and his composure in this critical condition shows the resilience and firmness of his self. Although appearing to be interrupted and drawing in breath, it is understandable, because he was announcing the return of the Khilafah that has been gone for over 90 years, how heavy and dangerous was the burden that he carries. The burden of the ummah's hope, the dream for a Khilafah which returns after a long time will surely hold his breath.

5. He stood calmly to lead the prayer, in front of a small group of his bodyguards who prayed behind him. Unlike other rulers who came out to pray in front of the camera and behind them were hundreds of fully armed soldiers who did not pray together with the Muslims. Those guards pushed the men onto the back saf (row) and the guards are placed on their (the rulers) left and right side, as well as at their back. Between them and the assemblage were a lot of empty safs, who prayed as if they were in their fathers' house instead of the house of Allah. Whereas, they are safely sitting at their seats of power, not being a fugitive.

6. Some people also tried to distract the general populace from this special khutbah with trivial matters such as the color of the clothes and watch -of which this is the habit of women – which shows that actually those who are hostile towards Dawlah are in the state of a great loss. It also shows that Al Baghdadi really studied everything carefully to lock the tongues of the haters with a flawless appearance.

The archive for the writings by Sheikh Hussain bin Mahmud could be accessed here: http://www.tawhed.ws/a?a=dfwet6g2

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Abu Turob... may your selling be accepted by Allah... During the battle last night, when the enemy forces tried to enter the place of our ribath, the lions of Allah who were in the middle ribath there right away got up and ran to take their positions even though they were rained down with bullets and bombs at that time.

Allah is All-Knowing of His choices.. The body of Abu Turob fell on top of a part of my body.. Red blood began gushing out of his head in a state of breathing fighting for his lives.. Nothing came out of his mouth except the kalimah of TAWHEED.. I, suffering injury myself on my right hand, could only touched and wiped his body by giving the glad tidings of Paradise.. We were separated when aids arrived.

Arriving at the hospital, I looked for Abu Turob but I could not find him.. Not long after I arrived at the HQ his janaza then arrived.. I kissed his forehead, sad yet in happiness.. sad due to the loss of a friend, happy for his selling was bought by Allah.. Abu Turob always performed the night solat and sunnah fasting..

Before going to Syria he had conducted jihad in Ambon and he had endured patiently 10 years in prison.. A lot of Mujahideen were injured in the last night attack.. From Malaysia, 1 was shaheed and 2 critically injured.. 1 with torn arm.


Source: from the FB of Nuri Bota II

Saturday, August 16, 2014


A sarcasm from Sayyid Quthb for those who like to yell “khawarij” against Muslims.

“The weirdness of this Ummah... No one wants to conduct jihad except the khawarij... No one want to strive to establish the Shari'ah except the khawarij... None are feared by their enemies except the khawarij... And their “khawarij-ness” are proven when death has come and they die in the state of smiling...” [ Sayyid Quthb ]

Photo: A soldier of Daulah Islam who became shaheed... in the wilayah of Halab (Aleppo)

In The End The Opposition To The Declaration Of Khilafah Has No Effect At All

As is known, the declaration of the Khilafah of Islam which was pioneered by ISIS has been attracting a lot of controversies.

In fact, even a number of parties that were once known as the workers of jihad and Mujahideen join hands in giving crooked commentaries with regards to the declaration.

Moreover, those who are in the lower domain, also seems to have the right to issue an opinion, as if they are those who understand the situation, their fingers too are pointing with pejorative tones.

In fact, the media that are futur (wobbly) in supporting ISIS are no exception, thus they jump in the bandwagon to condemn this Khilafah. However, with their slyness, they are able to package this condemnation against the Khilafah, along with its Khalifah, with the clothes which they named “neutrality”.

Yes! Then came the big wave that strikes this Khilafah and its ansar (helpers) all over the country.

Many are fooled, but for those who are ikhlas (sincere) and have a strong principle, they continue to strive to give their assistance to the Khilafah of Islam.

Now, as for those people who condemn, keep in mind that they do not only come from among those who are opposed to the manhaj (methodology) of this Khilafah, but they also come from the kuffar, murtad and zindiq.

And then a big storm came with such great force, where in the next phase later, it made analysts reckon that this Khilafah will be destroyed in the not too distant future.

Unfortunately, a number of activists whom obviously are jihadists,  followed suit
in a blabby manner in agreeing with the possibility.

After all this, what was going to happen
next? Would the Khilafah Islamiyah be destroyed in accordance with the hope and expectation of the haters?

The answer is, “NO!!!”

That's what have been decided by Allah! They hoped to eliminate the light of Allah, while He wants to perfect it!

Allah is the All-Powerful over all things…

In the end, their hatred against this Khilafah has no effect at all. In fact, what happens was that this Khilafah is becoming increasingly existent
instead, and more and more katibah (brigades) from the ranks of the Mujahideen, tribes, Mujahideen aseer (captives) and ulama's have declared their support and bai’at.

Meanwhile, the news that became a hot topic
lately was that Sheikh Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, a number of Ustadz and Ikhwan from Nusakambangan (prison) have pledged their bai’at to Khalifah Ibrahim, Sheikh Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi Al Quraisyi.

Allahu Akbar!

Does Allah answer the prayers of those who are envious against this Khilafah?

Of course not! Allah once again wants to affirm that He is the All-Powerful over all things. And Allah is the Al
l-Decisive to give His help to His soldiers to establish His Shari'ah on this earth, even though the kuffar and munafiq hate it.

Thus, nonetheless the efforts of those who condemn this Khilafah Islamiyah which is the Haq, where they tried to look for petty flaws which they would use for condemning the Khilafah,
all those have no effect whatsoever on this victory.

In fact, what ever resources and efforts exerted by the Arab and non-Arab Thaghuts in order to halt this victory, then all those do not mean anything!

Don't they realize, how the historical records of the Salaf and Khalaf were, when this Khilafah emerged on this earth, then indeed the help of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala will descend easily. In fact, when the Khalifah was a Khalifah who is truly just, so a wolf would not eat a sheep, but only to the extent of its rights.

Allahu Akbar!

O you people who are betraying, as well as deviating!
O you ulama suu’ and their “taqliders!”
O you slaves of democracy and ideologies of kufr!

Those times when your venomous speeches are hurting the Mujahideen have expired…
Your times of making excuses for the justification of your working together with the kuffar are finished…

Indeed, the Khilafah of Islam is intensely bright in front of those who have the brain. It is still the Khilafah of Islam that is the Haq, even though you condemn it, reject it, or putting up conditions which are strange, as well as bid’ah!

Indeed, it is still the Khilafah Islamiyah, and in reality it has been recognized by the people who are both illiterate and literate…

Look at yourselves! Look at your own conditions! Does Allah side with what you guys are struggling for? Is Allah pleased with your conspiracy, and does Allah show to you the fruits from your wala’ (loyalty) to the kuffar?

This is the Khilafah of Islam, which would establish this Shari'ah of Islam with the utmost establishment! This is the Khilafah of Islam that will serve the people with honesty and justice which it has promised! This is the Khilafah of Islam, which becomes a part of the Nubuwwat (prohecy) Rasulullah SallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam! This is the Khilafah of Islam, which will subdue the people who are arrogant! This is the Khilafah of Islam, which will immerse the faces of the people who are takabbur and kufr towards Allah!

Therefore, there is no choice for those who have iman in Allah, His Rasul and the last day, there is no excuse for them to reject this Khilafah Islamiyah. For them it is “sami’na waatha’na” (we hear and we obey!). Either in the state of ease or hardship, spaciousness or tightness, either we are pleased or displeased, as long as it is not in matters of disobedience to Allah.

In the end, the issue of khawarij, takfiri, ghuluw, extreme, terrorist or other fitnah directed at the Khilafah of Islam, have no effect at all on its progress.

Indeed Al Haq has come, and the bathil will vanish, while the bathil is something that will certainly perish.

Abu Isham Al Qamary

Sunday, August 3, 2014

“Muslims, Don't Be Easily Influenced By The Various Media That Are Currently Attacking The Khilafah Of ISIS”

It needs to be known that the establishment of the Khilafah of ISIS is induced by the prolonged and endless conflicts/problems in Iraq since the invasion by America, and in Syria, the massacres of the Sunni people by President Bashar Assad, causing the loss of hundreds of thousand of lives. Due to that, do not let ourselves  be easily influenced by media that we have here in Indonesia, since our media are also influenced by the foreign media, especially that some of those media are indeed funded by foreign elements.

There are many accusations thrown by the media, starting from accusation that ISIS wants to destroy the Ka’bah, ISIS is the creation of America, Israel and British, ISIS is Shi’ah, ISIS only disgraces Muslims, ISIS is brutal, and others.

Do not misunderstand, if ISIS shows footage of the execution of the Shi’ah combatants which was criticized by many of the media, please note that a number of those ISIS fighters who executed the Shi’ah combatants are those who have lost their family members, whose brothers and sisters, relatives have been slaughtered heinously by the Shi’ah soldiers, so it is no surprise that sometimes they vent it out on the Shi’ah soldiers and their supporters. After all, when the Shi'ah are slaughtering civilians or non-combatants, ISIS fighters only execute war criminals. 

The objective of the establishment of the Khilafah of ISIS is, firstly to topple the president of Syria, namely the brutal BasharAssad, who have heinously slaughtered hundreds of thousand of the Sunni populations. Insha Allah, if the Khilafah of ISIS successfully topple Bashar Assad and rule Syria and Iraq wholly, then the expansion of the rule of the Khilafah which is based on the Shari’ah will soon begin.

Monday, July 21, 2014



The proof of the truth of the Qur'an... it turns out that the events of the end-times have been explained in the Qur'an, but most men do not understand. Allah has explained in the Qur'an that after the fall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the world power would be dominated by the Jews and Christians. And then there would be leaders of Muslim-majority countries who would be willing to become agents of the kuffar, due to the fear of being colonized by the kuffar so they approach the Jews and Christians and are prepared to be their ally and to be loyal to them. So Allah rebukes them as stated in surah al-Maidah verse 51:

"O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people."

Where is the isharah (indications) that could tell us that the above verse is explaining about the reality of today? It can be found in the phrase (ba’zuhum auliyau ba’zhin) i.e. "They are [in fact] allies of one another." There is a mutual alliance
between the Jews and Christians, and it has never happened in any historical records because since day one, the Jews and Christians had always been in enmity with each other. The Christians regarded the Jews as the killer of the Messiah - the god of the Christians. So an oddity is now happening, the Jews and Christians are already allies to each other, and they have formed an official institution, namely the United Nations (UN). Therefore, Allah reprimands the leaders of the Muslim countries of today who take part in the said institution making themselves allies. With a very stern warning, "whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them." Meaning to be out of the fold of Islam or murtad.

Allah clarifies further in the next verse that, at that time you would see those leaders promptly approaching them for fear of getting misfortunes, as explained in the next verse:

“So you see those in whose hearts is disease hastening into [association with] them, saying, "We are afraid a misfortune may strike us." But perhaps Allah will bring conquest or a decision from Him, and they will become, over what they have been concealing within themselves, regretful.” (5: 52)

Since the super power of the world today is in the hands of the Jews and Christians alliance, the leaders of the countries in which the majority of its populations are Muslims, hasten to approach them in order to get security assurance in the regions of their control. In fact, they even surrender all the natural resources to them to be managed (by them). Thus Allah continues in the following verse:

“And those who believe will say, "Are these the ones who swore by Allah their strongest oaths that indeed they were with you?" Their deeds have become worthless, and they have become losers.” (5: 53)

For t
hose of us who are aware of this occupation, we will be asking, is this what's called Muslim?” Even though they pray, fast, perform hajj and etc. but they have their loyalty to the kuffar, this verse is also an expression of an inquiry to those who still consider them as Muslim and ulil amri to whom we must be loyal to, with a question, “is this what's called ulil amri?” and then Allah gives an answer in that verse. “Their deeds have become worthless, and they have become losers.” Allah SWT continues in the following verse as a response to their actions:

“O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion - Allah will bring forth [in place of them] a people He will love and who will love Him [who are] humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they conduct jihad in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of the blamers. That is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.” (5: 54)

So at a time when the world is getting increasingly chaotic like today, as the leaders of today have become murtad for having replaced the country's system with the kafir system for the sake of submitting to the rules of the Jews and Christians, thus Allah will bring forth a people which is made up of the Believers. With characteristics such as mentioned in the above verse, humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers, they conduct jihad in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of the blamers. From the above mentioned criteria, hence the reality is very compatible with the existing forces of Dawlah Islam, firstly; they are conducting jihad, meaning fighting against those kuffar, secondly; powerful against the kuffar and this was admitted by the Western media that the forces of Dawlah Islam is the most extreme and brutal against the kuffar. However, they are so gentle towards fellow Believers. And then the next criterion, almost all of the mass media are slandering them with all kinds of accusations, in fact it even from come from ulama's who understand about Tawheed. They are affronted
from all directions with the labels "khawarij" and "takfiri". However, all those have no influence on them, in fact the more they are slander, the more people are joining Dawlah Islam.

Monday, July 14, 2014


For those who are only seeing with one eye, while the other eye is blind, they will conclude that Dawlah does not side with the Muslims. However, for those who understand the strategy of war and the nubuwat (prophecy) about the end times, at the time when Dawlah today does not conduct a direct confrontation (but only through its branches in Sinai or within Palestine- ed.), there has to be an accurate strategy of how to attack the said state of Israel which today have a lot of European and American allies, as well as having 300 nuclear warheads, which could devastate the whole world in a matter of seconds.

In a statement, Nidal Nuseiri (a spokesperson for the group) reaffirmed that conquering "Bayt el-Maqdis" (Jerusalem) and destroying the State of Israel is central to the group's Jihad.

However, he pointed out that Dawlah Islam has been taking a systematic approach in its campaign, and outlined six specific stages it said needed to be fulfilled before taking on Israel. Some of those "stages" - building a firm base for an Islamic state in Iraq, and using it as a springboard to wage war in Syria and Lebanon - have already been achieved. But he said a number of other criteria still needed to be fulfilled before challenging Israel directly. This corresponds to the nubuwat (prophecy) of Rasulullah.

“You fight the Arab world and Allah give you victory. Then Persia (Iran), and Allah give you victory. Then you are fighting Rum (Roman), and Allah give you victory. Then you fight the Antichrist (Dajjal), and Allah give you victory.” (HR Muslim 5161)

Rasulullah explained that the Islamic forces will first fight the Arab world and Persia, this is very logical because the territories of Israel are surrounded by the countries such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt. The same goes with Saudi Arabia because it is this country that provides the largest oil reserve for Israel. Therefore, in the strategy to attack Israel, the Arab world and Persia must first be subdued.

However, Nidal Nuseiri said that there are other criteria that still need to be fulfilled before confronting Israel directly. Among them, Nuseiri said that America - seen as Israel's greatest ally - needs to be weakened politically and economically via attacks on the American mainland, as well as American interests in Muslim countries. Additionally, the existing "Islamic State" needs to expand its borders to cover all of "Greater Syria" (which would include Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and possibly Gaza); such a state, he said, would then be in a position for a direct confrontation with Israel. America and Europe are the biggest allies of Israel which in the hadith are referred to as Rum (Rome), therefore in order to attack Israel the Islamic forces must first attack Rum like what is told in the hadith of Rasulullah:

“....Then you are fighting Rum (Roman), and Allah give you victory. Then you fight the Antichrist (Dajjal), and Allah give you victory.” (HR Muslim 5161)

After all have been conquered, in the end the Islamic forces will attack Dajjal, namely Israel. That is why the nubwuat of Rasulullah is obviously in accordance with the plans designed by Dawlah Islam for attacking Israel.

From Abu Hurairah RA, verily Rasulullah SAW said: “Judgment Day will come only when the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, until the Jew hides behind the tree and the stone, and the tree and the stone say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah (SWT), there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’ – except for the Gharqad tree because it is the trees of Jews.” (Muslim)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


These are the reasons!

1. Because Dawlah is making its people prosper with all sorts of food aids, while none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it.

2. Because Dawlah is making its people prosper by developing the economic wheel and providing business capital for free, while none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it.

3. Because Dawlah is implementing the Shari'ah of Islam in every territory they control, and many people from among the Muslims love them. While none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it, in fact they misguide the Muslims with the Shirk Law that they have created.

4. Because Dawlah establishes the Shari'ah Court, and the people like its presence. While the thaghut across the country instead establish the Shirk Court with the Law of Ilyasiq (a mix-up of Islamic Law and the shirk man-made Law introduced by the Mongol invaders – ed.) like what had happened during the time of Sheikh Ibnu Taimiyah, Ibnu Katsir, Ibnu Qayyim and Imam Nawawi Rahimahumullah.

5. Because the capital of Dawlah, i.e. Raqqah, has applied Jizyah for the kuffar as a part of the Islamic Shari'ah which is contained in the Qur'an.

6. Because with the services of Dawlah in the area of Raqqah, that city becomes the most beautiful city and a hope for all the believers. While the kuffar hate it very much.

7. Because with the Shari'ah of Islam established by Dawlah Islamiyah, all the secular media whose kiblah (orientation) are to the kuffar of the West, hate this Shar'ah of Islam very much.

Due to that, those spiteful haters of Dawlah are unsurprisingly fit to spew their hatreds. Don't we remember in the early days of the Da'wah of Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, where he had an awful lot of accusations such as he was a madman, poet, sorcerer and someone who breaks the tie of silaturahim??

Therefore, it is no surprise that those haters feel hatred against Dawlah Islamiyah.

The question is, if those haters of Dawlah hate the existence of Dawlah which is becoming more and more loved by the Muslims across the country, we would like to ask:


If they hate Dawlah and say that Dawlah are terrorists, ghuluw, takfiri, but they are also unable to show an alternative that is much better in terms of its services to the Muslims than Dawlah. So it is befitting to say:


Either we like it or not, indeed Dawlah will continue to exist by the permission of Allah Ta'ala, and will continue to receive help if Dawlah remains that way, i.e. remaining upon the manhaj that is sahih.

Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar